MCP Manipur on Loktak Lake Displacement





“The State Government of Manipur has started burning down floating huts, Khangpokshang, built over Phumdis (floating plant mass) of the fishermen living in Loktak Wetlands in central Manipur from 15 November 2011 up to the present. The officers from the Loktak Development Authority and the Manipur state police carried out the deliberate burning down of the huts. The Loktak Development Authority had issued an eviction notice to the residents on 11 November 2011.

Nearly 200 floating huts were already burnt by November 17, and the remaining 1,132 floating huts are to meet a similar fate. There are about 5,000 persons living in the floating huts located in Khuman Yangbi, Nambul Machin and Karang Sabal within the Loktak Lake. The burning down of the floating huts is in accordance with the provisions of the much controversial Loktak Lake (Protection) Act, 2006, in particular Section 19 and 20 of the Act, which divides the 236.21 Loktak Lake into two zones – a core zone comprising 70.30, which is a ‘no development zone’, or ‘totally protected zone’, and a buffer zone of other areas of the lake excluding the core zone.

A vital aspect of this division is the prohibition on building huts or houses on Phumdis inside the lake, or Athaphum fishing, a destructive form of fishing using vegetation enclosures in the core area. This however, will adversely affect over 10,000 people living in Phumdi huts, as well as others dependent on the Lake. The burning down of nearly 200 floating huts has led to the displacement of nearly 950 community members so far who has been living in these floating huts for generations.

The number of affected families is expected to increase since the burning down of huts is continuing. The victims, including women, children and the aged have sought refuge at the Ningthoukhong Makha Leikai community hall in Bishenpur district, Manipur. The fishing gears and nets of the communities, their only means to catch fish from the Loktak wetlands were also burned and this has left the community having no means to find food for survival. Having lost all their belongings, including books, uniforms and school bags, many children can no longer go to school. With the winter already setting in Manipur, the displaced villagers are left to fend for themselves during the harsh weather.”


MLCP members in Kobane: The dream for “fall of Kobane” failed


Eylem Deniz and Seydo Azad, the MLCP fighters in the Kobane resistance, said that “the dream of those saying Kobane has fallen came to nothing and failed”. “Their imperialist policies have been pounded to our will-power. They can support as much as they can the ISIS mobs, we will not let them pass” they said. Communist fighters declared that they are following the footsteps of Serkan Tosun and Suph Nejat Agirnasli. Seydo Azad said

“We are not only protecting the Kurds here, but also the Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrian and Christians. Come here to see, touch and feel the revolution”. Eylem Deniz has underlined that “the dream of those saying Kobane has fallen came to nothing and failed. Their imperialist policies have been pounded to our will-power and they cannot advance anymore. They can support as much as they can the ISIS mobs, we will not let them pass. As a MLCP fighter in YPJ, we are following Serkan and Suphi, we are here and going nowhere”. (26 October 2014 Kobane)



We are in the barricades of honour and freedom together with our martyrs!

….Rojava 15.10.14 When our comrade Suphi Nejat Agirnasli, his name was Paramaz Kizilbas here, run without any hesitance to the Kobane bulwarks, he was also doing this to shoulder the liberation struggle of humanity. As a student of Marx, who said that the ones turning their back to the pain of humanity become animal, he turned his face to the ones fighting for honour and freedom with their arms in the hand. Maybe he has fulfilled his duty as a communist, but he has shown to everyone that we are on the edge where the words worth nothing.

As honourable son of a Caucasian family, he gave very clear message to those living in Turkey and the world by the name he chose and the ranks he joined. He saved the honour of those who call themselves revolutionary, democrat, progressive or intellectual. He showed the path to everyone. As a revolutionary intellectual he ran to the barricades of honour and freedom in Kobane in order to defend revolution and the people under danger. For he was a revolutionary before anything else. Revolutionary is an identity of which all other characteristics and titles are subject to. This is exactly why he met in the same path and reason with our comrade Serkan Tosun who martyred in the barricades of Serekaniye as a revolutionary worker. Now the task is to take our place in the ranks of honourable people by stepping on the footsteps of our martyrs, Paramaz, Serkan and all other immortal heroes.

They enlighten our path with their action and stance. Greetings to those who are marching on that path. We will meet their freedom fight, which they have fallen for, with the victory.

We will defeat the ISIS, their protectorates colonial fascist Turkish state and all other public enemy!

Kobane will win!

Rojava and Kurdistan will be free!

Comrade Paramaz is immortal!


MLCP Members in Kobane call for participation to the resistance

Commemorating the MLCP fighter Suphi Nejat Agirnasli (Paramaz Kizilbas), the MLCP fighters said “the hill that comrade Paramaz martyred is little bit ahead of us. There are mobs between us and the streets that they have laid with mines. Of course we will overcome them all. We will both destroy the mobs, which dirty our streets, and wave our flag on the Mistenur Hill, which turned into something else together with martyrdom of our comrades resisting step by step.

‘Resistance is the main thing’

MCLP fighters, who point out the resistance of all people in Kobane, said “They all because of our resistance. And they all happened after seeing our resistance would not fall. If Kobane has fallen in a short time as they expected, none of these would have happened. Now they are trying to become partners of the influence that our resistance created. They are aiming to find a place in the hearts of our people. However the main thing is our resistance. The main thing is the actions of our people resisting in Rojava, North, West, Europe and Turkey” in response to the US airstrikes

. “Come and take your place in this honourable fight. Become the partners of the victory in this war that will result in defeat of fascist and reactionary ISIS mobs. Our martyrs left us a legacy of honourable resistance and ideals for a free world. We are on their path. We fully believe that we will win.”

People’s War in India Clippings: 5/11/2014


Maoists hold meeting in AOB area

The Korukonda area committee of the banned CPI (Maoist) organised a meeting on the Andhra-Odisha border on Monday to pay homage to two of its members who were killed by people near Korukonda shandy on October 19. According to information received here on Tuesday, secretary of Korukonda area committee Vijayalakshmi, who addressed the meeting with other leaders of the party, claimed that the killing was the handiwork of the police and the party would not spare the 19 persons it had identified for the attack and killing of its members. More than 2,000 people had reportedly attended the meeting which was held on the border abutting Munchingput mandal.

Maoists put up anti-poll posters

DHANBAD: Maoist rebels have stepped up their activities in Giridih to disrupt the assembly election that begins on November 25. The rebel outfit has put up posters asking villagers to boycott the election.

Security personnel arrest three Naxals in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: Three Maoists, including a woman, were arrested from separate places in Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Dantewada district, police said today. “The cadres, identified as Sodhi Baman (20) and his woman associate Sodhi Payake (19), were apprehended from Palnar Bazar Square under Kuwakonda police station limits by a joint team of CRPF and local police yesterday,” Dantewada SP Kamlochan Kashyap told PTI.

Acting on a tip-off that the duo had arrived at Palnar and waiting for a vehicle to reach Nakulnar via main road, the security personnel launched an intense vehicle-checking operation there and nabbed the ultras, Kashyap said. In another incident, a Maoist was arrested by a district police team yesterday from restive Nerali area under Bacheli police station limits when the personnel were returning after conducting a combing operation in the region, the SP said.

“The ultra, identified as Budhram Kadti (35), is an active member of Podiya Local Operation Squad (LOS),” Kashyap said. On finding security forces at Nerali Chowk, Kadti tried to escape from the spot but was nabbed after a short chase, the SP said, adding that a couple of naxal banners and seven posters were recovered from his possession.

Cleomar y Víctor Mendoza Collío: ¡¡¡PRESENTES EN LA LUCHA POR LA TIERRA!!!


Saludamos la valentía y constancia en la lucha del compañero CLEOMAR RODRIGUES DE ALMEIDA, Coordinador de la Liga de los Campesinos Pobres (LCP) de Norte de Minas y Bahía, quién fue cobardemente asesinado el miércoles 22 de octubre reciente, en el lugar donde el compañero vivía, trabajaba y luchaba por su tierra.

Desde Chile y en especial desde el Frente de Estudiantes Revolucionarios y Populares (FERP) repudiamos el hecho, el cual nos demuestra el sucio actuar del Estado burgués-terrateniente, quienes sin pudor asesinan de forma selectiva, teniendo como blanco a aquellos revolucionarios llenos de coraje que defienden las causas justas con el puño en alto.

La actual situación que se vive en Brasil nos llena de fuerzas y de lecciones. Esperamos esta situación solo contribuya a alzar la lucha y a defender un derecho tan necesario y vital como lo es la lucha por las tierras.


Días atrás, al sur de nuestro país, ocurrió un hecho de similares circunstancias, el comunero Mapuche Víctor Manuel Mendoza Collío muere tras recibir un disparo de bala en el tórax, a pesar de que la prensa burguesa intente ocultar que este también es un asesinato selectivo, el relato de quienes estaban cerca del lugar (especialmente su hija, quien presenció el asesinato) hace mención de que fue un hombre encapuchado quien dispara y se fuga del lugar.

Como vemos estos son hechos que traspasan fronteras y culturas, para aquellos que tenemos claro el camino correcto de lucha, debemos continuar sin temor alguno, entiendo que tanto burgueses como terratenientes nos temen y cobardemente nos enfrentan haciendo uso de la policía, además de utilizar la justicia a su favor.

Quizás hoy las amenazas son fuertes, pero no olvidemos compañeros/as que nosotros contamos con nuestras propias fuerzas y organización, herramientas vitales en la revolución, único camino que hará que el pueblo recupere todo lo que le pertenece, la conquista del poder por medio de la Guerra Popular. El paso que el compañero Cleomar trazó tomémoslo como ejemplo y su muerte como impulso para continuar defendiendo nuestras luchas.



Por medio de estas situaciones el viejo Estado sólo nos demuestra que está al servicio de un vil imperialismo que busca frenar la lucha mediante el aniquilamiento, por eso hoy, a pesar de lo lejanos que estemos, queremos hacerles ver que la lucha proletaria traspasa toda frontera, olvida toda bandera e idioma, estableciendo una bandera de lucha en común. Estamos unidos en la convicción de saber que la base de la revolución está encarnada en luchar por las tierras. Ustedes como pueblo han dado pasos sólidos y largos, de los cuales a nosotros aún nos resta camino, pero tomamos con optimismo y gran ánimo sus ejemplos de luchas en el campo, con los estudiantes, profesionales de la educación y todos los diferentes frentes que siguen la línea revolucionaria del proletariado.

¡Basta ya de criminalizar a los luchan y defienden causas justas!

¡Basta de proteger a los verdaderos ladrones y asesinos!

A continuar el camino de la lucha contra la opresión del pueblo pobre, no olvidemos nunca que ante hechos como estos:

¡La rebelión se justifica!







People’s War in India Clippings 4/11/2014


Maoists deny links with extremists, ISI

The outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) has accused Chhattisgarh government and Bastar police of trying to hatch a “conspiracy” to establish Maoists’ links with Islamic extremists and Pakistan’s the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). “The government and police are trying to propagate that the Maoists are in contact with Muslim militants and the ISI. As a part of this conspiracy, the police killed an unknown Muslim youth in Harrekoded village of Bastar on September 19 and declared him a Maoist,” alleged Gudsa Usendi, the spokesperson of the Dand Karanya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) of the CPI (Maoist), in a statement sent to senior journalists based in Bastar.

The spokesperson of the banned outfit appealed to all Muslims, minority social organisations, human rights bodies and the media to make an independent inquiry into the September 19 Harrekoded encounter. “We wish that the facts come out in open and the unknown Muslim person is identified. On our behalf, we state that the deceased person is neither from the area of the (Maoist) movement, nor our associate,” said Gudsa Usendi adding that the CPI (Maoist) was also conducting an inquiry into the incident.

Dantewada Superintendent of Police (SP) Kamlochan Kashyap had claimed that one of the two persons killed in Harrekoded encounter was a Muslim. But Bastar police have not been able to establish the identity of the deceased person. “We are yet to establish the deceased’s identity and whereabouts. We have sent the deceased’s photos to all intelligence agencies,” the Inspector General (IG) of Police, Bastar range Mr.SRP Kalluri told The Hindu. The IG, however, refused to react to the allegations levelled by the DKSZC spokesperson.

Three Maoists held in Bijapur, weapons seized

RAIPUR: Three Maoists were arrested and their firearms seized in Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Bijapur district, police said today. The cadres were apprehended by a joint team of Chhattisgarh Armed Force and district police from restive Karkeli forest under Bedare police station limits last evening, Bijapur Superintendent of Police KL Dhruv told.

Two Maoists arrested in Assam

The Telegraph reports that on November 3, two unidentified suspected Communist Party of India –Maoist (CPI-Maoist) was arrested from separate unspecified location.

MCG (Richmond Branch) Speech for Assata Shakur Liberation Day


(Editors Note: The following was a speech read at the local Assata Shakur Liberation Day event held on November 2nd in Richmond, Virginia. In honor of Assata and all homeland revolutionaries who have committed to the necessity of armed struggle to destroy the white settler-colonialist state.)

Honor Comrade Assata Shakur by continuing her work today

On May 2nd, 1973 Assata Shakur, who at that time had a background of years of work in the leading organizations of the Black Liberation Movement, was arrested by New Jersey State Police following an armed confrontation on the New Jersey Turnpike.

By that time she had already become the target of a nationwide manhunt and psychological warfare campaign by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI who sought to demonize her as personally responsible for the military operations of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) including multiple ambushes of police officers.

The opening statement of her 1976 trial for allegedly “kidnapping” a heroin dealer alongside Ronald Myers and Rema Olugbala Shakur noted the following:

“The idea of a Black Liberation Army emerged from conditions in Black communities. Conditions of poverty, indecent housing, massive unemployment, poor medical care and inferior education. The idea came about because Black People are not free or equal in this country. Because 90% of the men and women in this country’s prisons are Black and Third World. Because 10 year old children are shot down in our streets. Because dope has saturated our communities preying on the disillusionment and frustration of our children. The concept of the B.L.A. arose because of the political, social and economic oppression of Black people in this country. And where there is oppression there will be resistance. The B.L.A. is a part of that resistance movement. The Black Liberation Army stands for freedom and justice for all people.

While big corporations make huge tax-free profits, taxes for the everyday working person skyrocket. While politicians take free trips around the world, those same politicians cut back food stamps for the poor. While politicians increase their salaries, millions of people are being laid off. This city is on the brink of bankruptcy and yet hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on this trial. I do not understand a government so willing to spend millions of dollars on arms to explore outer space, even the planet Jupiter, and at the same time close down day care centers and fire stations. ”

Shakur was ultimately convicted on a variety of charges and received a life sentence. Like the great majority of political prisoners in the United States then and today she spent her time in prison subjected to isolation conditions tantamount to torture.

On November 2nd 1979, a unit of the Black Liberation Army successfully freed her in a raid upon the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey . Many people including Marilyn Buck, and Silvia Baraldini were to pay a high price for this successful operation in the form of legal retaliation by the state.

Following her escape she fled to Cuba where she received political asylum and remains to this day. In 2013 she was placed upon the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorist” list. This is only one of many examples of the drive by the US to continue the attack against the remaining legacy of the revolutionary movement of the 60’s and 70’s. The objective of which is to secure our compliance and passivity through terror in the present day. The only crime the bourgeois state can never forgive is the ideological one of negating the legitimacy of its right to rule and exploit.

The ongoing campaign of the state against Shakur is not directed only against her. It is aimed at every single one of us who refuses to submit to the dictates of the ruling class. The struggle which resulted in Shakur’s arrest in 1973 is not a relic of the past but a urgent necessity of the present. The conditions of national and class oppression which drove her generation to rebellion have not abated. If anything they have intensified. Rebellion was justified in 1973, it remains justified in 2014 and shall remain justified in perpetuity till every trace of a social order which has caused the needless death of more than four million black people since the Second World War alone is utterly wiped out of existence.

Today we are gathered to celebrate for the interests of the people the release of a combatant from the hands of the exploiter’s state. This release was not secured by petitions, lobbying, voting or any of the other accepted means of political participation offered by our enemies. It was secured by armed force.

The message as to the type of power we need in order to bring about the new order for which Shakur and countless others have sacrificed their comfort and their lives could not be more clear. The desperate conditions of the present are bound to bring forth a new generation of partisans from amongst us and it will be their task to crown the sacrifices of the past with the victories of the future.

Hands off Assata!

Free All Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War!

- Maoist Communist Group (Richmond Branch)

People’s War in India Clippings 3/11/2014


Police arrest hardcore Maoist in red corridor of Jharkhand

Gumla, Nov 03 (ANI): The state police along with Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has arrested a hardcore Maoist and recovered cash along with arms and ammunition in Jharkhand’s Gumla district. The Gumla police had received information and immediately sent a team to hunt the dreaded Maoist. The Maoist has been identified as Sushil Ganju and Rs 18,000 were found in his pocket. Superintendent of Police (SP), Bhimsen Tuti, said that this operation was a big success for them as he had carried out many violent Maoist activities in the area.

He further said that some sensitive documents and diaries having information about their organization and their activities, is also recovered. Till now fifteen First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered against Ganju.



Chhattisgarh: Naxal leader Bijja who killed 136 policemen arrested

Dantewada: In a big catch for the Chhattisgarh Police, Naxal leader Hemant Mandavi alias Bijja, accused in the gruesome Dantewada and Tadmetla killings has been arrested.Bijja is one of the accused of the Dantewada mass massacre where 76 CRPF personnel were killed.Police claim that he was responsible for the murder of 136 police personnel in the last five years.

Needed: anti-naxal force for quick response in Maoist-hit areas

15 constables posted at Belthangady to improve police-public relations in Maoist-affected areas

Dakshina Kannada police have sought two platoons of the anti-naxal force (ANF) to be posted in the district for quick response in incidences in Maoist-affected areas, said Superintendent of Police S.D. Sharanappa here on Sunday. Talking to reporters on the sidelines of the monthly Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes grievance meet, he said that till the platoon is posted here, the district police will use the services of the existing “anti-naxal squad” (ANS), as an ad hoc measure. He said that 15 constables have been posted to the squad at Belthangady to follow the movement of Maoists and to improve public relations of the police forces in the Maoist-affected areas.

“The squad listens to people’s grievances and gives the police feedback on what can be improved,” said Mr. Sharanappa. ANF ‘harassment’ The need to improve public-police relations comes in the background of complaints of alleged harassment from ANF at tribal hamlets in Belthangady. At the meeting, Vittal Malekudiya of Adivasi Hakkugala Samanvaya Samiti said that ANF personnel visited the villages within the Kudremukh forest limits asking the tribal people to take the government’s rehabilitation package to shift out.

“They do this when the men are out of home and only women remain. What right do the police have to tell villagers to leave?” he asked. Shekar L., an activist from Belthangady, said that tribal youth were being “terrorised” by the ANF’s surveillance. “Shopkeepers are asked about provisions bought by villagers, and even ask the youth not to take part in protests. Relatives visiting villages are taken into questioning for hours,” he alleged. The Superintendent of Police said that Maoism was a serious issue. He tried to assuage the activists saying, “these [police action] were enquiries and not harassment”.

Naxals inciting Dalit youth, say authorities

Mumbai : The Dalit killings in Javkheda of Ahmednagar district have spurted an array of protests and agitations across the State. However, police authorities have said that the rising discontentment among the Dalits, over the progress in the case, is being fanned by Naxalites to cause instability in the state. Rajendra Kadam, Special Police Superintendent, on Saturday said that it is natural that the Dalits are infuriated. The discontent is understandable, he said.

He also said the Naxal sympathizers in the urban areas are actively participating in the agitations and are fanning casteist passions through use of social media. Vaibhav Chhaya, a young Dalit activist said, “Be it Congress or the BJP, they all share the same agenda. They all are biased against the Dalits. If a Muslim stands against them, he is branded as a terrorist and if it is a Dalit, he is a Naxalite.” The Dalit youth is frustrated with the selfish politics of their leadership and is now taking part in movements led by social organizations and joint action committees like Dalit Atyachar Virodhi Kruti Samiti. Chhaya also said, “There is a need for total replacement of the dalit leadership.” Chhaya feels that there is a need for a large-scale, mass agitation.

Dreaded woman Maoist arrested

RAIPUR: A dreaded woman Maoist commander, wanted in around 12 cases of Naxalism violence, was arrested in Chhattisgarh’s insurgency-hit Kanker district on Sunday. The cadre-Laxmi Salaam (32) was apprehended by a joint squad of district force and BSF (Border Security Force) from her native place- Sambalpur village under Kayalibeda police station limits, Kanker SP RN Dash said. Acting on a specific input that Laxmi was staying with her husband in Sambalpur, located around 250km from the state capital, a team of BSF’s 140 battalion and local police was dispatched to the spot.

After encircling the village, security personnel nabbed her. She has been active in the outlawed movement for 14 years during which she was tasked to handle several crucial positions in the outfit. Presently, she was working as Sambalpur Janmilitia commander, the SP said, adding that she was carrying a reward of Rs 1 lakh on her head. The cadre was wanted in 12 different criminal offences. Her interrogation is likely to reveal key details about the status of movement in the north Bastar region, the SP said.

Bloc Rouge on police murder of Rémi Fraisse




Rémi est mort. Le capitalisme n’a pas d’autres buts que celui d’enrichir la bourgeoisie. Il constitue un système économique condamné par l’histoire. Cependant, malgré son pourrissement, il ne veut pas lâcher prise alors que ses dirigeants veulent sans cesse augmenter leurs profits. Pour cela, ils sont prêts à tout. C’est ce qui les pousse à saigner le peuple et la nature.

Le barrage de Sivens est un exemple de la voracité capitaliste. Un gros bonnet local, le président du conseil général membre du part socialiste, a décidé de mobiliser des fonds publics dans l’intérêt de quelques pistonnés. Seulement, le peuple s’est mobilisé pour les empêcher de se servir. Néanmoins, leur voracité est sans limite et ils disposent de tous les moyens étatiques qu’ils ont mobilisés sans scrupule.

Rémi en est mort !

Mort de la voracité du système capitaliste !

Aujourd’hui le système ne nous laisse plus le choix ! Il faut l’abattre !

Non à ce barrage !

Détruisons l’Etat français ! Vive la guerre populaire !





1. The regions under 1-A Sub Bureau will be used as the rear area in the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

2. The aim of properly using as rear area:

- Vastly spread Work

- Improve cadres to make some efficient cadres

- Build shelter in huge and vast areas

- Build enough shelter to keep materials and arms

- Do not carry such attack that may cause creation of pressure in region inflicting obstruction in our work

3. With the aim of developing work regions under 1-A Sub Bureau, following steps to be taken:

- Concentrate some of the areas among the areas where work was built, and build those as sub region. Keep contact with other areas too.

- Do not make hastiness to develop whole region, but instead of concentrating whole region, concentrate on 1 or 2 sub regions and develop those. Thus, develop whole region step by step in a planned manner.

4. To improve cadres:

- Concentrate on several among the active and advance cadres. Develop them by keeping under personal guidance

- Carry Study Conference locally. To transfer cadres to other regions is allowed to carry special training

- Improve cadres according to the particular order of Text Book

- Build several Cadre Schools

5. In regions under 1-A Sub Bureau, build developed guide and courier.

6. Develop communication system

7. For the next 5/6 months, the main aspect of work of 1-A Sub Bureau is huge expansion and consolidation, but not armed struggle. Armed struggle will go on in these regions in the next dry season

8. Special military circular shall be limited within higher levels

9. In future, some den will be needed for our families. In this aim, some families have to be trained from now on.

10. Infiltrate and assume leadership in Freedom Fighters’ Council [A ruling class organization formed and recognized by them including their certified ex Freedom Fighters of 1971—Sarbaharapath] in different regions.


11. Politics is the lifeline of all works. Correct organizational steps come from correct political steps. We must always emphasize on correct evaluation of political situation. Otherwise, our organizational steps will be blind and imprudent, and inevitably, we will be fallen in trap of reactionaries.

12. At the present political context of East Bengal, after ruling party and their lackeys, ‘JSD’ (National Socialist Party—Sarbaharapath) is our only competitor. ‘JSD’ wants to capture power by utilizing the severe anti-Indian hatred of people of East Bengal, and want to establish colony of US. As a result of US influence and some sort of control of it over Indian Expansionism, Awami League and the ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government along with the absence of revolutionary war etc., it has been possible for JSD to sustain and develop. We must be very much cautious about ‘JSD’ and properly unmask ‘JSD’ in front of cadres and people.

13. In future, ‘JSD’ may take the same role what Awami League had taken during the struggle of ’71. At present, perhaps ‘JSD’ is not saying or doing anything against us because of the current normal relation between China and America internationally, but if we analyze class character of ‘JSD’ and its present situation, we will find following possibilities:

a) Being very much stronger, ‘JSD’ will try to overthrow Awami League and at the same time, will carry annihilation campaign against us.

b) ‘JSD’ is weak, and by being beaten by Awami League, they may unite with us

c) ‘JSD’ is weak, but in collusion with Awami League, they will try to smash us jointly.

14. On the basis of the above political analysis on ‘JSD’, we have to take following organizational steps:

a) Properly unmask ‘JSD’ in front of cadres and people. Therefore, read following documents as special political Text Book: – Some Position on Present Political Situation of East Bengal – Our Some Questions to the Student League Rob Group – On Socialism, Class Struggle and Social Revolution

b) Regarding those who will be recruited from ‘JSD’

— – Make them properly understand about the character of JSD

- Properly develop their Political standard – Keep careful eye on their activities

- Do not let them know shelters of leading comrades – do not let them know important contacts

- Do not let them know important shelters and shelter of arms

- Keep them in lower level for long days for verification

15. Toha and Co., at present is spreading personal slander against our leadership. It proves that they became politically weak and bankrupt. They, by not being able to able to make political criticism, are giving prominence on slandering and picking hole in another’s coat. It proves their weakness and bankruptcy. Soon, their cadres will realize that truth.

16. Revolution requires turmoil. In turmoil situation, revolutionary forces stand up and rise. It is possible to capture power by that organization which takes the best preparation to seize the turmoil and turbulent situation. At present, turmoil or turbulent situation exists in our country. We must properly take preparation to seize the opportunity of the situation.


17. The fundamental problem of ideological reconstruction is to achieve proletarian world outlook. In order to achieve proletarian world outlook

— – We have to judge every problem with the proletarian world outlook

- We have to make habit of activating each task with proletarian world outlook

18. Transformation, competition and experiment is development If those are not materialized, stagnation and bureaucracy will rise. Therefore, we have to create competition among the cadres, areas and regions. We have to transform the dirt. Without experiment it is not possible to develop work and gain developed idea. Therefore, we must courageously carry experiment to develop work.

19. For every work

— – We need to determine basic principles (strategy) and plan Without strategic conception, it is not possible to do revolutionary work at present world. So, we must achieve strategic conception and make plan before doing each and every work.

MCP Manipur Commemorates Malom Massacre


On November 2, 2000, in Malom, a town in the Imphal valley, the 10 civilians were allegedly shot and killed by the Assam Rifles while waiting at a bus stop. The incident later came to be known to activists as the “Malom Massacre.” The next day’s local newspapers published graphic pictures of the dead bodies, including one of a 62-year old woman, Leisangbam Ibetomi, and 18-year old Sinam Chandramani, a 1988 National Child Bravery Award winner.

As many as 42 people were dragged out from their houses and cornered at a site and severely beaten up by the personnel of the Paramilitary Force after the firing. Sharmila began to fast in protest of the killings, taking neither food nor water. Three days after she began her strike, she was arrested by the police and charged with an “attempt to commit suicide”, which is unlawful under section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, and was later transferred to judicial custody. Her health deteriorated rapidly, and the police then forcibly had to use nosogastric intubation in order to keep her alive while under arrest. Since then, Irom Sharmila has been regularly released and re-arrested every year since under IPC section 309, a person who “attempts to commit suicide” is punishable “with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year (or with fine, or with both)”.