Landlords assassinate two militants of the Poor Peasant’s League in Jaru

According to a statement from the LCP of Rondônia and Amazônia Ocidental two leaders of their organization, Enilson Ribeiro dos Santos and Valdiro Chagas de Moura were shot to death by motorcycle borne gunman in Jaru on the 23rd of January 2016.

The killings were carried out publicly in a busy thoroughfare and in [...]

Revolutionary Front of Defence of People’s Rights – Brazil at 2015 International Meeting

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Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!

Our warmest Marxist-­Leninist­-Maoist greetings for the organization of the seminar on the 10th anniversary of the rebellion in the French Banlieues. We salute all parties and organizations attending, and especially the Maoist Communist Party of France and the Maoist Communist Party of [...]

League of Poor Peasants: The agrarian revolution faces state terrorism

Jonathan V. Pacheco Rodrigues is a student of economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and member of the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Poor (Cebraspo).

In the history of Brazil several peasant revolts have occurred and intense agrarian conflicts have never ceased. The 2014 Annual Report of the Pastoral Land [...]

Public meeting denounces the landowner’s crimes and state terrorism-Rondônia

A public meeting was held on the 14th of December at the Federal University of Rondônia hosted by the LCP – League of Poor Peasants, the Human Rights Committee of the OAB and Cebraspo-the Brazilian Center for Popular Solidarity. Peasants spoke to the assembled students and professors about the state and landlord terror against [...]

Peasant activist murdered in Alto Paraíso



The Paulo Justino Peasants Camp in Alto Paraiso,has informed the headquarters of the LCP that participant Francimar de Souza was killed on December 11, 2015, possibly by gunmen of the landowners Caio Brito and Antonio Faitaroni. Francimar was only 21 and was killed by gun shots and stabbing.

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20 years since the heroic resistance of Corumbiara!

On the 9th of August 1995 police attacked a encampment of landless peasants killing at least 13 people and destroyed the settlement after the occupiers successfully resisted a first attempt at eviction on the 18th of July. The area was sealed by military police and the survivors were subject to [...]

Igor Mendes is free!



Comrade Paulo Justino Pereira murdered in Buritis!



Pereira was gunned down on May 1st in the context of years of repression by the PT regime against the peasant movement.

Militant demo against police terrorism in Rio-Photos


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Solidarity for Brazilian Maoist militants in Ecuador

Como no podía ser de otra manera, el proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador han plegado a la campaña internacional en demanda a la libertad de Igor Méndes y demás presos políticos en Brasil. En una sostenida campaña que tuvo tres componentes en tiempo-acción, se realizaron un sinnúmero [...]