Şehid Mâ Biymût!

MLKP warrior Halil Aksakal (Mazlum Aktaş) who was martyred in the fight for the liberation of Tel Abyab was buried in his hometown of Hatay with thousands in attendence.

HATAY (27.06.2015) – MLKP fighter Halil Aksakal who was born in Hatay and was martyred in Tel Abyad was sent to eternity in [...]

TKP/ML-TIKKO celebrates the victory of Girê Spi

REDACTION: TKP/ML-TIKKO Middle East Regional Committee issued a communique on the liberation of Girê Spi. According to ANF news, TKP/ML-TIKKO Middle East Regional Committee issued a communique about the liberation of Girê Spi. The communique states that

“The liberation of Girê Spi, which was cleared of DASH fascists supported by imperialism, is a rebellion [...]

Mazlum Aktaş is immortal!

We friends and comrades of Mazlum Aktaş (Halil Aksakal) are in misery about the death of our beloved comrade, who became martyr on the 18th of june 2015 in a village between kobane kanton and rakka. The death of Mazlum Aktaş, who was a militant of mlcp and a founding member of the [...]

UPOTUDAK : Stop isolation torture of revolutionary prisoners

REDACTION: UPOTUDAK has published a statement about the revolutionaries who were arrested in the operations against the Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe (ATIK) and New Woman (Yeni Kadin). Upudotak made a call to demonstrate in front of the prisons,send letters and expend the petition campaign. International Political Prisoners Solidarity committee (UPOTUDAK) published [...]

Ilhami Yıldırım apologizes!

Three days after the statement of MKP/PHG, Ilhami Yıldırım apologized to the families and people on Twitter.

REDACTION (15.06.2015) – Partizan Halk Güçleri, under the leadership of MKP carried out an action against Ilhami Yıldırım [Chairman of the Red Crescent of Istanbul] this February. Yıldırım survived the attack. MKP declared that they carried [...]

International Freedom Battalion: women of the world, defend the Rojava revolution–a report from JINHA


Rojda Serhat/JINHA SERÊKANIYÊ – The International Freedom Battalion, a new brigade of international revolutionaries fighting to defend Rojava’s revolution, has called on women of the world to join their ranks. This week, international revolutionary fighters who have gone to Rojava to defend the revolution there announced the formation of the [...]

Internationalist Free Brigade established in Rojava

Encompassing the power of Rojava and Middle Eastern peoples, Internationalist Free Brigade has been established in Rojava. The brigade will be fighting against ISIS and similar occupying forces.

MLKP has been involved in the establishment of the brigade since January, and organizations such as Reconstruction (Spain), TİKKO, United Freedom Forces (BÖG), MLSPB [...]

Torturer and former colonel punished by the Maoist Communist Party (MKP)

With an official statement the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan (MKP) has announced that their armed urban wing Partizan Peoples Forces (PHG) punished the former colonel Fehmi Altınbilek, torturer and murderer of the revolutionary leaders Mahir Cayhan and his comrades and communist leader Ibrahim Kypakkaya after 40 years in Istanbul.

Fehmi [...]

Reactionary officer Fehmi Altınbilek wounded in MKP-PHG operation


..Altınbilek’s name first came into prominence when his gun (a lieutenant at the time) was used in the murder of Necdet Güçlü, a military doctor who was killed in a raid by right-wing Grey Wolves group in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Hospital. Altınbilek was the military commander of the attack that [...]

Interview with armed wing of MKP