Comrade Paulo Justino Pereira murdered in Buritis!


Pereira was gunned down on May 1st in the context of years of repression by the PT regime against the peasant movement.


1st of May 2015 With the working class at the forefront on the path to independence and socialism-KKE (ml)

Workers, unemployed, young men and women, This year’s 1st of May finds the workers and the people all over the world into a maelstrom of imperialist brutality and capitalist barbarity. The crisis of the capitalist – imperialist system not only does not abate but rather intensifies as the imperialists compete each other for the [...]

People’s War in India Clippings 27/4/2015

Naxal bandh peaceful in Kolhan

Jamshedpur : The five day naxal bandh evoked an effective response in Kolhan on its second day today. The paramilitary forces had removed the posters during patrolling the area. Shops and business establishments were closed in Ghatshila and other townships under Ghatshila sub-division of East Singhbhum district since [...]

People’s War in India Clippings 22/4/2015

Man waiting at AIIMS to consult doctor held for Naxal ‘links’

A 33-year-old man from Champaran in Bihar with alleged links to Naxalites was on Tuesday arrested by police from AIIMS, where, according to police, he had come to consult a doctor in the Neurology department for his ailing eight-month-old son. Bhasir Shah [...]

Nepal Maoist Clippings 21/4/2015

Chand-led Maoist captures properties of UML, UCPN (M) leaders

CAHRIKOT, APR 21 – The CPN Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand have captured a house and lands belonging to the leaders of the UCPN (Maoist) and the CPN-UML respectively. The Chand-led Maoist informed through a press statement that it has captured the house [...]

The National Question-1974

Contemporary Peruvian Society

The character of our society.

The character of the revolutionary process of Peruvian society.

Bureaucratic Capitalism

What do we mean by bureaucratic capitalism?

Three lines within bureaucratic capitalism.

The Contemporary Situation of the Country

The conditions under which the current regime grows.

The plans and characteristics of the [...]


It has been a little more than three years since we had the occasion to talk from this place. At the time, we spoke about the problem of education and shared our thoughts on this important issue. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with you. Today, once again, we have the opportunity to [...]

Police eviction of Mapuche land occupation in Ercilla area




Miércoles 8 de abril de 2015.

Extracto de difusión de información desde comunidad. La represión es total en contra las comunidades mapuche ahora y siempre de parte del Estado chileno. Hoy el lof Rankilko lo están desalojando por segunda vez, hay una represión muy descontrolada de parte de las policías, [...]

Kabani is not just a river-People’s March

Kabani is one of the main tributaries of the Kaveri, which has sources in both Karnataka and Keralam. Originating from the high­elevated grasslands of Brahmagiri and Talakkaveri, it flows East through the Deccan plateau and cascades down the Hoganakal falls to flow on over the plains of Salem, Erode and Karur in Tamil Nadu. [...]


El 19 de marzo se cumplió una nueva jornada de movilización y lucha de las organizaciones populares en contra del régimen fascista de Rafael Correa. Si bien es cierto el gobierno de Alianza País y sus aliados, instrumentando el nuevo Código Penal y sus draconianas leyes que pretenden neutralizar la organización, movilización y protesta [...]