Revolutionary Democratic Front on Tejpal rape case

Press Statement 28 November 2013

The heinous incident of sexual assault on a young woman journalist of Tehelka by its editor-in-chief, Tarun Tejpal, at the ThinkFest, an event organized by the news magazine, in Goa and the course of events that followed over the last three weeks have once again foregrounded the sordid social [...]

Resolution on the Queer Struggle NCP (OC)-2013


Adopted by the Founding Congress of the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee)

For release on May 1, 2013

The struggle for the civil rights of queer people has, in the last ten years, become the most visible part of the progressive and democratic movement in the United States. The queer struggle has [...]

Capitalism, the sex trade and the oppression of women


11 March 2013. A World to Win News Service

This year on 8 March, International Women’s Day, as thousands of women were marching in central London to protest violence against women, a woman was performing a protest dance in Underground station where she had been harassed and molested. At the same time a [...]

A Rejoinder to JMP on Proletarian Feminism


First of all we would like to note that our original intervention was not as JMP seems to have interpreted it a challenge to the legitimacy of the project of proletarian feminism as the necessary development of a feminist discourse which upholds the leadership of the party, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the [...]

Let Us Realize the Dreams of the Great Martyrs

[the text below is the introduction to the two volume collection “Women Martyrs of the Indian Revolution” available online thanks to]

We are presenting here the poignant life histories of undaunted courageous and ever inspiring women who were martyred in the struggle for New Democratic Revolution (NDR) in India, since the historic [...]