We must condemn the new atrocity with mass struggles against imperialism and reaction!

Peoples are not cannon fodder for the self-proclaimed saviors!

Peoples do not need protectors!

Last night’s massacre in the capital of France, with more than 120 (and increasing) dead and dozens of injured, is a new dramatic and dangerous development in a volatile environment created by the paroxysm of imperialist contradictions and [...]

50th anniversary of the communist movement of Afghanistan-C(M)PA statement

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan on the 50th anniversary of the founding the communist movement of Afghanistan:

Let us celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the communist (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) and new democratic movement of Afghanistan for the purposes of strengthening the current communist and new democratic struggles in the [...]

Their war, our dead here as elsewhere ! Their National unity, our popular unity !


After the attacks in Beirut and against the Kurds in Turkey, now over 100 dead in Paris in the worst death toll in the capital since the 17 October 1961 when the French police massacred Algerians during a demonstration for independence. The ISIL terrorists struck out at random at a football match, on [...]

No to the reactionary “17-point Agreement”! No to the anti-migration policy of Government and the EU! Solidarity with migrants and refugees!

The recent “17-point Agreement” that was signed on 26/10 in Brussels during the “mini Summit” confirms and strengthens the anti-migration policies of the EU.

This agreement (signed by the governments of Greece, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia) is an attempt to fortify the EU against the increasing refugee [...]

Palestinian youth and students in Gaza: Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

A statement by the Progressive Palestinian Youth Union and the Progressive Student Labor Front on imprisoned Arab internationalist freedom fighter Georges Abdallah

The French state persists in its imprisonment of Arab struggler, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, in its jails for over 30 years, refusing to release him despite a prior decision of French courts to [...]

Press Release about the mass murder in Ankara-KKE (ml)

We condemn with outrage the mass murder that took place on Saturday 10-10-2015 at the Railway Station of Ankara. This is a crime against the democratic, antifascist, and antiwar movement of the Turkish people. It is a cowardly attack against the national, democratic movement of the Kurdish people, an act of blind violence against [...]

1970: Speech of Al Hakeem – Dr. George Habash. Amman – Jordan

At Jordan International Hotel,

in Amman, at 5:00 am, on June 12, 1970.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

I feel that it’s my duty to explain to you why we did what we did. Of course from a liberal point of view of thinking, I feel sorry for what happened, and I am sorry that we [...]

All imperialists and reactionaries out of Syria! No to any involvement of our country! No to any facilities to imperialists!

The airstrikes of Russia on Syrian ground that started on 30 September 2015 will result in two certain things:

● They will cause more bloodshed and catastrophe on the Syrian people, deepening the internal conflicts and increasing the desperate refugee exodus.

● They will multiply the dangers of a broader military conflict in the [...]

European Marxist-Leninists against the “Theory of Three Worlds”-1977

Joint Statement of

The Communist Party of Germany (M-L)

The Communist Party of Spain (M-L)

The Communist Party of Greece (M-L)

The Communist Party of Italy (M-L)

And the Portuguese Communist Party (Reconstructed)

Reprinted from the newspaper “Zëri i popullit”, central organ of the CC of the PLA, [...]

A pro-memorandum government with a pro-memorandum opposition and reactionary reserves A reactionary post-election scene

KKE (ml)

1. The 20th of September elections created a more antipopular and reactionary scene. The SYRIZA win means that a new cycle of barbaric and antipopular measures imposed by the third memorandum will be implemented under the dictates of the imperialists and the full consensus of the bourgeois powers (ND, PASOK and POTAMI). [...]