by: Ma. Lorena Barros

In the January 26, l972 issue of the Philippine Collegian, there appeared an article by Ms. Susan G. Ramirez on “Women’s Liberation, MAKIBAKA and Involvement.” The article, which aims to impart greater understanding of women’s liberation and to correct MAKIBAKA’s sectarian nature, certainly shows a highly sectarian prescription of women’s [...]


Seventy-seven demands

some trifling, some

deep and huge.

But all inarticulate

the glottals of the dumb


Somewhere back

We had forgotten speech

the correspondence of

sense of utterance. Now




We march back and forth

mouths working

We know that the evil is great

but cannot begin to speak it.




by Ma. Lorena Barros

Pugadlawin Taon 18 Blg. 3; Enero-Pebrero, l971

The oppression of women in Philippine society cannot be isolated from the oppressive character of the society as a whole. Filipino women comprise what has been described by Juliet Mitchell (in Women: the Longest Revolution) as “half a totality.” Filipino women are fundamental [...]


Green leaves white flower

white moon

I think of soft black hair

framing a bony face, and pain

like burning coal

sears my mind’s fingers.

Because I have seen too much

of suffering among our people

to ever forget what I must love

and hate

how can I say I love you still?

You [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 28/7/2014

Riot police with water cannon evict squatters

Since 5:00 am this morning the activists, who have been occupying most of a house in Mühlfeldgasse for over two years, have been preparing for their eviction by blocking the entrance to the house and the street with sofas and other bulky piece of furniture. Around [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 23/4/2014

Deadly riot in Rio’s Copacabana district with World Cup weeks away

One person was shot and killed as violent protests erupted in Rio’s Copacabana beach district less than two months before soccer’s World Cup begins in Brazil. The riots followed the death of a dancer, allegedly at the hands of police. Brazilian media [...]

MAKIBAKA calls on women to join the revolution to end oppression

MEDIA RELEASE By MALAYA LIBERTAD Spokesperson, Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) 25 March 2014

Hundreds of women members of the underground movement MAKIBAKA (Liberated Movement of New Women), a member organization of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) staged a lightning rally at downtown Carriedo, Manila early morning today in celebration [...]

On the Arrests of Wilma Austria and Benito Tiamzon

March 25, 2014

Philippine state forces arrested Wilma Austria and Benito Tiamzon, consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), along with five other people this past weekend in Cebu province. The military and police, alleging that Wilma Austria is the Secretary General and Benito Tiamzon the Chairman of the Communist Party [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 23/3/2014

Arrest of Benito Tiamzon, Wilma Austria, 5 others, violates immunity pact, says NDFP

The chief peace negotiator of the revolutionary umbrella group National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) decried the arrest of alleged Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Chair Benito Tiamzon, his wife and alleged CPP Secretary-General Wilma Austria, and five [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/2/2014

National unity govt be formed: CPN-Maoist General Secretary

KATHMANDU, FEB 26 – General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist , Ram Bahadur Thapa, has demanded that a national unity government should be formed including all political parties and write new constitution through an all-side political conference. Speaking at an interaction organized by the Nepal Rastriya Dalit [...]