We have passed our comrade-in-arms, our source of joy in the unit, Avasin Tekosin Guenes, in Til Temir in to infinity. Our pain is enormous. Our anger is as big as the mountains. Our communist comrade Avasin Tekosin Guenes, born in Germany with African roots, has died as a martyr in an [...]

Last letter of Ivana Hoffmann dedicated to her comrades, before she went to Rojava

Comrades, Party.

I can’t distinguish the most beautiful colors anymore, I dont feel the wind of the city on my skin anymore, the singing of the birds sounds more like a call for freedom. I have made a descision, days and nights I lived with these thoughts in my head and today is the [...]

MLKP militant Ivana Hoffman killed in combat outside Tal Tamr



“Ich kann die schönsten Farben nicht mehr auseinander halten, den Wind der Stadt spüre ich nicht mehr auf meiner Haut, das Singen der Vögel hört sich stärker nach dem Ruf der Freiheit an. Ich habe einen Entschluss gefasst, (…) Ich will ein Teil der Revolution in Rojava sein.(…) Ich [...]

International Working Women’s Day in Germany

Report on the 8th of March

Since the year before last we had put great effort to organize a powerful contingent for the 8th of March Demonstration in Hamburg, as a part for the implementation of proletarian Feminism within the revolutionary movement in FGR. As a part of the development of our work [...]

Election Boycott Actions in Hamburg

1500 election posters damaged or destroyed. Anti-electoral wall slogans and leaflets and posters distributed against revisionism and for peoples war by Kollektiv Rotes Hamburg.


ICSPWI on International Days of Action

The International Committee to support People’s War in India salutes all the initiatives held in different countries of the world for the International Days of action on 29-30-31 January 2015. We are carefully collecting all these small and wide actions. They are a sign of solidarity of proletarians and peoples with the fighting masses [...]

Founding Statement of Jugendwiderstand Berlin

Dear comrades,

we are glad to inform you about the foundation of the organization Jugendwiderstand Berlin (Youth Resistance Berlin). After our first successful congress full of proletarian optimism and full of thirst for action we step forward to the challenges which young revolutionaries in our city and in our country have to face. We [...]

New Revelations about the Activities and Destruction of the GDR Section of the Communist Party of Germany/Marxist-Leninist (KPD/ML)

Rajesh Tyagi.

Some months ago, an extensive 45-page DIN [German Industrial Standard] A4-size work was published by the official of the Federal Republic of Germany in charge of the records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic. The series, edited by the Department for Education and Research was written by [...]

Speech of the BGIA (Germany) at the international meeting in support of the PW in India

Comrades, friends,

we as the League Against Imperialist Aggression want to express our warmest revolutionary greetings to all the fighters of the peoples liberation movements in the world, to all the masses who resist against their exploitation and oppression by imperialism, as well as to the participants of this meeting. From the bottom of [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 16/6/2014

FIFA attacked in Switzerland

Anti-Cup clashes in Brazil


Six arrested in jute mill CEO murder case

Chinsurah/Kolkata: Six workers of North Brook Jute Mill at Bhadreswar in West Bengal have been arrested for Sunday’s killing of its CEO H.K. Maheswari, with the management putting up a suspension [...]