The woman question is an important question for the popular struggle and its importance is greater today because actions are intensifying which tend to mobilize women; a necessary and fruitful mobilization from the working class viewpoint and in the service of the masses of the people, but which [...]

A Rejoinder to JMP on Proletarian Feminism


First of all we would like to note that our original intervention was not as JMP seems to have interpreted it a challenge to the legitimacy of the project of proletarian feminism as the necessary development of a feminist discourse which upholds the leadership of the party, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the [...]

The RCP-PCR on the Women Question and the Gaps in the Discourse of Proletarian Feminism

We have long argued that a “proletarian feminism” which fails to take account of gender as a material production relation is not in fact a through scientific analysis but an objectively chauvinist ideological discourse. The RCP-PCR’s treatment of the matter is as good a case study as any:

Lets examine Chapter Eight of their [...]

EXODUS AND RECONSTRUCTION: Working-Class Women at the Heart of Globalization

Bromma (September 2012)

Introduction Hundreds of millions of working-class women are flooding out of the countrysides of the world into the cities. In an epic upheaval, pervaded with human suffering, these women are being channeled into the manufacturing and service industries of a radically transformed global economy. This wholesale relocation and reorganization of [...]

The Restructuring of Social Reproduction in the United States in the 1970s

(The following is the text of a paper that Silvia Federici wrote in 1980 for a Conference convened by the Centro Studi Americani in Roma on “The Economic Policies of Female Labor in Italy and the United States.” The Conference was held in Rome on December 9-11, 1980 and was co-sponsored by the German [...]