The elections of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 7th June 2015 put an end to the 13-years-lasting AKP dictatorship. T. Erdogan and the AKP experienced a huge defeat. The Kurdish Freedom Movement and the HDP , the united democratic front of the revolutionary movement, achieved an election victory with 13.2% overtrumping the [...]

MLKP Commander Sarya: Only a matter of time before we reach Hol

Hêvî Sarya, one of the commanders of the MLKP’s Martyr Serkan Battalion, who is taking part in the Hol Offensive which has been initiated to mop up the south of Hesekê, commented on the success of the advance saying it’s “only a matter of time before we reach Hol”.

Etkin Haber Ajansi / [...]

On the attacks in France

-PCm-Italy [Rush translation edited for clarity by Signalfire]

Imperialism, including French imperialism playing a major role, has sown the wind in the world and now reaps the whirlwind, it has sown war and terror and now the war is coming back home. The imperialists have created and supported ISIS against the people and against [...]

First anniversary of the death of Kader Ortakaya

One year ago, on November 6 2014, Kader Ortakya was murdered by Turkish soldiers on the border in Kobanê. She was a member of Toplumsal Özgürlük Parti Girişimi (TÖP-G). The process around her murder is still ongoing, yet her murders are still unknown and their is no willingness on the part of state to [...]

Hundreds of workers and youth demand the release of imprisoned ATIK members!

Thessaloniki, Greece

Hundreds of workers and youth demand the release of imprisoned ATIK members! The People’s Resistance – Left Anti-Imperialist Cooperation organized actions of solidarity to the ATIK members held prisoners in Germany and France. During the three-day activities of the Anti-Racist Festival that was held from 16 to 18 October 2015 at the [...]

Burning their identity cards, they make a call to join the front!

The young communists who were the target of the Suruç massacre made a call to join them to oppose the macabre plans of AKP-DAESH. “We refuse this system” say armed communist youth, calling on the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan to cross borders and fight together to strengthen the struggle for freedom.

Etkin [...]

YDG: The People’s Fighters are Immortal! Your struggle is our struggle!

Information Center: Yeni Demokrat Genclik (YDG) made a statement on the TIKKO guerrilla fighters who died in Dersim, retracing the events of recent months in Turkey and Kurdistan. All of these fighters for the people used to belong to YDG, and the youth movement honors those martyrs » Cengiz, Hakan and Özgüç … These [...]


Democratic self-government declarations and resistances have existed since 24 July 2015 in North Kurdistan (Turkish Kurdistan). After Cizre, Silopi, Nusaybin, Yüksekova, Hakkari, Van, Diyarbakır, Silvan, Varto and other smaller and larger towns, villages and neighbourhoods, the declaration of self-government and its development have continued resolvedly or bravely despite the heavy attacks by the fascist [...]

Istanbul: ‘Anti-terrorism’ operation, 1 revolutionary slaughtered!

The AKP-led police operations have not ceased since August. Already more than 2000 activists have been arrested and, among them, many have been murdered. Yesterday morning, a revolutionary militant of Halk Cephesi was slaughtered by the police. Having sustained heavy injuries, she is currently between life and death.

Newsroom : In Istanbul, the [...]

Imprisoned MKP Member Hüseyin Dinç Has Been Martyred

Hüseyin Dinç, imprisoned in a type F Kandira prison, has been martyred as a result of a heart attack.

NEWSROOM (16.10.2015) – The Turkish government’s killing machine continues its work against revolutionary prisoners, socialists and patriots.

Sick prisoners, which are considered to pose a ‘danger to society’, are left to [...]