Preparatory Session of the Second Plenum-1991

Outline of the Strategic Plan of Construction of the Report:

Build the Conquest of Power in the Midst of the People’s War

Frame of Reference

This will be the central report for the preparation of the II Session of the Central Committee. Several days ago an outline on the topic of Building [...]

Long Live this Great Milestone of Mass Heroism!-1992

The following statement, “Long Live the Milestone of Mass Heroism Achieved by the Joint Struggle of the Prisoners of War May 6th-7th-8th-9th”, was issued May 14th. It carries the signature of the surviving men prisoners of war still held in Lima’s Canto Grande prison. – AWTW

Blood does not drown the revolution but [...]

Revolutionary prisoners executed by the Peruvian state in Canto Grande massacre-May 1992

1. Juan Bardales Rengifo

2. Jorge Muñoz Muñoz

3. Jaime Gilberto Gutierrez Prado

4. Juan Manuel Conde Yupari

5. Carlos Jesus Aguilar Garay

6. Julio Cesar Moreno Núñez

7. Cesar Augusto Paredes Rodríguez

8. Fidel Castro Palomino

9.- Marco Ccallocunto Núñez

10.- Sergio [...]


1. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought:

In Defense of Marxism Against the Combined Offensive of Revisionism and Imperialism

a. The combined counter-revolutionary campaign of imperialism, revisionism, and world reaction against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In recent years we have been combating the new revisionist counter-revolutionary offensive (1990). We have been the only Party that defined it [...]


Since 1982 we have been destroying the Old Power in the countryside; generating in consequence a Power vacuum, each day greater and extending to larger areas; as is well known and recognized. Does that Power vacuum remain a political limbo, an interregnum of the class struggle? Can anyone believe that the Old Power is [...]


The capital city, with one-third of the nation’s population; macrocephalic capital of an oppressed and backward nation, is a great concentration of economic, political and military power, a gigantic mirror of the general crisis in Peruvian society; an immense drum of national and international repercussion; but at the same time, mainly the primary center [...]


In the South of the country the People’s War develops mainly in the Department of Puno. Among its noticeable actions we have the assault and taking of [the District] of Ananea, province of Sand¡a; where we hit simultaneously the two police stations, and annihilated the governor, the mayor, the judge and nine policemen, including [...]


The Huallaga Region, and above all the Upper Huallaga is strategic, and each day of greater importance; not only because of its huge potential in natural riches, whose plundering by the World Bank, the International Development Bank and imperialist enterprises in collusion with the great bourgeoisie and the Peruvian State have been planned for [...]


It is the heart of the economic process of Peruvian society, whose vertex is Lima and it is key within the State’s geopolitical plan, considering this reality, the action and development of the People’s War in this region is better understood. There the struggle increases in intensity and shows sharper characteristics than in other [...]

HUANCAVELICA: Place of Devastating Ambushes

Also has to its credit devastating ambushes, on October 23 the combatants handed another blow to the army in Lanchoj; a land mine blew up two trucks in a convoy of three, and after a demolishing attack; and later a violent combat with eight soldiers, who commanded by a lieutenant, remained some distance from [...]