European Marxist-Leninists against the “Theory of Three Worlds”-1977

Joint Statement of

The Communist Party of Germany (M-L)

The Communist Party of Spain (M-L)

The Communist Party of Greece (M-L)

The Communist Party of Italy (M-L)

And the Portuguese Communist Party (Reconstructed)

Reprinted from the newspaper “Zëri i popullit”, central organ of the CC of the PLA, [...]

A pro-memorandum government with a pro-memorandum opposition and reactionary reserves A reactionary post-election scene

KKE (ml)

1. The 20th of September elections created a more antipopular and reactionary scene. The SYRIZA win means that a new cycle of barbaric and antipopular measures imposed by the third memorandum will be implemented under the dictates of the imperialists and the full consensus of the bourgeois powers (ND, PASOK and POTAMI). [...]

Peoples’s Front against the Imperialist Instigators of War People do not need protectors

There is information leaked to the Press that Russia asks from the Greek Foreign Ministry for the use of Greece’s aerial space for the transportation of aid to Syria, whereas the US are demanding of the Greek government to deny this request. The American Secretary of State John Kerry voices his worries to the [...]


Our brothers refugees

In anger and sadness we witness the tragedy that you and your people are living in during the last months. We see you packed in wrecked ships, with your lives in immediate danger, forced to leave your homelands and seek a better future in the countries of the so-called “civilized” West, [...]

The bonds of the third Memorandum are being prepared.-KKE (ml)

Steady and unified escalation of the antipopular assault.

The people will struggle and overthrow the new assault by the EU – IMF – government.

The first step towards a new memorandum was taken by the voting of the new reactionary monstrosity of Tsipras. The SYRIZA-ANEL government with the aid of the opposition parties moved [...]

CPG (m-l) Press statement for Suruc attack

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) condemns the murderous, barbaric attack in the Turkish town of Suruç, near Kobani, against Turkish militants who were expressing their solidarity to the Kurds in their efforts to rebuild the city of Kobani. The “suicide attack” caused the death of at least 30 militants while more than [...]

Down with the new anti-people agreement and the continuation of barbarity!-KKE (m-l)

A week ago the SYRIZA-ANEL government asked the people to say “no” at the troika proposals and the “recessional policies” that the so called institutions wanted to implement. Today, and after a resounding “no” by the people, they cosign an antipopular agreement much worse than the rejected proposal, a new memorandum that extends and [...]

About the results of the recent referendum

CPG (m-l) Press Release

About the results of the recent referendum

The Referendum is over, the imperialist blackmails and the assault on the people continue!

The negotiations become “national campaign” for a new agreement with EU – IMF – US

The only response must be mass struggle against the dangers facing [...]

PCm Italy about Greece crisis and referendum-unofficial traslation

PCm Italy stands in solidarity with the proletarians and the masses in Greece who fight against the dictates of the institutions of the imperialist countries of Europe. This attack must be responded with the general struggle and the general uprising, resisting whatever it costs any agreement between the Syriza government’s and the “Troika” that [...]

CPG (m-l) Press release-28/6/2015

For the overthrow of imperialist dependence and capitalist domination!

We do not legalize the dead-ends of government policies!

We do not legalize the imperialist blackmails!


People speak through their struggles!

For the overthrow of the anti-people policy of government – EU – IMF!

For [...]