Letter to Iran: PBSP-2005

To, Central Committee, CPI(MLM). October, 05.

Comrades, Lal Salam.

We have read your letter sent to CoRIM & published in struggle No. 6 in Aug/’05.The letter was written to express your opinion regarding all the matters in connection with the proposed statement about MPP. In the last paragraph of your letter, your serious criticism [...]

SRI interview with Andrew ‘Che’ Sokolov

Andrew ‘Che’ Sokolov has been interviewed in May 2015 by the RHI. He was, at the time, imprisoned at Mariupol’s jail

Could you tell us about your political career? What is your political identity?

By my social origin I am a worker, a machinist, a gunmaker. By my political views I am [...]


The following text represents the current political unity of the Maoist Communist Group. It includes two summations of experience by local units in Virginia and New York, as well as a theoretical synthesis of the lessons elaborated in the summations.

“By summing up experience, we can discern the contradictions between ourselves and the enemy and [...]

Great Debaters Part 1: Police Violence

New York Struggle Committee Initiative (SCI) meeting March 2015.

Modi’s Foriegn Policy-People’s March

Indian Expansionism’s Big Power Dreams


Nearly a year into its rule, the Modi regime is yet to deliver anything substantial on the so­ called ‘economic growth’ front –– other than several policy decisions that further open up the country to imperialist plunder. Despite the windfall gain made through the steep fall in [...]

Tsutomu Shirosaki deported from US arrested in Japan

Man involved in rocket attack on U.S. Embassy returned to Japan after 20 years in federal prison

A Japanese man, recently freed after nearly 20 years in federal prison for his role in the 1986 rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, was returned from Louisiana to Japan Friday. On arrival, he [...]

In Defense of Protracted People’s War-PCR-RCP

This piece was written by a collective of writers who support the PCR-RCP Canada in response to a critique published by a supporter of the American Kasama Project organization, with the objective of clarifying the Party’s strategic line and deepening the discussion on what we think is the most important question the revolutionaries need [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 24/1/2015

Activists speak of police torture

Arun Ferreira releases Colours Of The Cage: A Prison Memoir

Three political activists, arrested on different days from different parts of the country and lodged in separate jails, narrated how they were all subjected to similar methods of torture by the police. “The police took me to [...]

MCG (Richmond Branch) Speech for Assata Shakur Liberation Day

(Editors Note: The following was a speech read at the local Assata Shakur Liberation Day event held on November 2nd in Richmond, Virginia. In honor of Assata and all homeland revolutionaries who have committed to the necessity of armed struggle to destroy the white settler-colonialist state.)

Honor Comrade Assata Shakur by continuing her [...]

The West African sub-region and Mali: zone of imperialist rivalries and military interventions against the peoples

Since the beginning of the 2000s with the political-military crisis in the Ivory Coast, and particularly in 2010, the West African sub-region has undergone major political events with great interests at play. Consider:

The evolution of the political and military situation in the Sahel (sub-Saharan) region because of the activities of AQIM (Al Qaeda [...]