FRG Action Report: December 2015-January 2016

Via Dem Volk Dienen

December 1st:

AfD [right populist, anti-immigrant party] event at Best Western Hotel canceled in Gotha due to public pressure

December 2-3rd

Windows smashed and graffiti painted at AfD event site in Baden-Würtemberg.

December 3rd

Windows smashed and graffiti at home of AfD politician in Bremen.

December 5th

Vandalism against [...]

A Polish comrade at 2015 International Meeting

unofficial translation

The 10th anniversary of the revolt of the suburbs is a good opportunity to introduce similar event occurred in Poland in 2002. It was the revolt of the proletarian youth in Ożarów Mazowiecki, in the Warsaw suburbs. The counter­revolution was a catastrophe for the working class in Poland. In [...]

Conclusion to 2015 International Meeting–Maoist Communist Party Italy

We do not think that this meeting should have a conclusion. Rather, we think that it should continue and its success depend on whether it continues and how it continues. We held a lot of meetings and we have drawn important elements to advance from all of them. But, we do not need the [...]

A comrade from Tunisia at 2015 International Meeting

In this tenth anniversary of the proletarian revolt of the banlieues we are meeting here, not to celebrate an anniversary, but to capitalize on the experience that young French banlieues proletarians and the ones from around the world have shown in this time frame. Just after the uprising in May 2006, right here in [...]

Maoist Communist Party Italy speech at International Meeting on 2005 uprising

Dear comrades, on behalf of our party, I thank your for your attending, this participation is extremely important and urgent in the context of the current situation in France. When we proposed to organize this meeting, it was to take up and re­launched this revolt 10 years later. At the same time, we thought [...]


While much of the banlieues went up in flames, many sections of so-called ‘civil society’ suddenly ‘discovered’ the deplorable condition in which the sexism present in the banlieue forced the women there to live. Women subjected to every form of brutality and frustration by male banlieuesards in prey to a perpetual testosterone excess, who [...]

Bloc Rouge speech at International Meeting on 2005 uprising

Bloc Rouge (maoist Unification) ‐ France

First, thank you to everyone for coming to participate to this meeting. Comrades have even came from other countries, others sent messages. For us, the Maoists, the revolt of banlieues of 2005 is part of the key events in the history of popular movements of our [...]


We will be posting two extracts from the 2007 text Grassroots Political Militants featuring interviews with participants in the 2005 uprising to accompany the recently released texts from the 2015 10th anniversary meeting.-Signalfire

The journey in the banlieue begins with M.B., a no longer young black woman, politically active in the banlieues for some [...]

From the riots of the banlieues to the proletarian revolution!

Ten years have passed since Bouna and Zied, two youths aged 17 and 15 years, found the death in an electrical transformer, as police hunted them. 10 years ago the banlieues flared at the news of this new murder police. Throughout France, in popular neighborhoods, young people rebelled for almost a month and a [...]

Resistance and repression in Manipur

07 August 2015

48 hours bandh comes to an end 12 cops hurt in bandh violence

Hundreds evacuated from airport

Scribes stage sit-in-protest

State force should not take Manipuris as enemies: Leishemba Sanajaoba

Dailies, news bulletins to resume publication, production from today

Strike detains Minister Francis for 5 hrs

05 August [...]