Let us defeat the fascist palace coup d’etat! Down with Putschist Erdoğan!-MLKP

Peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, working people from different religious beliefs!

Tayyip Erdoğan, whose demand for 400 seats in parliament and the presidential system was rejected by the peoples at the elections and whose AKP government has fell down, committed a palace coup supported by the fascist generals, the police chiefs, MIT and [...]

Message from the PCm Italy on MFPR anniversary

We hail with joy the celebration for the 20 anniversary of MFPR. They have been 20 years of victories won at top and bottom, in the sphere of ideas, ideological struggle, theory and the field of struggle, of vanguard initiatives. Other forces of women were born inspired by the line of MFPR and this [...]

Down with the new anti-people agreement and the continuation of barbarity!-KKE (m-l)

A week ago the SYRIZA-ANEL government asked the people to say “no” at the troika proposals and the “recessional policies” that the so called institutions wanted to implement. Today, and after a resounding “no” by the people, they cosign an antipopular agreement much worse than the rejected proposal, a new memorandum that extends and [...]


[Draft translation]

We salute the student movement as part of the popular protest movement waging violent struggle in order to conquer their demands, attacking the undemocratic structure of schools controlled by the big bourgeoisie and the landowners who exercise class dictatorship against all the people. This struggle aims to transform high schools and universities [...]

About the results of the recent referendum

CPG (m-l) Press Release

About the results of the recent referendum

The Referendum is over, the imperialist blackmails and the assault on the people continue!

The negotiations become “national campaign” for a new agreement with EU – IMF – US

The only response must be mass struggle against the dangers facing [...]

Assessing Armed Actions-IRSP

Throughout 2014, a plethora of veterans and independent Republican commentators aired their opinions on what they saw as the futility of armed actions in the current environment. Consecutive letters, interviews and press releases emerged, in what was clearly a co-ordinated if well meaning attempt to put pressure upon those Republicans still on a war [...]

PCm Italy about Greece crisis and referendum-unofficial traslation

PCm Italy stands in solidarity with the proletarians and the masses in Greece who fight against the dictates of the institutions of the imperialist countries of Europe. This attack must be responded with the general struggle and the general uprising, resisting whatever it costs any agreement between the Syriza government’s and the “Troika” that [...]

CPG (m-l) Press release-28/6/2015

For the overthrow of imperialist dependence and capitalist domination!

We do not legalize the dead-ends of government policies!

We do not legalize the imperialist blackmails!


People speak through their struggles!

For the overthrow of the anti-people policy of government – EU – IMF!

For [...]

Maoist Information Bulletin (MIB) Interviews CPI(Maoist) General Secretary Comrade Ganapathy

“Building on the new, unique and unprecedented achievements of the last decade, Indian revolution will certainly overcome the difficult situation to win newer, larger and more glorious victories”

Maoist Information Bulletin (MIB) Interviews CPI(Maoist) General Secretary Comrade Ganapathy on the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary Celebrations of the Formation of the United Party [...]

72-Hour Strike in Singareni Coal Mines-1993

Singareni Karmika Samakhya (SIKASA) led a successful 72 hour strike in Singareni Coal Mines on 11, 12, 13 October 1993 demanding immediate appointment of 5th wage Board. Earlier in 1989 also SIKASA led a 40 days historic strike for the implementation of the 4th wage Board accord. Since the government on one hand and [...]