All imperialists and reactionaries out of Syria! No to any involvement of our country! No to any facilities to imperialists!

The airstrikes of Russia on Syrian ground that started on 30 September 2015 will result in two certain things:

● They will cause more bloodshed and catastrophe on the Syrian people, deepening the internal conflicts and increasing the desperate refugee exodus.

● They will multiply the dangers of a broader military conflict in the [...]

SRI interview with Andrew ‘Che’ Sokolov

Andrew ‘Che’ Sokolov has been interviewed in May 2015 by the RHI. He was, at the time, imprisoned at Mariupol’s jail

Could you tell us about your political career? What is your political identity?

By my social origin I am a worker, a machinist, a gunmaker. By my political views I am [...]

Modi’s Foriegn Policy-People’s March

Indian Expansionism’s Big Power Dreams


Nearly a year into its rule, the Modi regime is yet to deliver anything substantial on the so­ called ‘economic growth’ front –– other than several policy decisions that further open up the country to imperialist plunder. Despite the windfall gain made through the steep fall in [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 14/5/2014

Factories burned in anti-China protest in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Mobs burned and looted scores of foreign-owned factories in Vietnam following a large protest by workers against China’s recent placement of an oil rig in disputed Southeast Asian waters, officials said Wednesday. The unrest at industrial parks near Ho Chi Minh City is [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 3/1/2014

Brazil Creates Special Riot Force for World Cup

Brazil has created a special riot force to help police control demonstrations expected during the World Cup later this year. Col. Alexandre Augusto Aragon, who heads the elite National Security Force, was quoted in local news on Friday as saying that 10,000 riot troops selected from state [...]


War-monger Obama!

Your dirty hands off Syria!

The right to decide the future of Syria lies with and only with the Syrian people, not with imperialists or any one else!

Oppose strongly the neo-Nazi US led imperialist aggression on Syria!

The imperialists led by the neo-Nazi US have tightened their [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 22/7/2013

Fifteen Colombia soldiers killed in rebel ambush: govt

Fifteen Colombian soldiers have been killed in an ambush by leftist FARC rebels, the country’s president said Sunday, raising concerns about peace talks launched last year, AFP reports. “Our hearts are with the families of the fifteen heroes who sacrificed their lives in Arauca for [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/6/2013

Nine dead in Rio slum gunbattles

Rio De Janeiro: Nine people, including one police officer, were fatally shot during gunbattles that erupted in a slum complex near Rio international airport, authorities said in an updated toll. The deaths were not linked to the mass street protests against government waste and corruption currently sweeping the [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/11/2012

Russia scrambles to defuse prison protest in Urals


MOSCOW — The Russian authorities Monday said they had quelled a rare uprising at a prison in the Urals region that saw inmates climb on the roof and bloody clashes between police and supporters outside. Hundreds of prisoners at Prison Number 6 in the [...]

Special Forces Police Sent into Russian Jail

Russian prison authorities in the city of St. Petersburg sent Special Forces police units into a jail during a search on Wednesday, insisting they were there only to maintain order during the operation, which they said passed off peacefully. “No incidents took place during this planned search,” a prison service source said. Commandos from the [...]