Nepal Maoist Clippings 12/8/2015

DoFE DG Subedi thrashed by CPN Maoist cadres

KATHMANDU, AUG 12 – Cadres of CPN Maoist sister organisation National Youth Volunteers (NYV) have thrashed Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) Director General Bharat Raj Subedi while the latter was on his way to office. Police said that Subedi was on his way to office [...]

Nepal Maoist Clippings 24/7/2015

200 Maoists arrested in protest against new Nepal Constitution

Nearly 200 hardline Maoists were arrested in Nepal on Friday in a nationwide strike against the drafting of a new Constitution and a deal between India and China to boost border trade through Lipu-Lekh Pass. They had torched vehicles and forced schools and shops [...]

CPN-Maoist protests Lipulek agreement in Kathmandu

CPN-Maoist cadres stage protest against Lipulek pact

KATHMANDU, JUN 24 – Police on Wednesday intervened and rounded up around three dozen cadres of CPN-Maoist from Sundhara, Kathmandu while they were staging protest seeking abrogation of Lipulek agreement signed between India and China. According to Metropolitan Police Range, Teku, 32 protestors have been arrested [...]

Modi’s Foriegn Policy-People’s March

Indian Expansionism’s Big Power Dreams


Nearly a year into its rule, the Modi regime is yet to deliver anything substantial on the so­ called ‘economic growth’ front –– other than several policy decisions that further open up the country to imperialist plunder. Despite the windfall gain made through the steep fall in [...]

1980 Statement on the Restoration

By the Chinese (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party

Dear Comrades:

Unfortunately for our Party and our state, a counter-revolutionary coup to restore capitalism has taken place. Recently this counter-revolutionary coup clique furthermore arbitrarily set up a “court” to conduct a “trial” against outstanding leaders of the Chinese Communist Party who persevere in the Marxist-Leninist road, Comrade [...]

Shansi: Power Seized by Rebels from Below

“Thoroughly criticize the bureaus of industry of the Shanghai city, region and district and the reactionary line of the capitalist class.”-February 1967

During the earth-shaking revolutionary rebellion, the revolutionary rebels of Shansi province have set up a great alliance on the foundation of the thought of Mao Tse-tung, formed a strong revolutionary force, and [...]

Pay Attention to Methods of Work-1969

THERE has been a remarkable and swift development of the situation throughout the country since the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In response to our great leader Chairman Mao’s great call “Unite to win still greater victories,” the people of all nationalities in the country have rallied even more closely [...]


The Chinese Communist party led by Chairman Mao Tsetung is waging anti-Lin Piao anti-Confucius great struggle. Huge workers-peasants-soldiers and revolutionary intellectuals are taking part in that struggle. The anti-Lin Piao anti Confucius struggle played big role in repulsing the conspiracy of capturing power of China by the revisionist and capitalist roaders, restoration of capitalism [...]

Proletarian Dictatorship and Proletarian Extensive Democracy-1967

“Emphasize revolution to promote production, work and preparation for war.”

“Thousands of willows sway in the spring breeze; all the 600 million people of the divine country are Shun or Yao.”

In this thunderous and heroic Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, millions of revolutionary masses in our great country have for the first time [...]


“Remember August 18 1966 forever. The revolutionary hearts of the Red Guards shall burn eternally. Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Chairman Mao’s first review of the Red Guards on August 13, 1968.”

by the Editorial Departments of “Hongqi” and “Renmin Ribao”

THE historic document drawn up a year ago under the personal guidance of [...]