-Red Sun

The states of Portugal, Greece and Spain share one common trait that has distinguished them from the imperialist states of Northern Europe. The weakness of their big bourgeoisie can be observed in the incapacity of social-democracy to integrate broad sectors of the working class, which has expressed itself, to this day, in [...]


As the recent Session of the Central Committee, celebrating the victorious 10th ANNIVERSARY OF THE PEOPLE’S WAR, concluded, Peruvian reaction and its master, Imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, needs to reinvigorate bureaucratic capitalism, once again restructure the old State, and annihilate the People’s War. Those are their needs and their dreams because bureaucratic capitalism is [...]

The National Question-1974

Contemporary Peruvian Society

The character of our society.

The character of the revolutionary process of Peruvian society.

Bureaucratic Capitalism

What do we mean by bureaucratic capitalism?

Three lines within bureaucratic capitalism.

The Contemporary Situation of the Country

The conditions under which the current regime grows.

The plans and characteristics of the [...]


It has been a little more than three years since we had the occasion to talk from this place. At the time, we spoke about the problem of education and shared our thoughts on this important issue. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with you. Today, once again, we have the opportunity to [...]

Modi’s Foriegn Policy-People’s March

Indian Expansionism’s Big Power Dreams


Nearly a year into its rule, the Modi regime is yet to deliver anything substantial on the so­ called ‘economic growth’ front –– other than several policy decisions that further open up the country to imperialist plunder. Despite the windfall gain made through the steep fall in [...]

Cooking Growth with False Figures-People’s March


Manufacturing is down. Tax revenues have grown at just half the projected rate. Non­performing assets (NPA) of banks keep piling up. Fresh investments are meagre despite freeing corporates from environmental and labour right safeguards. Yet, so reports the government, India’s GDP growth rate has surpassed that of China braving all these dismal [...]

The Turn to Public Investment-People’s March

The budget presented by the Modi government envisages huge investments in basic infrastructure, most of it from public funds. A good chunk of this comes from cutting down expenditure in health, education and similar sectors. The Centre claims that actual expenditure won’t really be reduced since the States can make up with the extra [...]

Greece: Syriza Betrays-Peoples March

After coming to power with a platform promising to end austerity policies, the Syriza government in Greece has tamely settled down to executing them. Led by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, it has agreed to continue austerity policies that have already proven to be highly oppressive. On the issue of minimum wages, it climbed down [...]

Imperialist Pressures push the SYRISA – ANEL government to full submission

Tuesday March 10, 2015

In only 20 minutes (so we don’t waste time!) the Eurogroup of March 9th 2015 defined the policy with which the imperialists – lenders of EU – ECB – IMF will supervise our country and the lives of the working people. By tomorrow the program – memorandum will start to [...]

Appeal to stand in support of working class struggles in Delhi-NCR

Issued by Labour Solidarity Forum

An appeal to all democratic and progressive individuals and organizations to stand up for justice and support the Maruti Suzuki workers’ struggle and other working class struggles in Delhi-NCR in all possible ways.

Incidents of industrial accidents, often fatal but seldom reported by the media, have been [...]