Biplabi Communist Party (M-L) leader killed in Jessore Sadar

Outlawed party leader shot dead

A suspected top leader of an outlawed party was shot to death by some miscreants at Sharshunadah Bazar in Jessore Sadar upazila on Wednesday afternoon. The deceased was identified as Mofzel alias Bere Mofzel alias Naxal Mofzel, 54, reportedly Jessore regional commander of banned outfit Biplabi Communist Party [...]

Operation Spider Web in Bangladesh-2003

Anand Kumar

Institute for Conflict Management-#1148, 16 September 2003

Operation Spider Web was launched in the southwestern districts of Bangladesh after all regular defensive measures and combing operations by police miserably failed to bring the law and order situation under control. This was the second joint operation of the security forces after Operation Clean [...]

Two BCP cadres arrested in Chuadanga District

Police arrested two cadres of outlawed Biplobi Communist Party (BCP) while a group of the party members were allegedly holding a secret meeting in Takpara area of Chuadanga District on September 6, New Nation. The arrestees were identified as Shamsul and Dalim Biswas. Other members of the outlawed party managed to flee the spot. [...]

Two outlaws killed in ‘gunfight’ with police in Bangladesh

Two leaders of an outlawed party were killed in a “gunfight” with police in Rajbari’s Pangsha upazila early yesterday. The dead are Kamal Hossain, 45, and Omar Kha, 35, of Shantikhola and Borochoubaria villages of the upazila. Kamal was the prime accused in a case filed in connection with the murder of Mizanur Rahman, [...]


Arrests during Army led suppression campaign “Operation Clean Heart”.

- Pronab


Bangladesh have a glorious heritage of Maoist movements. In the 60’s influenced by the historic struggle against Khrushchevite revisionism and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) in China led by comrade Mao Tse Tung, a Maoist movement took shape in Bangladesh [...]

Make the 21st century a century of establishing Communism worldwide-2005

— by Anwar Kabir, Secretary, Central Committee, Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla (PBSP/Bangladesh)

The greatest achievement of the human race in the modern era is the invention of the doctrine of scientific communism, which in last century, has developed into Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In last century, this doctrine has changed the face of the earth again [...]

The experience of practice of Maoism in Bangladesh And Problems of defending & developing Maoism-2004

— Anwar Kabir Secretary,

Central Committee, Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla (PBSP/Bangladesh)

[This article was originally written in Bangla. The following translation is not so much fine. Any way, readers will find the basic understanding from this translation –author.]

The Maoist movement in Bangladesh – like many other countries of the world — got [...]

Encounter killing in Tangail Sadar

Suspected ultra party man killed in gunfight

A suspected leaders of an outlawed party was killed in what the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) claimed a ‘gunfight’ with his associates Tangail Sadar Upazila on Friday. RAB-12 official identified the deceased as Mojibur Rahman Sheke, 40, a regional commander of Purba Bangla Communist Party (ML) – [...]

Letter to Iran: PBSP-2005

To, Central Committee, CPI(MLM). October, 05.

Comrades, Lal Salam.

We have read your letter sent to CoRIM & published in struggle No. 6 in Aug/’05.The letter was written to express your opinion regarding all the matters in connection with the proposed statement about MPP. In the last paragraph of your letter, your serious criticism [...]

A Brief History of Purbo Banglar Sharbohara Party-2013

(Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla/PBSP-Bangladesh) Maoist movement in Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan) had developed under the influence of the great polemic between China and Russia, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR) of China under the leadership of Mao Tse-tung and the armed peasant uprising of Naxalbari in India during 60′s of last century. [...]