Thessaloniki, Greece. Solidarity to ATIK!

23 May 2015

A mass protest against the mass arrests of ATIK militants was carried out today, 23 of May 2015, in front of the German Consulate in Thessaloniki, Greece. This mobilization was organized by the Support Committee. The protesters chanted slogans against the judicial prosecutions that have started in Germany.

At the end [...]

Cyprus joint resolution condemning the persecutions of militants from Turkey

As social and political collectives and parties of Cyprus condemn the ​ ​ arrests of militants from Turkey in a series of European countries under ​ ​ the pretext of “fight against terrorism” and without any substantial ​ ​ charges against them.

The militants from Turkey are essentially being persecuted for their ideas and [...]

1st of May 2015 With the working class at the forefront on the path to independence and socialism-KKE (ml)

Workers, unemployed, young men and women, This year’s 1st of May finds the workers and the people all over the world into a maelstrom of imperialist brutality and capitalist barbarity. The crisis of the capitalist – imperialist system not only does not abate but rather intensifies as the imperialists compete each other for the [...]

8th Conference of the CPG (m-l)

Let’s chart our own path

For the reconstruction of the working class, revolutionary, and communist movement

Main Political Event

Friday 24 April 2015 7:30 pm

ASOEE Building

We announce that on 24, 25 and 26 of April 2015 the 8th Conference of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist – [...]

Imperialist Pressures push the SYRISA – ANEL government to full submission

Tuesday March 10, 2015

In only 20 minutes (so we don’t waste time!) the Eurogroup of March 9th 2015 defined the policy with which the imperialists – lenders of EU – ECB – IMF will supervise our country and the lives of the working people. By tomorrow the program – memorandum will start to [...]

Europe’s economic crisis and parliamentary election in Greece-Basanta


A parliamentary election took place in a European country, Greece, on January 25, 2015. It was a mid-term poll taken place after about two and a half years of the previous election held in 2012. None of the parties that had contested election could secure majority in that election, nor could any party [...]

Press Release about the recent election results-KKE (ml)

The polls closed on January 25th amidst intense efforts to rearrange the political scene in Greece. These efforts have lasted for four years, since the great popular and strike mobilizations against the various “memorandums” and the imperialist overseers, shook the local bourgeois power block. These efforts have not managed to bring a stabilization necessary [...]

Victory for Syriza in Greece: reformism put to the test of power-OCML-VP

The victory of the reformist coalition Syriza in the Greek parliamentary elections marks the beginning of a new period for the class struggle in Greece. Since 2010 the Greek people has fought against the unfair debt imposed by the imperialists, especially France and Germany, the EU and the International Monetary Fundo (IMF) in return [...]

Syriza won the electoral challenge-PCm Italy

They got the consent of the masses, tired of the policies of sacrifice and misery imposed by the Troika in the last years, the fierce unloading of the crisis that condemned the Greece to be poorer and poorer and has saved, so far, the banks and, partially, the masters. A deep crisis that has [...]

Blackmails, pseudo-dilemmas and self-deceptions before the elections!-KKE (ml)

They bring worse days for the people!

We must open the road to mass struggle!

The stalemate of the local bourgeoisie under the suffocating imperialist pressure for the continuation and escalation of the attack against the people led to the inability to elect the President of the Republic and to premature elections. The [...]