International support for ATIK and Yeni Kadim

Palermo Italy Mfpr for Atik and Yeni Kadin

The Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement (MFPR, Italy) strongly condemns the arrest of the comrades of New Woman and ATIK and mobilizes for their immediate release. Our delegation met with these comrades, on the occasion of their 13th congress of Yeni Kadin in Germany on 7th [...]

35 years ago today: Police execution of four communist militants in Genoa

On March 28th 1980 Italian anti-terrorist commandos acting on information provided by the “penitent” snitch Patrizio Peci raid a safehouse of the Genoa column of the Red Brigades at the time itself in a life or death struggle with the revisionist PCI including the elimination of revisionist trade union boss and informer Guido [...]

Riscossa Proletaria per il Comunismo agitates against isolation torture of Maoist militants

Demonstration in Turin against isolation conditions for Marco Mazzasalma, Roberto Morandi and Nadia Lioce imprisoned for the 2002 execution of labor market reform advisor Marco Biagi claimed by the BR.

Via Riscossa Proletaria per il Comunismo



ICSPWI on International Days of Action

The International Committee to support People’s War in India salutes all the initiatives held in different countries of the world for the International Days of action on 29-30-31 January 2015. We are carefully collecting all these small and wide actions. They are a sign of solidarity of proletarians and peoples with the fighting masses [...]

Syriza won the electoral challenge-PCm Italy

They got the consent of the masses, tired of the policies of sacrifice and misery imposed by the Troika in the last years, the fierce unloading of the crisis that condemned the Greece to be poorer and poorer and has saved, so far, the banks and, partially, the masters. A deep crisis that has [...]


Emilio, a comrade in many struggles and battles, is hospitalized in a drug induced coma with extensive brain bleeding because of a fascist squad assault against the Dordoni social centre in Cremona. The assault, which was predetermined and scientifically organized by the Casa Pound Cremonese fascists, in cahoots with other far-right militants hailing from [...]

Charlie-Hebdo attack-imperialism, including french imperialism,sows the wind… reaps the whirlwind-PCM Italy

The attack with the massacre of journalists against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is primarily the result not so much of the ‘satire’ of this newspaper, but the economics and politics of imperialism included the French one. The imperialists, with the French in the front row invade countries, bomb, occupy, kill people, including [...]

20th Anniversary of the detention and historical speech of chairman Gonzalo from the cage-PCM Italy

We recall and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historical Speech from the cage by Chairman Gonzalo, held in isolation for 20 years in the prisons of the Peruvian regime and imperialism. The 25th of September 1992, from the obscene cage in which the corrupt genocidal and anti-people Fujimori’s regime, supported by imperialism and [...]

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the formation of CPI (Maoist) with Revolutionary Spirit!

The formation of this party was a powerful strengthening for the international communist movement and a great assertion that it is the people’s war that unites communists and forge genuine Maoist Communist parties. An example from which we draw lessons, inspiration, but mainly a great confidence and an ideological strength for the proletarians and [...]



Take up the appeal of Kurdish comrades

Let’s Organize, the same day, rallies and initiatives in every city of women in solidarity with the Kurdish women fighters, against Isis and imperialism!

From the interview with Asia, a Kurdish representative attending the meeting on 11 October:

” [...]