Palestinian Documentation Center launches in Rome, Italy to preserve Palestinian memory and struggle

The launch of the Palestinian Documentation Center in Rome, Italy was announced on January 6 with the publication of its website in Italian. The site is also available in English and will soon be available in Arabic.

The site is a repository for the archive of Palestinian political and cultural historical documents that is [...]

Greetings to our comrades of Revolutionary Unity!-PYO

The Palestinian Youth Organization (PYO) of Lebanon salutes the formation of your new organization, struggling in the Netherlands, in colonial Europe, for our collective liberation. We send our warmest greetings and wishes of solidarity.

As Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, we confront the crimes of Zionism and imperialism, of capitalism and reaction, of sectarianism and [...]

LARF on execution of Barsimantov-1982

We the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions, we address all those who condemn terror and terrorism, all those who campaign for the abolition of this society of exploitation and war.

We executed Yacov BARSIMANTOV.

The imperialist press and governments that support imperialism, like the French government, cry “terrorism”.

Who are the terrorists? Those who kill [...]

Prison Branch of PFLP marks 48th anniversary with clandestine events inside prisons

December 30th 2015

The Prison Branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organized a number of clandestine activities inside the occupation prisons marking the 48th anniversary of the founding of the PFLP.

This included the distribution, reading and presentation of the statement of imprisoned General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat on the anniversary [...]

Manipur Peoples’ Solidarity to the UN International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People

We, the volunteers of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi and Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur) and other like-minded individuals, in response to the Global Call to Action on the Occasion of the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, have gathered here today, in Delhi, on 29th November 2015, to [...]

PFLP mourns Comrade Khaled Jawabra and vows to continue the resistance

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine joins the masses of our people in mourning the son of Palestine, former prisoner and our martyred Comrade Khaled Mahmoud Jibrin Jawabreh, of Al-Arroub refugee camp north of occupied Al-Khalil, 20 years old, killed by occupation forces on Thursday evening, November 26, as youth in the [...]

Palestinian youth and students in Gaza: Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

A statement by the Progressive Palestinian Youth Union and the Progressive Student Labor Front on imprisoned Arab internationalist freedom fighter Georges Abdallah

The French state persists in its imprisonment of Arab struggler, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, in its jails for over 30 years, refusing to release him despite a prior decision of French courts to [...]

PFLP: Heroic individual resistance actions require popular support, must inspire leadership

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the upsurge in individual resistance actions carried out by heroic Palestinian youth throughout the occupied homeland are important operations that must continue, escalate and evolve, and need popular support in the West Bank and Jerusalem in various forms in light of the occupier’s continuous [...]

1970: Speech of Al Hakeem – Dr. George Habash. Amman – Jordan

At Jordan International Hotel,

in Amman, at 5:00 am, on June 12, 1970.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

I feel that it’s my duty to explain to you why we did what we did. Of course from a liberal point of view of thinking, I feel sorry for what happened, and I am sorry that we [...]

Statement from Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails: Intensify the flames of the uprising-PFLP

Statement of the leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organization in Israeli jails…

To the masses of our people, who are giving so many sacrifices, martyrs, prisoners and wounded, our masses who are continuing and escalating the intifada, confronting the usurper Zionist entity, its soldiers and its settler hordes…to [...]