Death Anniversary of the 2011 Dersim Martyrs

In 2011, five women comrades, political and military leaders of the guerrilla of TKP /ML-TIKKO, met death in an avalanche at the winter camp of the women’s committee.

Press Bulletin-April 2011

To the Press and Public:

5 martyrs of the TKP / ML-TIKKO dead in Dersim

In its statement of 20 [...]

Statement from Rojava Azadi Madrid about the 9 people detained for supporting the Kurdish struggle


Rojava Azadi Madrid wants to show its total rejection to the recent detentions of activists who support the Kurdish cause within the Spanish State.

The detentions of at least 9 activists in Valencia, Bilbao and Madrid, who show solidarity with the oppressed and support the revolution in Rojava, is another dangerous example of [...]

Repression against internationalists in Spain

According to social media and wire service reports nine people affiliated with the Spanish Marxist-Leninist organization Reconstrucción Comunista including one individual with Turkish nationality have been arrested in dawn raids at eleven addresses in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao.

The raids target international support for the anti-fascist armed struggle in Rojava. According to a statement [...]

YPS-Jin to women of the world: ‘struggle is the only way’

Zehra Doğan/JINHA

MÊRDÎN – In a world where thousands of women are victims of male violence every year, there is no choice but struggle, according to YPS-Jin (Women’s Civil Defense Units) member Dünya Sterk. She called YPS-Jin’s struggle an “internationalist struggle against the masculine system.”

The town of Nusaybin, in Mardin province in Northern [...]

TKP/ML firebombs jihadi den in Istanbul

TIKKO militants in Istanbul firebombed a building used by AKP supporters to hold fund raisers for Sunni sectarian fascist groups in Syria including Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) and Sham al-Ahrar. The communique noted “We will apply the necessary punishment to the criminals and the state”.

Via New Turkey


Symbols for the revolution and women becoming a commander-MLKP

Yeliz Erbay (Berçem) and Şirin Öter (Ekin)

On 22nd December 2015 two commander comrades, comrades Bercem and Sirin, answered the counter-revolutionary police attack to annihilate and the violence with their revolutionary will and violence. They defended the party’s base they stayed at with their lives. By that they joined the immortal comrades dying in [...]

Internationalist fighters in Rojava call on youth to join Bakur’s resistance

Internationalist combatants fighting in the ranks of YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) have released a statement saluting the self-rule resistance in Bakur (North) Kurdistan. Revolutionaries called upon the youths to join the resistance alongside the YPS (Civil Defense Units) and guerrilla forces.

The press conference by internationalist combatants was held at the border between Qamislo [...]

Interview with women fighters from the International Freedom Battalion

“We are not women waiting to be rescued”

Interview with women fighters from the International Freedom Battalion following the victorious Operation Hol. The International Freedom Battalion was founded in Rojava in June 2015 in order to fight DAESH and to defend the revolutionary process in Rojava. It brings together fighters from several revolutionary organizations [...]

SKM statement on police execution of Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter

İSTANBUL – Socialist Women’s Council (SKM)made a statement about Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter who were executed in Gaziosmanpaşa/Istanbul. SKM said, “Yeliz Erbay and Şirin Öter were executed when they were wounded. The bloody power executes the women to cow into submission. But the socialist women chose the resistence not submission.”

The police Anti-Terror [...]

19 members of SGDF and ESP have been taken into custody-MLKP

On 4th December 2015 19 members of SGDF and ESP have been taken into custody in several cities, but especially in İstanbul and Amed. The method of taking into custody and imprisonments of revolutionaries are continued. The colonialist fascist regime just recently on 20th July in colaboration with ISIS gangs has massacred 33 revolutionary [...]