Declaration on the 3rd Congress of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey – Northern Kurdistan (MKP)

The text below is an abridged rush translation by Signalfire from the German version found here

Comrades, laborers, proletarians from all over the world,

With joy we announce that our party, the Maoist Communist Party (MKP) in spite of attacks, arrests and repression has held its third Congress with success. Our 3rd Party [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 25/11/2013

Maoists whip up support abroad

The CPI (Maoist) has emerged as a “role model” for the Communist movement across the world, according to revolutionary groups based outside India which have pledged support to it. The revelation could add to the worries of the government, which considers the Maoist group as India’s “biggest internal [...]


(Editorial of Lal Jhanda/1) [Lal Jhanda was Theoretical Organ of PBSP - Translator] April 1972 30

April is the Armed Force Day of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, 1 May is International Labor Day and 3 June is Proletarian Party of East Bengal Day. One year before, in 30 April [...]

International Committee to support PW in India: Towards new campaigns! Towards a new conference!

unofficial translation

21 september 2013 Milan

The real introduction to our meeting is the important document by the CPIm signed by com. Ganapathy, greeting the International Conference in Hamburg. Even if it came in late, it is an important document, that excites us and confirms the line followed by the International Committee [...]

Would you reply, Indira Gandhi? (March 1972)

[This pamphlet was produced and circulated in March 1972 when Indian prime minster Indira Gandhi visited Bangladesh – Sarbaharapath]

1. Your army is an allied force. But how could an allied force take arms and war materials worth several thousand million Taka of the Pak military fascists to India, and smuggle many industries, their [...]

2013 Election Boycott Campaign-Germany

1st Red Day in Manipur-MCP

Maoist Communist Party Manipur has observed the 1st RED DAY in remembrance of its 1st Martyred Comrade Moirangthem Ibomcha (34) S/O, Moirangthem Kumar of Napet Village under Lamlai Area, Imphal East District Manipur. Comrade Ibomcha was martyred in an ambush launched by the reactionary forces of Manipur Police Commandos against a section of our [...]


Comrade Irabot (30 September 1896- 26 September 1951), who had a humble origin as a destitute orphan, was a leading figure of the social reform movement and political agitations in Manipur in the period 1934-1947. He was not lured by the prospect of royal prerogatives and official facilities including the prestigious post of membership [...]

Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo-September 24 2013

Since September 1992 chairman Gonzalo, head of the Peruvian revolution, is held hostage in complete isolation by the corrupt, genocide and anti-people regimes which have succeeded in Peru, supported by imperialism, mainly US imperialism. In all these years the ruling classes in Peru and imperialists have consistently attempted to crush his revolutionary integrity, introducing [...]

Unitary declaration of Maoists of France-22/8/2013

Facing the crisis of the world capitalist and imperialist system that provokes :

– an offensive of the bourgeoisie against the workers conquests (agreements against workers, pensions, massive layoffs)

- a rise of fascist groups

- a rise of fascist ideology amongst the bourgeoisie

- a rise of reactionary ideas [...]