In the preceding part, we have seen the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist position and viewpoint on bureaucratic capitalism to understand the development of foreign direct investment (FDI) and bureaucrat capitalism in this region of the world. After that, we related the China´s FDI growth with the increasing subjugation of the Chinese economy [...]

Statement from Anti-Imperialist Popular Revolutionary Unity (UPRA) as part of the Third National Meeting of Revolutionary Organizations (III ENOR)

Those attending the Third National Meeting of Revolutionary Organizations organized by Anti-Imperialist Popular Revolutionary Unity (UPRA), came to the following conclusions after a critical and self critical discussion of the current political moment:

1) The economic, political and social crisis caused by neo-liberal adjustments driven by right-wing governments under the tutelage of US imperialism [...]

Syriza won the electoral challenge-PCm Italy

They got the consent of the masses, tired of the policies of sacrifice and misery imposed by the Troika in the last years, the fierce unloading of the crisis that condemned the Greece to be poorer and poorer and has saved, so far, the banks and, partially, the masters. A deep crisis that has [...]


War-monger Obama!

Your dirty hands off Syria!

The right to decide the future of Syria lies with and only with the Syrian people, not with imperialists or any one else!

Oppose strongly the neo-Nazi US led imperialist aggression on Syria!

The imperialists led by the neo-Nazi US have tightened their [...]

The Challenges before the Maoists-CPI (ML) Naxalbari

The millennia started with the hype of ushering in an era of undisputed victory of capitalism under the aegis of the US imperialism’s aggressive march as the self-proclaimed sole leader of the world. It is interesting to note that the quick sand of economic crisis was being simultaneously created. Their millennial proclamation was soon [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 9/6/2013

CPN-Maoist decries 28-point Nepal-India deal

KATHMANDU, June 9: The CPN-Maoist on Sunday expressed its serious concern over the recent 28-point agreement inked between Nepal and India at the home secretary level meeting held in Kathmandu. Issuing a press statement by party Chairman Mohan Baidya, the party has accused the government of indirectly conspiring to hand [...]

CPP contribution to the 22nd International Communist Seminar-2013

Brussels, Belgium 31 May – 2 June 2013


I. Attacks on Democratic Rights and Freedoms

Oppression is a necessary concomitant of class exploitation. It is thus in the nature of the monopoly bourgeoisie to carry out attacks on the democratic rights and freedoms of the working class and the rest of the people [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 12/5/2013

Eight injured during clashes in Halkidiki

Seven policemen and one female protester were injured in Skouries in the northern peninsula of Halkidiki on Sunday, during a demonstration against mining activities in the area. According to police, one of the policemen was shot with a carbin and taken to the Polygyros hospital along with the [...]



Comrades, oppose bourgeois society!

Resist capitalist exploitation!

Unite with your fellow comrades and fight for people’s power!

An economic storm is brewing in Canada. The strength of domestic financial and real estate markets will inevitably crumble with the intensification of the global crisis. In the wake of the U.S., Canada will [...]

Africa facing intensified ‘food crisis’

Seventy-five per cent of countries on the African continent and several Arab countries face an impending food crisis, a new study has revealed. Maplecroft’s Food Security Risk Index, a report released on Wednesday, found that in a survey of 197 countries worldwide, up to 39 of the 59 most at risk of food insecurity were [...]