Various patriotic classes, sections, groups, individuals, organizations, national-religious-lingual minority people of East Bengal started serious struggle to overthrow the Indian Expansionism and its lackey the Awami League fascists to establish national independence and democracy for East Bengal. People want such a leadership which is able to lead them to correct path to achieve victory. They further hope that this leadership will be such an organization that will include representatives from all the patriotic classes, sections, individuals, groups, organizations and national-religious-lingual minority people. Considering the aspiration of people, the following patriotic organizations united and took historic decision to form such an organization.

The name of that organization was given the “National Liberation Front of East Bengal”. Following organizations joined the National Liberation Front of East Bengal:’

1) Proletarian Party of East Bengal

2) Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal

3) Workers and Employees Liberation Council of East Bengal

4) Peasants Liberation Council of East Bengal

5) Students and Youth Liberation Council of East Bengal

6) East Bengal Liberation Council for Women, Art, Culture, Press and Literature

7) East Bengal Liberation Council for National Minorities

8) East Bengal Liberation Council for Religious Minorities of East Bengal

9) East Bengal Patriotic Businessmen and Industrialists Council

10) East Bengal Patriotic Olema (Islamic Teachers—Sarbarapath) Council

11) East Bengal Council for the Representatives of Various Patriotic Groups and Leftists

The representatives of those patriotic organizations gathered in a conference on 20 April 1973 and formed “National Liberation Front”. A provisional Central Committee was formed to organize National Liberation Front of East Bengal throughout the whole country to temporarily carry its activity. Siraj Sikder, the representative of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal was unanimously elected as the chairman of National Liberation Front.



People of East Bengal always struggled and carried resistance against all sorts of foreign attack, exploitation and plunder.The history of the people of East Bengal is the history of heroic struggle. People of East Bengal fought against British colonialism and its lackeys to achieve independence, democracy and religious right and joined Pakistan. The fascist ruling regime of Pakistan, other than giving people of East Bengal the national right and democracy, carried national oppression and exploitation-plunder.

From the very beginning, people of East Bengal carried struggle against Pakistan’s ruling regime. People of East Bengal, through Great Language Movement, repulsed the conspiracy of liquidating Bangla language. They carried democratic movement of 1954, anti-martial law struggle and various movements of 60s. At last, people of East Bengal rebelled in 1971 to achieve national independence and democracy.

People of East Bengal fought against ruthless atrocities of the Pak military fascists, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and their properties were destroyed. Awami League and its lackeys betrayed with people of East Bengal. Like Mir Jafar (Mir Jafar was the historic traitor of Bengal who betrayed with Bengal and joined British force in the battle of Palasi in 1757 resulting Bengal to go under British colonial rule—Sarbaharapath), they sold East Bengal to Indian Expansionists in greed for power.

The Indian expansionists have always tried to occupy East Bengal and establish colony here. They accepted the chance provided by the Awami League and its lackeys. They occupied East Bengal with the help and support of the Soviet Social Imperialism. Thus, Indian Expansionists established their colony in East Bengal. An aim of Indian Expansionists’ establishing colony in East Bengal is to plunder Jute, Tea, Leather and other raw materials, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Rice and other Food Products, occupy market of Seventy Five million people, control business-trade, industry etc. of East Bengal, plunder gas, electricity and natural resources, destroy education-culture and control administration and defense.

Another aim of establishing colony in East Bengal by the Indian Expansionists is to suppress the liberation struggle of people of East Bengal, India and Naga-Mijo-Kashmiris, and dominate in Indian Ocean and South Asia. The Soviet Social Imperialists are supporting Indian expansionism to strengthen their domination over India, grab share from the looting of East Bengal, establish military base in East Bengal and to establish domination in Indian Ocean, South Asia and Asia. The US led Imperialists are competing with the Soviet Social Imperialism to establish their domination in East Bengal and India.


The Awami League and other traitors have handed over East Bengal and India through open and secret treaties. Awami League fascists made numerous efforts to deceive people and hide own character. With that aim, they have held the so called election, formed national parliament and made laws against people’s interest. But people have not been confused by their deception. They understood that the ‘Bangladesh’ government is nothing but a puppet government of Indian expansionists.

The economy and administrative system of East Bengal has broken down as result of exploitation and plunder of the Indian Expansionists and their lackeys, anarchy, devaluation of currency, black marketing, smuggling, robbery, hijacking, nepotism etc. The development of military force of East Bengal ceased due to conspiracy of Indian Expansionists. Thus, East Bengal has been made totally dependent of the Indian Expansionists.

The ruthless exploitation and plunder by the Indian Expansionists and its lackeys made the people of East Bengal living in lack of or without food and clothing. The increasing high price of daily goods, unemployment and lack of transport rapidly downgraded people’s living standard. People of East Bengal have never lived in such hardship. On the other side, the Indian Expansionism’s lackeys the traitor country-sellers overnight became owner of money and riches and are enjoying luxury.

The Indian Expansionists and their lackeys are carrying brutal suppression to destroy the struggle of national minorities of East Bengal to establish national right. The Bangladesh puppet government and their master the Indian expansionists have formed various mercenary armed forces to suppress people and carry fascist dictatorship over them. Through joint activities, the Indian Expansionists are directly controlling different forces of East Bengal.

They formed Raxi Bahini (A genocidal militia specially formed to counter Maoist People’s War—Sarbaharapath) under their direct control. The Bangladesh puppet government is carrying killing, arresting, jailing-torturing and other fascist activities to smash people’s spontaneous struggle against exploitation and plunder of Indian Expansionists and their lackeys. They are breaking meetings, processions and strikes; violating freedom of press and carrying futile attempt to smash anti-government activities.

Thus, they are violating people’s democratic right. Today, people of East Bengal are realizing that the democracy Awami League fascists have established is fascist dictatorship of Indian Expansionism and its lackeys, the socialism they established is exploitation and plunder by the Indian Expansionism and its lackeys, and that of Soviet and US. The nationalism they speak is national subservience and eliminating the national minorities and Urdu speaking people of East Bengal.

The secularism they want is to suppress the barricade of Muslim religion in exploitation and plunder by the Indian Expansionism and dismantle the unity of Hindu and Muslim people. Mujiv-ism is national treachery and fascism.


Now a volatile situation exists in the whole East Bengal. Today, people want salvation from the ruthless exploitation, plunder and fascist atrocities of Indian Expansionism and its lackeys. Except some traitors, the East Bengal Regiment, BDR and Police too are discontented against the puppet government. Except some traitors, government and semi government employees and people related to industry, business and trade are raged over the puppet government.

Students, teachers, litterateur, artists, journalists and other intellectuals are raged over against the government too. Workers, peasants, petit servicemen, fishermen, blacksmith, potter and professional people also are raged over the government. Various national minorities, religious and lingual minorities living in East Bengal are also raged over the fascist government. That is, all the people of East Bengal regardless of classes, organizations, languages, nationalities, religions and colors are raged over the government.

Spontaneous struggle is going on in different places of East Bengal to overthrow the puppet fascist government and its master Indian Expansionists. It has been very much timely to form national liberation front to provide leadership to this struggle of people.

The call of National Liberation Front to the people of East Bengal:

Joint National Liberation Front of East Bengal irrespective of classes, sections, groups, views, languages, religions and nationalities; overthrow Indian Expansionism and its puppet Bangladesh puppet government and establish national independence and democracy.

The working class of East Bengal, you are the most advance class of East Bengal, carry your struggling heritage forward and join National Liberation Front to achieve independence and democracy. Patriotic leftists of East Bengal acting openly and secretly, you are part of people of East Bengal, join National Liberation Front of East Bengal to combine your struggle with the struggle for national independence and democracy.

Various patriotic political groups, cadres, sympathizers and supporters of East Bengal who want to achieve independence and democracy are called upon to join National Liberation Front of East Bengal. We are calling struggling peasant masses of East Bengal to joint National Liberation Front of East Bengal. We are calling the patriots of East Bengal Regiment, BDR, Police and other armed and semi armed forces to join National Liberation Front.

The patriotic employees of government and semi government institutes and those related to business, trade and industries are called upon to join National Liberation Front. Students, teachers, litterateurs, artists, intellectuals and other professional people of East Bengal are called upon to join National Liberation Front. The patriotic ex-freedom fighters and those who are able to carry armed struggle are called upon to join National Liberation Front of East Bengal.

Women of East Bengal are called upon to join National Liberation Front. National, lingual and religious minority people of East Bengal are called upon to join National Liberation Front of East Bengal. The National Liberation Front of East Bengal has taken firm determination of overthrow Indian Expansionism and its lackey the puppet ‘Bangladesh’ government through political struggle, armed struggle, propaganda and diplomatic struggle.

People of Bangladesh have heritage of struggle. Always they fought against exploitation-oppression. People of East Bengal must carry forward past heritage and overcome all the bends and obstacles, persist in hard struggle, overthrow Indian Expansionism and its lackey the ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government, and establish independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, progressive republic of East Bengal. National Liberation Front of East Bengal will materialize following program by establishing republic of East Bengal.



Completely overthrow Indian Expansionism from the land of East Bengal. Free East Bengal and make her independent from their colonial chain. Overthrow invader military force of Indian Expansionism stationed in East Bengal, Paramilitary, and Advisors, disguised as Counselors or any other military or civil executives working in different fields, and Indian citizens working in anti-national interest of East Bengal.

Confiscate all the properties of Indian Expansionists in East Bengal.

Completely overthrow the Indian Expansionists’ lackey national enemies and ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government.

Terminate national treacherous fascist Constitution and laws made by ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government.

Terminate the anti-national interest Agreement of East Bengal signed by ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government with the Indian Expansionists.

Terminate all the secret Agreements signed by ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government with India.

Give most serious punishment for the most hated among the Indian Expansionist lackey anti people national enemies.

Completely overthrow Soviet Social Imperialist led and controlled countries and US-led imperialists from East Bengal.

Terminate all the anti-national interest agreements signed with them. Confiscate all of their properties in East Bengal.

Terminate all the open or secret foreign Military Bases in the land of East Bengal.

Overthrow military or civil citizens of Soviet Social Imperialism, its lackey states and US-led imperialism who are engaged in anti-national interest of East Bengal.

Provide most serious punishment for the diehard representatives of the Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism.

Hold free General Election on the basis of the principle of National Independence and Democracy and hold National Assembly election of Election in genuine democratic way through general voting right for all and secret ballot. National Assembly will be the supreme body of East Bengal. This council will produce a Constitution with guarantee of forming a greater democratic state system that reflects fundamental rights and aspirations of all level of people of East Bengal.

Form a United National Democratic Government with all the genuine representatives of various social classes, national-lingual-religious minorities, patriotic and democratic organizations and patriotic individuals and sections who help national liberation.

Recognize and establish greater democratic rights such as: freedom of speech, meeting, and cooperative, trade union, forming political party, religion and protest.

Provide guarantee of individual right of all the citizens, freedom of house, secrecy of letter correspondence and communication, freedom of movement, right of work and rest and guarantee of educational right

Provide equal right to women and men; establish equality between Bengalis and national minorities

Set all the prisoners free who have been arrested by the Indian expansionism and its lackey ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government for their patriotic activities

Liquidate all the prison camps made by Indian Expansionism and their lackey ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government

Return back all the patriots who have been compelled to take refuge to foreign as result of repression by the Indian Expansionism and its lackey ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government, provide them opportunity to work in homeland

Provide returning of all the Bengalis who are arrested in Pakistan

Make just solution of the problems of East Bengal with Pakistan – Fix coastal border of East Bengal 200 Nautical mile. Within this border, looting of fish and natural resources by the foreign powers will be prohibited


Carry National Liberation War by applying strategy and tactics of people’s war to overthrow Indian Expansionism and its puppet ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government

Build Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal (Regular force, regional force, guerrilla force, militia and other forces) by peasants, workers and patriots They are especially obedient to Motherland and people’s interest. They will be promised to fight hand in hand with all the people of the country to liberate and defend East Bengal and give active help in peace keeping in Asia and whole world

Increase working capacity and quality of struggle in patriotic force to strengthen people’s war, defeat Indian Expansionism and its lackeys and constantly carry national liberation war to final victory – Strengthen political work in armed patriotic force to strengthen patriotism, promise, sense of discipline and to make the relation between people and armed force more closer

Officers and soldiers of armed force have right to vote and to be elected. They can be owner of lands and properties and can enjoy right of all the rights of a citizen


End Indian Expansionism’s exploitation and slavery

Confiscate all the properties of Indian Expansionism and its collaborator supporter traitor Mir Jafar and Co. [Mir Jafar was the historic traitor of Bengal who secretly joined the British force in 1757 in War of Palasi to make the defeat of Bengal to British resulting Bengal to be a British Colony —Sarbaharapath] in East Bengal

End the exploitation of Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism and confiscate all of their properties in East Bengal. Confiscate properties of their lackeys too

Build independent and self-reliant economy. Make economic development to enrich people and strengthen country

Preserve properties of citizens and means of production by laws.

Rehabilitate businessmen and industrialists who were overthrown by the Pak military fascists and their lackeys. Provide loan to them under simple condition so that they can start and run their activities.

Resist the overthrow of patriotic businessmen and industrialists who are fired because they did not go to India. Provide proper opportunities to them.

Rehabilitate the patriotic industrialists and businessmen who were overthrown by the ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government

Independently build heavy, light and cottage industries in East Bengal. Save them from foreign competition and oppose the foreign dependence

Inspire domestic production and fix tax system for preservation. Resist anti-national interest activities of smugglers, black marketers, usurers and profit suckers

Oppose the infiltration, control and influence of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism in East Bengal industries, business-trade and banking etc.

Resist illegal transfer of capital from East Bengal to India and other states

Resist the returning back of the state owned industries and other industries to private ownership -

State will inspire capitalists related to industrial system in development of industry, small industry and manufacture.

Ensure freedom of establishing industries that helps national construction and welfare

End exploitation carried over fishermen and improve their livelihood and profession

Preserve right of participation of workers and employees in management of industries – Develop communication and transport

Inspire and enhance exchange of economy between cities and countryside, between plain and hilly areas.

Provide rapid development of North Bengal and other backward regions – Properly look after the interest of small businessmen and shop keepers

Establish a State Bank

State will take policy of sanctioning low interest loan to inspire production

Return back agricultural production to previous condition and develop that.

Develop agricultural and animal farming.

Preserve fishing resources and develop it

Make just solution of problems related to Farakka Dam, make permanent flood control, provide irrigation system, insecticide and fertilizer, and modernize agriculture.

State will inspire to unite peasants, increase agricultural production and help each other, and will provide low interest loans for peasants in buying cattle, agricultural instruments, seeds and fertilizers – Develop agriculture by taking it as the base of national economy

Ensure system of selling agro commodity. Achieve target of being self-dependent rapidly

Stop smuggling of rice, fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and other food products and stop export of such food products that are not surplus

Stop transfer of gas, electricity etc. to India – Do not make industrial institutes dependent on Indian electricity, oil and raw materials

Expand trade with all the countries by keeping prestige of national independence and sovereignty of East Bengal on the basis of mutual interest and equality and take economic and technical assistance from all the foreign countries regardless of political and social system


Confiscate Lands of the ruthless evil Jaminders [Jaminder is feudal landlord—Sarbaharapath] that are lackeys of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism, as well as lands of their servants and distribute those to landless and small owner peasants Systematize recognition of the right of the peasants to the lands distributed and its preservation

State will provide buying of above ceiling extra lands on area basis. Those lands will be distributed among landless and small owner peasants. The ceiling limit of land will be fixed on local situation basis. Lands will be freely distributed among the landless and small owner peasants. No compulsory condition will be imposed upon them. Land rent will be reduced in areas where still there is no situation of land reform. All the lands that are mortgaged under Ijaradari (feudal leasing), Jotedari (Jotedars are smaller feudal landlord—Sarbaharapath) and Mahajani (feudal Usury) interest will be unconditionally returned to previous owners

Lands of absent Jaminders will be handed over to peasants for tilling and they will have the product. Later on, by considering political position of each Jaminders, proper steps will be taken. – Jaminders will be given opportunity of contributing lands to peasants organizations or state. The peasant organizations or state will distribute those lands to the landless-small owner peasants – Producers of agro commodities used in industries and owner of fruit gardens will be encouraged

Just right of ownership of lands of mosque, temple and pagoda will be respected

Redistribution of communal lands on just basis

Those who will recover land, will be given ownership right of that arable land

Those who were forced to enter prison camps will be given opportunity to return back to own villages

Those who became war refugees, if they wish, they can live in their present houses. They will have ownership of their lands and other properties that they created by own labor. They will be helped to live there and get livelihood. Those who want to return back to own place of birth, will be given facilities to do so


Fight against Expansionist, Social Imperialist and Imperialist type ugly mentality creator degenerated culture and education. That culture is destroying our rich culture of long heritage

Develop National Democratic Culture and Education System

Develop science and technology and engage that in Nation Building and its defense.

Teach masses of people about East Bengal people’s struggling heritage against foreign attack and in light of heroic history. Preserve and develop our national rich cultural system and customs

Develop people’s cultural standard, alleviate illiteracy, develop complimentary education, open new generation education school, open higher education school and technical school, build science workers, technicians and skilled work force and make every effort to provide them higher education and train them

Take Bangla language as the medium of higher education institutes

Provide opportunity to lingual minorities to use own language in all spheres of education and work

Start free compulsory education system up to class X. Reduce education fee

Release poor students from education fee and provide scholarship to them

Reform system of examinations

Students will have participation in management of education system

State will provide all possible help to educate youth and children who helps national liberation struggle of East Bengal, sons and daughters of those who participate in revolution and meritorious youths and properly develop their genius

Provide equal opportunity to all the citizens in carrying scientific and technical research, taking creative role in literature and art and taking part in cultural activities. Encourage intellectuals, writers, artists and scientists and provide them proper opportunity so that they can continue their research, invention and creative activities for the interest of Motherland and people

Provide opportunity to those writers, artists and cultural activists who have suffered for their patriot contribution, so that they can continue their creative work – Develop Health Department and build movement for health keeping and using vaccines. Preserve people’s health

Control epidemic diseases; eliminate those serious diseases that foreign exploiters carried here – Develop physical education and sports movement

Establish cultural relation with foreign states on the basis of equality and mutual interest


Make labor laws and establish Eight Hour Working Day.

Create opportunity for rest and entertainment, and provide bonus for overtime production.

Assure right of Trade Union, Cooperative, strike and protest.

Develop livelihood and service of workers, laborers and employees

Take policy of giving enough wage for apprentice

Provide jobs for workers and urban poor people. Carry all-out effort to end unemployment. When workers, laborers and employees are sick, caught by diseases, disabled, old and retire, take care of them, help and provide social security for them

Develop condition of livelihood of houses of working people

Resolve conflicts between workers and owners through talk and discussion and mediatory of national democratic government

Strictly prohibit beating of workers-laborers, cutting fine from their wages, and unjustly dismissing their services

Civil employees have right to vote and be elected. They can enjoy all the rights of general citizens


Improve political, cultural and technical standard of women in sequence with the role women played in National Liberation Struggle, develop the heritage of women of East Bengal of heroism, might and serving the nation

Women and men have equal right in politics, economy, society and culture

Women who are engaged in similar work of men, will enjoy equal salary, prestige and right

Women workers and civil employees will have two month maternity leave Take policy of improving, proper training and actively helping women workers. Make progressive laws regarding marriage and family

Preserve right of mother and children; increase number of maternity, baby care and Nursery school

End all types of social corruption harmful to women’s health and prestige


Provide food and clothes for disabled soldiers; reward those soldiers and patriots who will show special performance in national liberation war

Those of armed force or other departments and revolutionary organizations who will be martyred in liberation struggle, have sacrificed their lives through political struggle, all the people of the country will remain grateful to them and respectfully remember their memory

State and people will take care of their families and help them

Those patriots who will be disabled in armed or political struggle will be taken care and helped

The whole nation is grateful to those families that have contribution in revolution, and they will get help and sympathy of whole nation


Those individuals and families, who have been seriously ruined because of unprincipled activities of ‘Bangladesh’ fascist government, will be given opportunity of reestablishing and serving the nation

Take care of orphans, old and disabled; provide relief in those areas that suffered natural disaster or havoc of crops; consider about the disables, killed in war and helpless families of mercenary army, police and different forces of ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government Rehabilitate the Bengali, non-Bengalis who have been driven out from India and the refugees; provide livelihood and social right to them


Overthrow the lackeys among the bureaucrats created by ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government—by whom they are running administration.

Give serious punishment to the hated killers who are working as representative of ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government

Provide favorable condition for the mercenary men and officers of armed force of ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government and their administrative executives so that they can merge with people in just way of defending country and building nation

The group, unit or individual of mercenary force and administrative unit who will help national liberation struggle will be rewarded and appointed in responsible posts. Those who have given sympathy and support to national liberation struggle and denied to carry order of ruling regime, will be provided proper respect

Those who will leave mercenary force to join patriotic force will be welcomed. They will enjoy equal treatment

Those officials of ‘Bangladesh’ puppet government who will want to joint state machinery to serve people and country after liberation of East Bengal, will have equal right too

If those individuals of mercenary army and administrative department who were engaged in anti -people crime sincerely show repentance for the committed activities, will be given mercy. Those who will try to redeem crime by good activities will be rewarded as usual

Captive officer and men of mercenary force will have human behavior and mercy

Captive soldiers of India or any other country will have well behavior. Those who among them will support struggle for national independence and democracy of East Bengal will be helped to return back to their families in time


Patriotic activities of Bengalis living in foreign and their valuable help in national liberation war will be welcomed

Preserve their right and interest

Help those Bengalis living in foreign countries who will want to return back to country to build the nation


Those foreign citizens who will help liberation struggle of East Bengal will be welcomed

All the foreign citizens living in East Bengal must respect independence and sovereignty of East Bengal and abide by the laws of National Democratic Government

Preserve just right and interest of foreign citizens who have not helped Bangladesh puppet government and their agents, Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism, and will not do any harm to independence and severity of East Bengal. Take proper care of just right and interest of those foreigners who will support liberation struggle directly or indirectly

Give serious punishment to those foreign agents who are engaged in activities of anti-national independence and democracy of East Bengal


End all types of religious oppression; defend religious right of people related to various religions, their customs, ceremonies, mosque, temples, pagoda and churches. Reform the suffered ones. Punish religious oppressors and riot makers

Establish equal right for all irrespective of religion in business, trade, service, education, industry, defense and all spheres of life

Make special area for religious minority living backward regions and provide rapid development

Overthrow Indian Expansionism and their lackeys and at the same time strengthen unity of people affiliated to different religions in struggle against conspiracy of occupying East Bengal by US-led Imperialism and its lackeys, make them take part in struggle of achieving national liberation and democracy End ruthless repression carried over Urdu speaking people, provide them livelihood, civil right and defend their customs and cultures

Terminate all the laws, methods, policies and tactics used by the Indian Expansionism and their lackeys to divide and exploit various national minorities. Oppose the unequal behavior to national minorities and overthrow of them from their houses through terror, trick and force

Develop unity among various nationalities and that of long days with Bengali nation and heritage of mutual help so that everyone can take part in defense of country and building nation All the nationalities have equal right in service, industry, business-trade, administration, defense and all other spheres

The land and properties of national minorities that were illegally grabbed and leased must be returned back to previous owners

All the lands that ere mortgaged under Ijaradari (feudal leasing), Jotedari and usury interest, must be returned back to previous owners unconditionally

End serf-like exploitation, oppression and suppression over Jhumia peasants who are living in government reserve forest

Provide the opportunity of the principle ‘Land to the Tiller’ among national minority peasants

Fix ceiling of Kaptain Dam with the help of specialists so that water do not flood area and hinder agriculture

End exploitation of contractors, government employees and their lackeys over national minority fishermen. Provide them fish and net and other materials in rational price. Provide buying of fish in rational price

Encourage national minorities to permanently live, improve their lands, economy, culture and living standard, so that they can reach the general standard of living of people of East Bengal.

Develop culture and art of national minorities through written and spoken form of languages (Provide written form If they don’t have). Ensure right of keeping or changing own custom

Rapidly educate administrative executives from national minorities, so that they themselves can run local matters within a short span of time

Actualize democratic right of national minorities in different spheres of life

Build autonomous regions for various national minorities in independent and free East Bengal, so that their national development is accelerated. Preserve their culture and customs.


The democratic republic of the state of East Bengal will follow foreign policy of peace and non-alignment. In this foreign policy, independence, sovereignty, unity and state integrity is ensured and it is helpful for world peace. This foreign policy is as follows:

Establish diplomatic relation with all the countries irrespective of social and political system on the basis of, Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, Mutual non-aggression, Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, Equality and mutual benefit, and Peaceful co-existence.

Justly and on the basis of aspiration of people, solve the problem of relation of East Bengal with Pakistan (State relation of East Bengal with Pakistan, Bringing back Bengalis living in Pakistan, make trial and punish the ruling regime of Pakistan and military-civil individuals who are responsible for crime of genocide in East Bengal and fascist devastation, bring back with interest the capital and valuable assets that were transferred from East Bengal to Pakistan in last 24 years, problems of paying back foreign debt and collection of proper compensation for their committed ruthless devastation, atrocities, killing, rape and looting etc.)

Respect the economic and cultural interest of the countries that will give help and support to the national liberation struggle of East Bengal. Take technical and economic aid from any country that does not give any political condition. Do not relate to any military agreement. Do not keep any foreign military force or military base in East Bengal

- Strengthen friendly relation with those countries who will give help, support and sympathy to national liberation struggle of East Bengal – Give active support to the struggle of South Asian countries against Indian Expansionism and liberation movement of the countries, nations and people of Asia, Africa and Latin America against Soviet Social Imperialism and US-led Imperialism

Support the anti-US Imperialism great struggles of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Palestine and other countries

Support Indian People’s struggle against Indian Expansionism.

Give active support to just struggles of Afro-Americans of United States of America to establish their fundamental national right.

In world peace keeping tasks, keep continuing the all-out effort of resisting the Imperialists led by US and Soviet—the greedy for devouring other countries, and abolishing their invasive military alliance and foreign military bases.

Carry constant effort to increase and consolidate relation with all the international mass organizations and all the democratic people of the world including that of India, Soviet and US.

Keep continuing work for national liberation and independence of East Bengal in support of people of East Bengal with the aim of expansion and consolidation of People’s Front.

The national liberation struggle of East Bengal is not only being carried to decide the destiny of our present and future successors but also it is related with the interest of the world people who are struggling to establish peace, national independence, democracy and socialism.

People of East Bengal are unifying to materialize that great glorious objective. That unity must further be strengthened and expanded. Front will sincerely welcome the political groups, organizations and progressive individuals who will support the program of front, and it is ready to work with them being united.

Whatever hated, mad, ruthless and diehard activities the national traitor fascist government of East Bengal may carry, their defeat is a must.

Let us unite for the sake of our motherland, strengthen the unity, advance towards victory and defeat Indian Expansionism and their lackey traitor fascist ruling regime.

Victory of the people of East Bengal is inevitable. The National liberation front of East Bengal must materialize the above mentioned program of establishing democratic republic of East Bengal. The national liberation struggle of people of East Bengal against the national traitor fascist ruling regime of East Bengal is just struggle. Socialist countries, people of Asia, Africa and Latin America and the vast majority people of India-Soviet Union and United States must give help, sympathy and support to the national liberation struggle of East Bengal.


People’s War in India Clippings 27/10/2014


Maoists apologise for killing policeman

The outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) has apologised for killing Shivkumar Sidar, constable with the Chhattisgarh Armed Force, in Sukma district of Bastar last week. On October 18, the Maoists abducted an ailing Sidar, posted at the Timilwada police camp in Sukma, while he was travelling in a bus to Dornapal town for treatment. The ultras killed the unarmed constable and threw his body on the Dornapal-Jagargunda road.

“One of our guerrilla squads killed him near Timilwada village without the permission of the CPI(Maoist) leadership. We apologise for his death,” said a statement issued by the South Bastar Divisional Committee of the party. “He was sick and was travelling to Dornapal for treatment. He was not carrying any weapon. We consider it our mistake to have killed him in such a situation and we regret it,” the outfit said. The CPI(Maoist) also warned policemen posted in the Timilwada and Chintagufa camps against “troubling and exploiting villagers.” In a press statement by the Kistaram area committee, the Maoists said a civilian of Mettaguda village in Sukma district was killed by the security forces on October 20.

“A joint operation was launched by the Central Reserve Police Force, the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA), Koya Commandos and Grey Hounds in Kistaram area of Sukma district from October 19 to 21. The forces killed Sodi Masa of Mettaguda village who had come to Palachalma village to visit his relatives, and later on declared him a Maoist,” the outfit said. The CPI(Maoist) alleged that the security forces damaged properties of villagers in Goddiguda, Kamalafaram, Palachalma, Ampetta, Senempetta, Mangelguda, Sesam, Kasaram and many other villages and demanded transfer of Inspector-General (IG) of Police, Bastar, S.R.P. Kalluri.

Maoists Eye Border Pockets

ROURKELA: Fast losing ground in Saranda forest of Jharkhand without any fresh recruitments, Maoist leaders are desperate to use border pockets of Sundargarh district for hideouts and simultaneously push for the membership drive. Despite frequent movements, the Maoists have not been able to taste much success in regaining strength in Sundargarh side of the border due to continuing pressure by Rourkela district police.

Reliable sources said in recent times, operatives of the outlawed CPI (Maoist) outfit have unsuccessfully held meetings at vulnerable border pockets under Lathikata and Chandiposh police limits to rebuild rapport with tribal villagers. The Maoists in a change of strategy are ‘desperately’ trying to convince gullible villagers that past mistakes would not be repeated. In the last six weeks, Rourkela district police have ensured surrender of 17 runaway Maoists in four phases.

Forest border stretching from Bisra to Topadihi of Bonai sub-division in Sundargarh besides a vast stretch of adjacent Keonjhar district are infested by the outfit’s Saranda-based Dakshin Chhota Nagpur Zonal Committee. Another Maoist group owing allegiance to Sambalpur-Deogarh-Sundargarh committee is reportedly frequenting places under remote Gurundia police limits in Sundargarh along with Sambalpur and Deogarh districts.

For more than 30 months, Maoist movement, originating from Saranda – the erstwhile Eastern Regional Bureau (ERB) of the outfit – has touched all time low. The reasons are attributed to combined effects of heavy deployment of Jharkhand police and CRPF, non-cooperation from sympathisers and drastic drop in levy collection due to prolonged closures of mines along Odisha-Jharkhand border.

Maoist Posters in Vadakara

VADAKARA: Wall posters and notices in the name of banned group CPI (Maoist) appeared at some locations in Vadakara police station limit on Sunday. The posters also asked the people to join CPI(Maoist) for a new democratic-unexploited India by strengthening the ‘class struggle’. The posters requested people to be united with the CPI(Maoist) ‘to defeat the imperialist government and its armed forces’. The group also asks the people to reclaim the rights for forest, water and land.

Dumka cops worry as loot boosts Maoists’ armoury

DUMKA: With the administration in different districts swinging into action after the announcement of the assembly election dates, Dumka police, a day after Maoist attack on security forces, are concerned that sophisticated weapons looted from police armoury might add to the strength of the rebels. Police are yet to recover firearms — like AK-47 and Insaas rifles and cartridges — which were looted from security forces in different incidents of ambush.

The attack on security jawans on Saturday near Santhal Tola under Kathikund police station, where “Maoists opened around 600-650 rounds of fire”, has put a tough challenge before the district police. That rebels use looted firearms came to light during the ambush in Shikaripara in April when used cartridges of AK-47, Insaas rifles and SLR were found in large scale at the ambush site. Dumka SP Anoop T Mathew, while admitting that arms looted by rebels were yet to be recovered, said security forces were undoubtedly more equipped.

“Rebels have managed to cause loss to the security forces by applying mischievous means but it is for sure security forces will have upper hand in direct confrontation with them” Mathew said. Four Insaas semi-automatic rifles, two AK-47 and around 600 cartridges were taken away by the rebels after the attack on the cavalcade of slain Pakur SP Amarjit Balihar in July 2 last year in Kathikund police station area.

People’s War in India Clippings 26/10/2014

LWE_conflictmap2014 (1)

‘Maoists’ attack security forces in Dumka

Dumka: Suspected Maoists attacked security forces at Saruapani forests under Kathikund police station of the district leading to an encounter that lasted for more than an hour on Saturday. Security forces, said police, were on a long-range patrolling in the deep forests of Sartuapani adjacent to rebel-hit Shikaripara and Gopikandar police station areas of the district when the rebels opened fire on them from atop the hills at around 8.30 am.

This was followed by an encounter between rebels and security forces which continued till 12.30 noon. There were, however, no reports of casualty on either side. Dumka SP Anoop T Mathew said security forces on a tip off had ventured into the forest to nab the rebels who were planning to undertake some major move to retaliate the arrest of their leader Prabil Da who had been arrested by Dumka police recently.

The security forces comprising SSB and Jharkhand Jaguar jawans apart from district police forces were led by DSP Pitambar Singh Kherwar. The group of the rebels involved in Saturday’s encounter was led by Sahdev Rai alias Tala Da, said police. “Security forces were unhurt in the encounter but some rebels may have been injured in the encounter. They, however, managed to escape taking advantage of the dense forest and rugged terrain,” Mathew stated.

Earlier, rebels had set ablaze a Bolero jeep at Kathikund market on Friday night and put up posters at different places. The incident occurred at a place which is a stone’s throw away from Kathikund police station. This is for the second time that a rebel activity has been reported in the district after the arrest of Prabil Da last month from Hadwadangal village under Ramgarh police station of the district. His arrest was believed to be a big success for the security forces considering his high rank in the rebel organization.

Earlier, rebels torched two mobile towers in Ramgarh police station area on October 9 . Prabil Da, who is a member of the special area committee comprising entire Santhal Pargana and neighbouring districts of Bihar and Bengal, was involved in as many as two dozen Maoist incidents in Dumka and Pakur districts. This included the killing of Pakur SP Amarjit Balihar and ambushing of a polling party in the Lok Sabha election. Police have been on its toes to thwart any attempt of the rebels to avenge Prabil Da’s arrest.

Failure to depose: Court issues bailable warrants against cops

A Delhi court has issued bailable warrants against three Uttar Pradesh Police officials for their failure to appear before it to depose as witness in a case involving jailed Naxal leader Kobad Ghandy, who is facing charges of indulging in unlawful activities. Additional Sessions Judge Reetesh Singh issued bailable warrants for a sum of Rs 5,000 against Rajesh Srivastava, Sameer Saurabh and Rajiv Diwedi, who were summoned as prosecution witnesses but did not appear before the court.

“Three other witnesses namely SI Rajiv Diwedi, Deputy SP Sameer Saurabh and Deputy SP Rajesh Srivastava were summoned for today, who are served, but have not appeared. “This matter is fixed for evidence of prosecution on November 5, 2014. Issue bailable warrants qua these three witnesses in the sum of Rs 5,000, to be executed through DGP, UP,” the court said. The court is currently recording statements of prosecution witnesses in the case in which Ghandy and Rajinder Kumar Fulara are facing trial.

Both are lodged in jail under judicial custody. The court had on July 16, 2012 framed charges against Ghandy for allegedly being a member of a banned terror group and furthering its activities in violation of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). He was charged under sections 20 and 38 of UAPA relating to membership of the banned group CPI-Maoist and furthering its activities.

Election boycott in Brazil:Neither Dilma,nor Aécio!

Activists of the Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário (MEPR),Rede Estudantil Classista e Combativa (RECC),Unidade Vermelha-ORNL, Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo (FRDDP),Movimento Feminino Popular (MFP) and other organizations carry out public agitation against the electoral circus of the reactionary state on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Message from KKE (m-l) of Greece for the 10th anniversary of CPI(maoist)


To the CC of CP of India (Maoist)

The Leading Organ of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) sends you our warm comradely greetings for the tenth anniversary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the vanguard force of the Indian people in his struggle for national and social liberation. We believe that the unification of the communist forces in India and the founding of the Party were an important step towards the advancement of the revolutionary movement in India with broader impact on the communist forces all over the world.

We watch with interest the struggles of the workers, the peasants and the oppressed masses of India, we take courage from their successes and their resolution. We stand in solidarity with the struggles of Indian revolutionaries. We condemn the savage suppression and oppression by the the Indian state. The murders, persecutions, and arrests against the revolutionaries will not achieve the aims of the Indian state.

The power of the revolutionary forces that is based on the people is unconquerable. The workers, the youth, and the progressive and revolutionary forces in Greece stand wholeheartedly alongside the revolutionary struggles in India. They organize actions of solidarity to the political prisoners and publicize the state oppression and the violation of democratic and human rights of the struggling masses of India.

Athens 22/9/2104

The LO of CPG(m-l)

People’s War in India Clippings 25/10/2014


Maoists call for bandh on October 30

VISAKHAPATNAM: The East Division Committee of the Maoists has called for a bandh on October 30 to protest the lynching of three of their armed cadre by tribals, East Division secretary Kailasam told some media persons on the phone on Friday. It may be recalled that Maoists killed Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao of Veeravaram village of Chintapalli mandal and were abducting another person, Jaggam dora Simhachalam, a religious preacher, when they were attacked by hundreds of tribals, who killed three Maoists – Sindri Chinna Ranga Rao alias Sarat, Palasa Ganapati and Korra Nageswara Rao on the night of October 19. Kailasam said his cadre did not open fire against the tribals to avoid killing them.

“Our men did make a mistake at Sagulu in GK Veedhi on February 19, 2013, by killing three tribals and the party has openly admitted the mistake of its armed cadre. Our party took the decision to kill police informer Gemmeli Sanjeeva Rao after he was warned three times earlier,” he said. He elaborated that the party cadre killed Sanjeeva Rao and were going to the Korukonda area to make an announcement in a praja court but tribals, under the influence of security forces, did not give their armed cadre a chance to explain why they took the decision to kill Rao.

He said the CPI Maoist party had already identified 19 people involved in the murder of three of its three cadres. “They should come forward and admit their mistake, otherwise the party will take stern action,” he said.

Maoists blast house of rival in Bihar

Maoists blasted the house of one of their former members, a result of an ongoing rivalry among two different factions of left wing extremists, police said today. Around 30 to 35 members of CPI (Maoist) came to Nawada village, located close to the border with Jharkhand, last night and exploded the house of one Bhola Yadav, their former colleague who had recently joined the Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC), a breakaway faction of CPI (Maoist), SP Rakesh Kumarsa said. Initially the rebels were searching for Yadav, but when they did not find him at his house, the Maoists asked his family members to come out of the pucca house and rigged it with explosives before blasting it, Sherghati Sub-divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Ajay Kumar Singh said.


BSF recovers huge cache of explosives in Odisha, foils Maoist ill design

Report by Kishore Dash; Malkangiri: In a setback to the Maoists, the elite Border Security Force (BSF) personnel of 161 Battalion seized huge cache of explosives, IED and other naxal related items Thursday early morning in the district thereby averting a major tragedy. Acting on its own intelligence inputs, the Border Security Forces belonging to 161 Battalion ventured into the hilly terrains adjoining the Sisaguda village under Mathili police limits and we’re able to unearthed huge explosives including IED during a massive combing and search operation that lasted for hours together, BSF sources here said. During operation 219 explosive packets weighing 27 KGs, slurry column explosive weighing 9.5 kg, 100 electric detonators, 15 kg explosive potash, black powder, 12 volt & 9 volt battery and 01 IED weighing 4.5 kg were recovered by the BSF personnel.

The explosive and IED etc were kept in drums which were buried and camouflaged meticulously in inaccessible forest hilly area. Besides, 01 empty steel container of 3 liter with fitted electric detonator, red cloth, 02 empty steel container, 20 blank charts for preparation of posters, 02 pair sports shoes, 06 electric wire bundles were also recovered by the elite Forces.

Ex-Maoists inducted into police force as part of surrender policy

Indi Pahan (39), who was a Maoist from 2007 to 2012, was inducted into the Jharkhand police as a constable on Friday. Thanks to Jharkhand’s naxal surrender and rehabilitation policy, Pahan and four other former Maoists, including two women, were provided appointment letters at a function organised by Jharkhand police here. Chief minister Hemant Soren was present to boost the morale of the ex-Maoists.

Cops, Maoists Exchange Fire

BALANGIR: SOG jawans exchanged fire with Maoists camping in Tikhari reserve forest, about 25 km from here under Muribahal block, in the wee hours of Thursday. While no casualty has been reported, the jawans recovered detonators, shoes and Maoist literature from the spot. DIG (North) Prateek Mohanty said combing operation has been intensified in the reserve forest and additional reinforcement deployed. On intelligence inputs regarding movement of Maoists, SOG jawans raided the area. On seeing the security personnel, the Maoists opened fire and dispersed into the forest. Balangir SP Deepak Kumar said further details will be known after the jawans return from the forest.

Five Maoists carrying Rs 26 lakh on their head arrested

Five alleged Maoist cadres, including a teenaged girl, who carried a total reward of Rs 26 lakh on their heads, were arrested during a three-day operation from October 21 to October 23, the police said here today. Those arrested include commander of Maoist platoon number five Dunga Yesu Bapu Teka (30) who was wanted in connection with nine alleged encounters and landmine blast incidents between 2005 and 2014, the Gadchiroli police said in a press release.

Teka had joined the Aheri Maoist platoon in 2002 and carried a reward of Rs 12 lakh on his head, the release said. The police also arrested Maoist section commander of platoon number four Manas Sonare Sainu Tarami (21) who is from Bairagarh in Chhattisgarh, for allegedly being involved in 14 encounters, it said. Tarami carried a reward of Rs 8 lakh on his head. Other cadres arrested include a local supplier Raju Vishnu Naitam, who was allegedly involved in passing on supplies to Maoists, the release said.

Naitam carried a Rs 2 lakh reward on his head. Another prize catch is Maoist commander of platoon number three Vasant Rejiram Pathiram Wadde (21) who is from Jinglegram of Chhattisgarh and carried a Rs 2 lakh on his head, it said. The arrested woman Maoist cadre Rupi Suman Gawade (16), who is from Pindigulam, is alleged to be CPI-Maoist’s local committee member and she carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh on her head, it said.

10-Kg IED Planted by Maoists Unearthed in Kondagaon

An improvised explosive device (IED) weighing 10 kg, allegedly planted by Maoists to target security forces, was recovered in Chhattisgarh’s Maoist-hit Kondagaon district today, the police said. Packed in a steel container, the explosive was found placed beneath the Kondagaon-Bayanar road which goes through restive forests, Kondagaon Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Surjit Atri told PTI.

Based on specific inputs that Maoists had placed a landmine on the approach road to Bayanar, a joint squad of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the district police force was sent from Kondagaon towards the region, located around 250 km away from the Chhattisgarh state capital, on a demining exercise.

When security forces were between Chimdi and Chalka village in the dense forests, they spotted the IED and ended up averting a major mishap, Atri said. A detonator and three metres of wire were also found at the spot, he said, adding the explosive device was immediately destroyed by the bomb disposal squad.

An Appeal to The Naga People-MCP Manipur


Maoist Communist Party Manipur strongly opposes the decision made by Indian Ruling colonial government to deploy Naga Regiments in the Maoist Liberated Areas of India specially Dandakaranya Revolutionary zone. We appeal to the personal of Naga Regiment to oppose the implementation of this decision and not to go to Chhattisgarh as slaves in the service of Exploiters, raise their voices to oppose forceful deployment and express solidarity towards the revolutionary people of this region who are fighting for their very existence. The same appeal has already made by our Maoist Fraternity Party, The Communist Party of India (Maoist) and it is our rightful proletarian responsibility to relay the message of Indian Maoist to the people of Naga in general, Naga Students Federation (NSF) Naga Hoho, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and Revolutionary Naga Leaders.

If forcefully sent our Naga Brotherhood to revolutionary areas in spite of your opposition, perform your duties passively. Do not commit atrocities on the people. During battles, lay down your arms in solidarity with the Revolutionary Internationalism. Indian Maoist has already openly welcomed the statements given by officers of Naga forces in opposition to sending Naga forces to Chhattisgarh. It is well known that during the notorious militarized, well-organized, repressive fascist operation Salwa Judum too, Naga forces were sent to Chattisgarh.

Due to strong mass resistance by the struggling people of Dandakaranya and the heroic resistance by PLGA under the leadership of Indian Maoist as well as due to the opposition by Naga people, families of Naga Regiments, Naga students and intellectuals, Naga agitators, civil rights organizations and activists, the Central and Naga State governments were forced to call back Naga forces from Chhattisgarh. During that time, many Naga Personal lost their lives in people’s war and also many of them got injured. Naga bloods should for only to protect the interest for the People of Naga and it not let down as Indian Slaves.

We all know that we the people of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya are the most vulnerable victims of Indian counter Insurgency Operation. Thousands of our beloved Peoples have been killed by the heartless Indian Armed Forces. So our Naga Brotherhood of Nagaland must understand the pain of when beloved one killed by the Indian democratic Killers. Only in Manipur 8983 (Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Three) beloved people had killed by the Indian Armed Forces under the Armed Forces Special Powers act 1958. The death toll is very uncertain that it’s a biggest threat to the Indigenous population of Manipur. We have only 16,000,00 (1.6 Million) indigenous population in Manipur which control by the One hundred Thousand (100,000) of Indian democratic Killers equipped with sophisticated weapons like AK 47 Riffles, Insas Riffles, 80 mm Motors, MP 5 Rifles and so on.

Now Naga forces are once again being used to intensify the Operation Green Hunt, which is a countrywide unjustified war on people, launched in 2009 to wipe out the Indian Maoist, Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army, PLGA (armed forces of Indian Maoist) and people’s democratic power organs – the Revolutionary Peoples’ Committees. It is the conspiracy of the exploitative-ruling classes that on the one hand, since decades Indian Army might is being used by the Indian Government to annihilate national liberation struggle of Manipur, Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya and on the other, it is using Naga forces to suppress the peoples war in Dandakaranya who are fighting for their rights over Jal-Jungle-Jameen.

This policy of Divide and Rule of the British colonialists is inherited by the Indian comprador ruling classes. Maoist Communist Party again appeal to Naga Students Federation, Naga Hoho, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), civil rights activists, families of Naga Regiments – especially their mothers, friends and relatives, students and youth to wage a strong and militant mass agitations against the deployment of Naga forces in Maoist Liberated Areas of India.


Solidarity to the Kurdish People! United Front against Imperialism!-KKE (ML)


The siege of the Kurdish city of Kobanê in northern Syria, the hundreds of dead in and around it, and the thousands of Kurdish displaced war refugees, is one more mass human tragedy in the Middle East. Nowadays in the region that extends from Afghanistan, to Palestine, to Iraq, to Syria, to Libya and the Yemen the peoples are in the midst of an endless war, facing a huge social catastrophe and retrogression. Civil wars, massacres and mass crimes, displacements and waves of refugees, leveling of cities, infrastructures and economies, dissolution of whole societies and breaking up of countries. The main responsibility lies with imperialism and especially US imperialism!

The criminals of Washington with their invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, their raid on Libya and the indirect intervention in Syria, by sponsoring and arming the reactionary fanatics of the so-called Caliphate, they fired up the war and the blind massacres. Now they pretend to bomb their puppets in Syria, when in truth they kill civilians and destroy infrastructures in order to make this country their protectorate, too. The Kurds, as every other people, have an inalienable right in freedom, security and self-determination. For these rights they have shed rivers of blood and for decades in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

As history has shown, nobody gives for free these rights, much more the imperialists, the reactionary forces and the all kinds of hypocrites and fortune hunters in the West. Only a united front of the peoples of the Middle East against imperialism and the local reactionaries can guarantee peace, security and the well-being of all residents in the area, and without regardless of ethnic background and religion. Only when the peoples rise up, throw the yoke of the oppressive reactionaries, bourgeois and feudalists, when they smash up imperialism and take their fortunes in their own hands, only then they will feel free. Only then they will be masters of their countries and their natural resources.

We are in solidarity with the struggles of the Kurdish people and demand for an immediate stop of the siege and and the threatened massacre in Kobanê and all the Kurdish areas of Northern Syria.

We condemn the new imperialist intervention, the bombings by the Americans, British, French and other European and Arab reactionary forces in Syria and Iraq.

We condemn the policies of the Turkish government which continues to oppress the Kurdish people, by killing demonstrators, by supporting the imperialist interventions, by planning invasions and by supporting the reactionary forces in Syria.

We demand of the Greek government to stop every involvement and participation in the imperialist plans and the NATO aggressive war scenarios.


LCP leader murdered in Minas Gerais!


Comrade Cleomar LCP leader in northern Minas Gerais and Bahia was ambushed and gunned down in Pedras de Maria da Cruz October 22nd after death threats from landlords.



pce-sr viva el pueblo kurdo

Cada vez cobra un mayor significado histórico la estoica defensa de la ciudad de Kobane por parte de los combatientes kurdos organizados en las Unidades de Protección Popular (YPG), que resisten la criminal ofensiva de los terroristas del ISIS (Estado Islámico), organizados y armados por el imperialismo yanqui y apoyados por el títere régimen turco de Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A pesar de la sevicia con la que operan las hordas terroristas del ISIS, el pueblo kurdo sin contar con más fundamento que la justeza de su lucha, y sin más apoyo que aquel que le otorga su razón histórica por reivindicar la necesidad de defender sus territorios en aras de concretar un estado independiente, ha sabido infringir determinantes derrotas a los terroristas que poco a poco ven minadas sus aspiraciones de crear un enlace territorial en las proximidades a la frontera Siria-Turca; vía que le permitiría mejorar un corredor logístico y fortalecer los espacios de repliegue que le oferta permanentemente el gobierno pro imperialista de Turquía.

El proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador, saluda y se solidariza con el hermano pueblo kurdo que combate decididamente al imperialismo expresado en las hordas criminales del ISIS (Estado Islámico), y no dudamos que el Kurdistán se convierta en la tumba del terrorismo que responde a la nueva estrategia del imperialismo por posicionarse y controlar el Magreb, los Estados Árabes y el Golfo.