20 years since the heroic resistance of Corumbiara!

On the 9th of August 1995 police attacked a encampment of landless peasants killing at least 13 people and destroyed the settlement after the occupiers successfully resisted a first attempt at eviction on the 18th of July. The area was sealed by military police and the survivors were subject to [...]

Igor Mendes is free!



Comrade Paulo Justino Pereira murdered in Buritis!



Pereira was gunned down on May 1st in the context of years of repression by the PT regime against the peasant movement.

Militant demo against police terrorism in Rio-Photos


Via Nova Democracia


Solidarity for Brazilian Maoist militants in Ecuador

Como no podía ser de otra manera, el proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador han plegado a la campaña internacional en demanda a la libertad de Igor Méndes y demás presos políticos en Brasil. En una sostenida campaña que tuvo tres componentes en tiempo-acción, se realizaron un sinnúmero [...]

Free the Political Prisoners!

The modern and neat image the Brazilian state wished to present last summer for the World Cup was severely undermined by the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of people, who claimed the streets and rebelled in all major cities where games were held. Unable to crush these demonstrations with their police bullies, the “leftist” [...]

Peasant leaders murdered by the reactionary state in Brazil

Leaders of the struggle for the land assassinated by the police and private gunmen under the PT social fascist regime.

Gilson Goncalves, head of LCP Rondonia, tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009

Elcio Machado, head of the LCP RO,tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009

Jose Claudio and Maria do Espirito [...]


At the January 3rd completed a month of the arrest of Igor Mendes, activist from Student Revolutionary People’s Movement – MEPR and from People’s Independent Front of Rio de Janeiro – FIP/RJ. Igor Mendes was arrested for his participation in popular protests against Fifa’s spree and he’s one of twenty-three activists politically persecuted at [...]


Democratic, people’s and revolutionaries organizations around the world have shown their solidarity to the campaign for immediate release for Igor Mendes and all political prisoners in Brazil, from city and field. The chilean periodical El Pueblo and the bolivian blog Analisis y Opinion noticed on their webpages the arrest of our fellow and the [...]

¡Libertad para Igor Mendes da Silva y demás presos políticos en Brasil!-FDLP

No han pasado muchas semanas desde que en Brasil, grandes latifundistas, sus grupos paramilitares con el apoyo de aparatos represivos del Estado y bajo la directriz política del régimen fascista de Dilma Rousseff asesinaran al dirigente de la Liga de Campesinos Pobres de Brasil: Cleomar Rodrigues de Almeida. Hoy, una vez más dan rienda [...]