European Elections – Active proletarian and antimperialist boycott! PCm Italy

The European elections come at a time when governments and the European imperialists states, in an imperialist unity and contention between them, discharge the crisis on the working class and the masses of the people of our continent to face the battle and contention in the world with the other imperialist powers; in this [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/2/2014

National unity govt be formed: CPN-Maoist General Secretary

KATHMANDU, FEB 26 – General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist , Ram Bahadur Thapa, has demanded that a national unity government should be formed including all political parties and write new constitution through an all-side political conference. Speaking at an interaction organized by the Nepal Rastriya Dalit [...]

CPN-Maoist Clippings 21/6/2013

Dissident parties eye a broader alliance

KATHMANDU, JUN 21 – The 33-party alliance led by the CPN-Maoist is eyeing to form a common front with the other parties who are also opposing the Constituent Assembly elections. A five-member talks team headed by CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung has started dialogues with disgruntled parties, including Ashok [...]

Police officers hurt in Italy protest clashes: media


ROME: Six police officers were wounded, including one seriously, as clashes broke out with protesters at anti-austerity demonstrations in Milan and Turin on Wednesday, Italian media reported. Around 20 activists beat a riot police officer with a stick and baseball bats in Turin, while five officers were hurt during running street battles in [...]

Protesters target Ford headquarters

Ford workers angry about the car maker’s plans to shutter a plant in Belgium broke windows and burned tyres in a demonstration outside the company’s European headquarters in Germany. Cologne city police spokesman Karlo Kreitz said about 100 of the protesters were taken into temporary custody after three officers suffered minor injuries in the fracas. [...]

Swiss army prepares for euro zone unrest

With anti-austerity protests across Europe resulting in civil unrest on the streets of Athens and Madrid, Switzerland — the European country famed for its neutrality — is taking unusual precautions. It launched the military exercise “Stabilo Due” in September to respond to the current instability in Europe and to test the speed at which its [...]

65 anti-EU demonstrators arrested during protest

An unauthorised march in the Nørrebro district to commemorate the violent protests of May 18, 1993 following Denmark’s affirmation of the Edinburgh Treaty, resulted in 65 arrests last night.

According to police reports, 80 demonstrators were stopped after over half of them refused to be searched, leave the area and explain the purpose of [...]

Spain says economic protest rally left 5 police injured, 24 protesters arrested

MADRID — Spanish police say five of officers were hurt and 24 protesters were arrested in clashes in Madrid after a weekend rally by students, social groups and other people angry over austerity measures and grim economic prospects.

A National Police official said the detainees are accused of public disorder and damaging property, and remain [...]

Spain jobless rate hits new eurozone record

Spain’s unemployment rate jumped in the first quarter to 21.3 percent, a eurozone record and the country’s highest since 1997, with over 4.9 million people out of work, the government said Friday.

Joblessness during the January-March period jumped 1 percentage point from 20.3 percent at the end of 2010, and adds pressure on Spain [...]

Europol on armed struggle and militant action in 2010 (TE-SAT 2010)



Key findings • Continued increase in the number of terrorist attacks since 2007. • The majority of incidents were arson attacks in 2009 while the use of IEDs dominated in 2008. • Attacks using firearms increased in Greece (from one in 2008 to four in 2009). One police officer was killed and [...]