Declaration on the 3rd Congress of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey – Northern Kurdistan (MKP)

The text below is an abridged rush translation by Signalfire from the German version found here

Comrades, laborers, proletarians from all over the world,

With joy we announce that our party, the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) in spite of attacks, arrests and repression has held its third Congress with success. Our 3rd Party [...]

Role Of Women In People’s War-2010

“Every cook must become a politician. Only then can social revolution be victorious. How can we say that a society would change without the participation of women” – Lenin

We all know that the conditions of women have degraded to the second rank in the human society with the emergence of class society. Whether [...]

International Committee to support PW in India: Towards new campaigns! Towards a new conference!

unofficial translation

21 september 2013 Milan

The real introduction to our meeting is the important document by the CPIm signed by com. Ganapathy, greeting the International Conference in Hamburg. Even if it came in late, it is an important document, that excites us and confirms the line followed by the International Committee [...]

Heroic people of East Bengal, Our struggle has not yet finished Carry on the great struggle To complete The unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal

(March 1972, corrected and reprinted in May 1972, corrected and reprinted in March 1974)


People of East Bengal had struggled against the political, economic, cultural and religious oppression of the British colonial bandits, their dependent reactionary Jamindars-Jotedars [Jaminder is big feudal land lord, Jotedar is small feudal land lord – Translator], [...]

Revolutionary Greetings for the 9th Anniversary Celebrations of Our Glorious Party!


Let us Bolshevize our party to efficiently wield the two basic weapons of People’s Army and United Front to lead the revolution to victory !

Let us strengthen and expand our mass base by adhering firmly to class line and mass line !!

Let us grasp in depth the two Marxist [...]

1st Red Day in Manipur-MCP

Maoist Communist Party Manipur has observed the 1st RED DAY in remembrance of its 1st Martyred Comrade Moirangthem Ibomcha (34) S/O, Moirangthem Kumar of Napet Village under Lamlai Area, Imphal East District Manipur. Comrade Ibomcha was martyred in an ambush launched by the reactionary forces of Manipur Police Commandos against a section of our [...]

Basic Differences Between the Proletarian and Bourgeois Military Lines-1967

(Written by proletarian revolutionaries in the offices of the Headquarters of the General Staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army)

To seize and consolidate political power and carry its revolutionary struggle to complete victory the proletariat “needs a correct Marxist military line as well as a correct Marxist political line.” Without the guidance [...]

Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo-September 24 2013

Since September 1992 chairman Gonzalo, head of the Peruvian revolution, is held hostage in complete isolation by the corrupt, genocide and anti-people regimes which have succeeded in Peru, supported by imperialism, mainly US imperialism. In all these years the ruling classes in Peru and imperialists have consistently attempted to crush his revolutionary integrity, introducing [...]

“Unique Revolution” and the Question of New Democratic Revolution-2013

Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’

Secretary, NCP-Maoist

With the failure in the revolution, several of the questions and suspicions have been raised on the forthcoming revolution and the revolutionary leaders. It is the responsibility of the leaders to address and response on such questions and suspicions. They need to response them not only for [...]

Hail the Filipino Revolution Advancing on the Path of Victory with the Immediate Task of Achieving Strategic Stalemate!-2013


Extend Strong Support to Filipino Revolution and Filipino People !

Oppose and Condemn Oplan Bayanihan !

Observe Solidarity Week to Filipino Revolution from April 22 to 28, 2013

[Oplan Bayanihan is the name of the fascist war that the American puppet Benigno Aquino regime is unleashing in the country of Philippines [...]