11th martyrdom day of comrade Mofakhkhar Chowdhury in East Bengal


Resist Crossfire

A great Maoist leader, General Secretary of Communist Party of East Bengal (M.L),comrade Mofakhkhar Chowdhury was killed brutally in the name of a drama entitled “ crossfire” on Dec, the 16th, 2004 by the reactionary state. To mark his 11th martyr day Gonomuktir Ganer Dol has organized a protest discussion and afterwards a mass cultural program in front of the National Museum Gate, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 16th of December,2014 at local time 3.30p.m. Join in the strive with the aim to establish a new democratic state by crashing down this feudalist and comprador-bureaucrat, capitalist state system.

Red Salute

Ashish Corraya

General Secretary

Gonomuktir Ganer Dol

Peoples War in India Clippings 19/12/2014


‘Tiffin bomb’ recovered in Naxal-affected Kondagaon of Chattisgarh

A 15-kg ‘tiffin bomb’ planted by Naxals was found in Chhattisgarh’s Kondagaon district on Friday, police said. The tiffin-like container packed with explosives had been planted under a forest road connecting Isalnar and Hangwa villages, Kondagaon additional superintendent of police (ASP) Surjit Atri told PTI.



Maoists Gaining Strength in Northern Kerala

KOCHI: The State Government has submitted before the Kerala High Court that for the last one-and-half year, the presence and activities of Maoists have been reported all over Kerala, especially in the Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram and Kannur districts. “It is a serious threat to the whole country, especially to the northern districts of Kerala” the State submitted. “It is reported that Maoists have been using the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe settlements for visiting the colonies – Chappel, Maradi, Mundel, Kombara, Arimala and Kunki Chira – within the jurisdiction of the Vellamunda police station.

They carry weapons and ammunition; conduct lectures; distribute pamphlets; and encourage the youth to join their organisation to fight against the government. It is nothing short of war against the nation. The police have registered several cases with regard to the activities of the group,” the State submitted. State Attorney P Vijaya Raghavan made the submission in response to a petition filed by Shyam Balakrishnan of Mattiliyam in Wayanad, against ‘harassment’ by the police alleging Maoist link. The petitioner submitted that the police took him into custody and conducted an illegal search in his house.



Villagers wary of suspected Maoist presence

Recurring incidents of suspected Maoist presence in two villages in Thondarnadu grama panchayat in Wayanad district have destroyed the tranquil life of the villagers, including the tribespeople. A visit by two unidentified persons on Wednesday night to a house at Korome was the latest in a series of such incidents. It was reported that the two men, one in black dhoti and black shirt and the other with a shawl across his face, visited the house of Mustafa of Kottaykkakath around 8.30 p.m. The house is located about 4 km from the Kunhome forests, where an encounter between the Thunderbolt and a group of armed militants was reported on Sunday evening.


Wayanad Attack: Missive from Maoists Blames Government

PALAKKAD: In a letter placed at the media boxes of the Press Club here on Thursday, Maoists alleged that the government is solely responsible for the attack between Maoists and Thunderbolts at Kunjom in Wayanad. The letter says, on December 7 at 5 27 pm the Maoists and Thunderbolt had an encounter in the forest where there was intense firing between them. It also says that Thunderbolt retreated to areas of safety and started fire after reaching safer zones. The Thunderbolt has been trying to eliminate Kabani Dalam (armed force) and trying to create informers in Adivasi settlements.

The Traffic cop of Quick Response Team Pramod was warned by Maoists against this. In the name of search operations, Thunderbolt has been harassing people and it is unjustifiable. Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala and his team are only trying to eliminate Maoists, but not addressing the real issues of people. The Maoists are fighting on behalf of the people to get them justice and resist against exploitation. The KPCC Chief once said that the root cause of Maoist menace must be eliminated. The root cause here is the suffering of the people and the government must take necessary measures to alleviate their suffering, and eliminating Maoists is not the solution. The letter concludes with the name Jogi, spokesperson of CPI (Maoist) Western Ghats Special Zone.


..Further, suspected Maoists kidnapped two Police personnel at Kushchira on Dumka-Pakur border on December 18, reports The Times of India. The Maoists also took away three rifles. In a separate incident Maoist cadres attacked a construction site and its workers on December 16 leaving several injured in Latehar District, reports ANI. The Maoists destroyed a make-shift tent and thrashed all the workers engaged in the construction of a bridge. The Maoists also burnt machines at the site before leaving pamphlets behind in which they owned up for the incident.


MLKP militant Sibel Bulut martyred in Kobane


Police attack tent of condolence for Sibel Bulut in Adana

Adana police have attacked the tent put up to receive condolences for MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) fighter Sibel Bulut, with code-name Eylem Deniz/Sarya Özgür, who has lost her life in the battle in Kobanê on 12 December. Riot police and public security officers affiliated to Adana Metropolitan Municipality have staged a crackdown on the tent of condolence being put up at the İnönü Park, brutally assaulting the visitors and those organising the action under the leadership of the ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed) supported by the IHD (Human Rights Association) and the SYKP (Socialist Party for Re-Establishment).

The brutal attack by Turkish police has left many civilians injured while 10 have been reported detained as police have completely surrounded the park and denying access to the area. The detainees have reportedly been taken to Adana police headquarters.



Komalên Jinên Kurdistan statement

‘Resistance is a historical duty of humanity’

“Resistance against the massacres carried out by the nation-states are collapsing light a nightmare around the people of the Middle East, as well as their gangs of proxies and collaborators such as ISIS, is a humanitarian duty. The struggle of our comrade Sarya, who possessed a consciousness that resistance and struggle were among the most rooted historical strengths of peoples and who was martyred in the ranks of the resistance, is the consciousness of this historical humanity.

In the ancient lands of the Middle East, the consciousness of a common life and a common resistance over the course of thousands of years has taken on an internationalist spirit under the leadership of women. The Arin’s, the Kader’s, the Sibel’s and the thousands of other women have proved this with a passion for freedom that recognizes no borders and with their magnificent resistance both in Kobanê and with their years of resistance against hegemony. Women, with their belief in the unity of socialist struggle and the free will of peoples will strengthen their organizations and resistance with a passion for freedom.”


‘Join resistance in Kobanê’

The KJK statement also concluded with a call to join the resistance in Kobanê, reading “We are calling on all women with a passion for freedom to strengthen the ranks of the resistance, to develop common organizations, and to join the resistance in Rojava where there exists the free unity and future of the peoples. We once more salute all of our martyrs in the person of comrade Sarya and promise to the grow the flames of resistance.”




Chairman Mao taught us, we should let comrades speak and then, mention if they have error so they can correct themselves. Central Committee has given opportunity to comrade Kabir to submit his position. It has been urgent to criticize his errors that has been expressed in those positions and manifested in his activities because if errors are piled up, in turn, may create serious end. There are two attitudes in accepting the criticism. One is to learn from that and correct errors, avoid future error by learning from past errors, an attitude of honest, good and Marxist-Leninist comrade.

On the other side, not sincerely accepting criticism, making self-criticism like Fazlu clique only for showing to pose as good, making conspiracy and clique to materialize own erroneous line, spreading rumor and slander, making faction, commit secret killing by being agent of domestic and international enemies and trying to make comrade arrested is the attitude of reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries. The central committee wish comrade Kabir will take the first attitude and do not take the last mentioned attitude of bourgeoisie reactionaries.

The end of taking the last mentioned attitude is the end of history of Fazlu clique. Since after appointed in Payarabagan [A riverine forest area in southern Bangladesh where the first Base Area was established by the Proletarian Party of East Bengal in 1971—Sarbaharapath], dogmatism was noted in comrade Kabir. Those were manifested through various reports and practices. In face of two fold pressure from the Awami League and the Pak military fascists, that dogmatism expressed itself as pessimism. That pessimism and rightwing attitude was expressed in his speech in the first national congress of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal through following position: “Party has huge failure, from beginning to end, party has made left deviation” etc.

He came to such conclusion because of dogmatic analysis of military and other lines. He was criticized in congress and dogmatism was taken as main danger of party. Comrade Kabir was appointed to merge with workers-peasants to eliminate dogmatism, not just to change clothing but to eliminate dogmatic thinking.

What is dogmatism?

Dogmatism is a method of thinking that starts from theory and confine itself in theory. Dogmatists deny the process of dialectic materialist process of knowledge. The dogmatists do not start from matter or particular condition but from theory or foreign experience and blindly impose solution of particular condition of foreign to own country’s problems. Philosophically what are dogmatists? When anyone gets in contact with object, that is reflected in brain through five perceptual organs. First, this is perceptual knowledge.

Therefore, source of all knowledge is matter. It is the materialism of knowledge. There are difference among all the objects. That is why they have different existences. For example, Karim, Rahim, Abul everyone have different existences so, we can recognize them. It would impossible to recognize them if they had no differences. Similarly, there are differences among different countries, problems of revolutions of those countries and parties of those countries. That is why they have different existences. That is, East Bengal is East Bengal but not India; revolution and Proletarian Party of East Bengal and that of India are not the same. This is called particularity of contradiction. Dogmatists do not reflect matter including this particularity and do not achieve perceptual knowledge from matter. They do not sum up the perceptual knowledge with the help of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetug Thought and make rational knowledge-theory-plan-general line, that is, do not raise perceptual knowledge to higher stages and follow dialectics of knowledge [ 1].

The dogmatists start form theory and idea that is, pre-made idea and theory, accordingly view object and want to give solution of transformation of matter. That means, they give prominence to conscience, view conscience as object and want to provide solution of transformation of object by such conscience that is not related to that object. That is idealism [2]. Thus, dogmatists do not go to conscience from matter, but go to matter from conscience and view matter according to conscience. According to them, matter is a complex of senses. It is idealism, so dogmatists are idealist. In place of matter-conscience-matter, that is, practice-conscience-practice, they follow the path: conscience (by not taking from matter but from formulae, quotation)-matter. Thus, they deny that the source of conscience is matter, which is like thinking of river without source and tree without root.

Thus, the dogmatists completely abandon the dialectical materialist course of knowledge and become idealist and metaphysical. The dogmatists memorize and do leap service of some theories and formulae and think themselves as big scholar, raise their tail to sky and by mongering phrase astonish those comrades who do not know theories. Consequently, greed for leadership and all-knowing scholastic mentality is created among them. The Chinese party was seriously affected by such dogmatists many times. All the dogmatists have inflicted serious losses to revolution of East Bengal and India. Chairman Mao said, “Many communists of China became revisionist by failing to combine theory with practice (by being dogmatist—Author)”. Comrade Kabir was given a guide line when he was appointed in Payarabagan. But when submitting report, he did not mention of applying of guide line but sent report filled with some quotations. He did not elaborately mention regarding important matters during the retreat of Front no. 2 from Payarabagan but wrote the whole report with comrade Asad.

At that time, in making report, he did not reflect objective condition that is, our condition, people’s condition, enemy condition, raised problems, solution of those and result of application of central order, but submitted report filling it with some quotations and secondary points. Thus, dogmatism inside him was noted. The dogmatists do not reflect in brain the whole situation, that is, the contradictions inside matter, principal contradiction, principal aspect of a contradiction, outside condition that is its relation to other objects and its position. So, they become one-sided and disappointed. In face of serious pressure by the Pak military fascists and six mountains’ lackeys, comrade Kabir when being with comrade Masum, became disappointed and say such things like “We have no other way but establish contact with China-Burma-India, bring arms from there and arm peasants with those”. Comrade Siraj Sikder wrote letter to him by advising to keep his brain cool, reflect matter properly and leave dogmatism.

Later on, in congress, comrade Kabir mentioned our great success as big failure and correct military and political line of party as top to bottom left adventurist line and other than reflecting particular condition of Front no.2, he made comment that all the error had arose because of not applying the strategy that chairman Mao had taken in Ching Kiang Mountain. [3] In congress, the big theories and phrases of comrade Kabir amazed those comrades who do not know theories and some of them unconsciously supported it. Thus, those comrades who do not know theories tailed behind dogmatism. In Chinese Communist Party, Chen-Tu-Shiu was such type of dogmatist. At last in 1927, in face of severe attack by Chiang-ki-shek, he became pessimist about revolution and expressed himself as rightist. He became agent of Chiang by being Trotskyite. Li Li shan and such other dogmatists had one more time assumed power of the leadership of the Chinese party and made left deviation, Ching Kiang Base Area was lost, hundreds of thousands comrades lost their lives and party had to carry Long March.

If congress had accepted the report of comrade Kabir, it would mean that party had become rightist and pessimist. And inevitably party would turn into tail of the bourgeoisie. That is why the dogmatists should not be kept in central, regional or any level. In complex situation of revolution, they by being pessimist, become rightist, or by doing left adventurism, they inflict huge losses to revolution. This is why comrade Siraj Sikder did not appoint comrade Kabir convener of District no. 4 when he was given the task to make the convening committee of the same district. First comrade Kabir showed much aspiration of making joint area including his area and the area under comrade Jhinuk. Comrade Siraj Sikder asked them to form convener committee and make report. But comrade Kabir requested comrade Siraj Sikder to make them convener committee. Comrade Siraj Sikder made them a convener committee by taking comrade Kabir as member and another one comrade as convener. But after formation of that committee, comrade Kabir asked for dissolving his area connection to that and brings that directly under center.

He complained that the cadre history of Jhinuk was not correct, comrade Siraj Sikder use to be influenced by others, that means, as comrade Kabir had criticized someone close to comrade Siraj Sikder, so, comrade Siraj Sikder, in retaliation, had not make comrade Kabir convener. Comrade Kabir expressed such attitude. He expressed such attitude that each area should work independently despite being in a single convener committee (which is actually fortress making mentality) and showed negligence and non-cooperation in taking approval from the convener in different works and sending important documents to him/her. Very often comrade Kabir says that many are theoretically low standard, that is, lower than him, so, he should be appointed in higher post; he expressed such attitude. Recently comrade Kabir proposed to form a Writer Board [4] under the Central Committee to write various documents and include senior comrades in it.

That means, abstractly it has been expressed that he should be also included. Thus, we see, comrade Kabir possesses greed for post and leadership. The Fazlu clique wanted to overthrow comrade Siraj Sikder via conspiracy and clique by saying him totally reactionary. The real objective of saying of forming writer’s board by comrade Kabir is to confine, inactivate or completely deduct the role of comrade Siraj Sikder. His that attitude was expressed in his writing, “ It is difficult for you (Siraj Sikder) to write so many things. Secondly, party should not be dependent on individual or party should not be individual-centered.” He denied the role of the Central Committee by his this saying. Khruschev had overthrown Stalin by saying about joint leadership and opposing Stalin’s so called individualism. Liu Chao Chi had made hundreds of obstacles in extensive propagation of Works of Chairman Mao and publicity and application of his thought so that people may not be familiar with thought of Chairman Mao, he may not achieve confidence and popularity among huge party comrades and people, because in that case, it will be easy to overthrow him and capture power.

By saying those things, is not comrade Kabir too unconsciously expressing the attitude of Liu Chao Chi? That is, has not he expressed such attitude to spread the role of Comrade Siraj Sikder as less a possible, so that his popularity will be less, he will have less confidence of cadres and easily he can be overthrown to capture power? Chairman Mao said, “Be it revolutionary or counterrevolutionary, before capturing power everyone needs to create public opinion.” The meaning of creating public opinion on the side of comrade Siraj Sikder is to create public opinion on the side of revolutionary leadership, sustaining power of revolutionary leadership of party and against reactionary, counterrevolutionary and bad elements. This is why Khruschev-Liu Chao Chi and their apprentice Fazlu were against the popularity of revolutionary leadership and they made all sorts of efforts to reduce it and reverse it.

The reactionaries are disturbed by the popularity of revolutionary leadership. That attitude is expressed in the words of comrade Kabir. It is mentioned in our constitution, and chairman Mao said, personal initiative and collective leadership both should be maintained. Do not overemphasize one while downplaying another. Different forms of revisionists and reactionaries oppose personal initiative of revolutionary leadership, and in the name of emphasizing on collective leadership, actually they overthrow revolutionary leadership and seize counterrevolutionary power. There, they restore main role and autocracy of ‘particular individual’ in counterrevolutionary activities and discard democracy and collective leadership. Khruschev, in the name of collective leadership, actually discarded democracy and collective leadership and established autocracy. Fazlu clique also wanted the same. On the other side, revolutionary leadership give opportunity to fully develop individual initiative and maintain collective leadership and democracy. The Proletarian Party of East Bengal is giving full opportunity of individual initiative of comrade Siraj Sikder in party, while at the same time, collective leadership and democracy is being implemented in Central Committee by approving his directives, his and others’ proposal submitting, discussion, review, amendment of those through democratic method.

Comrade Kabir, by not mentioning political, organizational, military and ideological errors of comrade Siraj Sikder and others related to him, have grasped rumor, slander, bad naming coming from second hand and those who are discontented on party leadership because of clique and personal reason and personal interest. Comrade Kabir said, “We cannot rule out slander, rumor, bad naming and complain of Fazulu-Sultan clique.” If Fazlu-Sultan’s rumor-slander and bad naming was true, they would not make conspiracy and clique, spread rumor-slander, do bad naming, make faction, nor would they make conspiracy to kill and make arrest. In that case, they would stay inside party and carry struggle via democratic way. They made conspiracy and clique because they will not sustain face to face in front of truth; they made conspiracy of secret killing and making arrest comrades. If rumor, slander and bad naming by clique cannot be rule out, so that is true.

Then, why Fazlu-Sultan made clique? Can comrade Kabir answer to that question? “We cannot rule out”, by saying that, comrade Kabir proved that to him this rumor is not rumor, slander is not slander, bad naming is not bad naming, that means, it is in his mind also. Does not it mean that he obey manifesto of clique despite he have not joined clique organizationally? It means, they are ideologically agreed to clique but not affiliated organizationally. Being ideologically agreed, not being organizationally united means not joining because of personal interest, because he/she will not be leader so he/she did not join. Deben-Bashar and many other, despite saying us ideologically and politically correct, do not joint us organizationally because they will not be able to be leader.

Does not his statement prove that comrade Kabir has not joined Fazlu clique because he (Kabir) will not be able to be leader or it is not possible to take Fazlu clique as leader (perhaps because Fazlu clique do not know theory)? Believing second hand rumor and slander is idealism. The dogmatists are idealist. By believing second hand criticism, comrade Kabir showed idealism. Comrade Kabir, by not reflecting in his brain the present condition of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal and present condition of society of East Bengal but by proposing to produce big irrelevant articles in blind following of Chinese Party, showed his dogmatism. The current problem of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is to carry anti clique struggle and rectification campaign and make it a success. In the course of that rectification campaign, cadres will master dialectical materialist work-method.

Our task, aim and about the role of various classes at the present stage of East Bengal society is clearly expressed in our political documents, especially ‘Complete the unfinished national democratic revolution’ document. It is proven as correct in practice. At present, we need to produce document on anti-clique struggle, rectification campaign and ‘Socialism’ and expose the deception of the so called socialism of the reactionaries. By leaving that real condition, comrade Kabir, by saying of producing some dogmatic documents have left the real condition of organization and society. Comrade Kabir wrote, “They (that is general comrades) think national democratic revolution as originated from comrade Siraj Sikder’s brain like Mujivism” All of our comrade, even people know that Mujiv-ism is not originated from Mujiv’s brain but is a creation of Indian Expansionism.

That is national treachery and fascism. On the other hand, strategy and tactics of national democratic revolution of East Bengal (till now) is originated from comrade Siraj Sikder’s brain (on the basis of matter to conscience and applying that from conscience to matter). If comrades think so, it shows confidence on leadership and reflection of truth. How can it be blind following? Actually comrade Kabir meant that those comrades who chant Long Live comrade Siraj Sikder and are confident on comrade Siraj Sikder are blind follower, they act blindly etc. that means, we should not popularize comrade Siraj Sikder. Those words are nothing but the echo of the fazlu clique. In one place, comrade Kabir wrote that we must overcome our theoretical limitations. Is there any theoretical limitation of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal? Have there any problems raised on the question of revolution of East Bengal or of party development, the solution of what the Proletarian Party of East Bengal could not provide? Party gave solution of each and every raised problem.

Comrade Kabir is closing his eyes, so he does not see the solution of the raised problem in the course of development of party and that is why he says like this. The meaning of discovering such imaginary limitations is to prove the disability and disqualification of leadership and the Central Committee. Regarding lack of leadership and successor of leadership, comrade Kabir showed totally dogmatist attitude. In order to overcome lack of leadership and make successor, he mentioned methods like “making Board of Writers, theoretical research, study, writing theoretical research articles” etc. He further said, just practice is not enough but main question is to sum up the experience of practice to raise it to theoretical level. His those arguments are like Liu Chao Chi’s ‘How to be a good communist by reading books at home’. The fundamental question of knowledge is not summing up experience to raise it to theoretical level.

That is half of the process of knowledge and less important part. The fundamental problem of knowledge is to apply theory in practice, applying theory in changing matter, transform matter accordingly and verify it. The process of applying that is the most important stage of process of knowledge. In this stage, the main problem knowledge is determined whether or not that is correct. Therefore, main question is application, verifying theory in practice and transform matter. Comrade Kabir has made upside down the dialectical materialist epistemology. Marx said, “Philosophers have interpreted the world, the question is to change it.” So, revolution is made not to produce theory, nor it is the main question of revolution, but it is to change the world. The proletarians do not make revolution to produce theory but to change the society and world. According to the words of Comrade Kabir, revolution is being carried to raise practice to theoretical level.

His that saying is totally anti-Marxist. It is dogmatism. The best way of training and bringing up comrades is not research (which produce the reactionary academician, specialist and revisionists) but appointing everyone in great mass struggle of revolutionary practice and giving full opportunity to develop creativity in practice. Comrades will come out from here who are able to combine theory with practice and creatively apply Marxism to solve the problems of revolution.

Comrade Kabir wrote, “Party minus Siraj Sikder = approximately 0”. That equation is not correct. We should not think, “Without someone the earth will stop moving”. That means, this conception is completely anti-Marxist that without comrade Siraj Sikder, East Bengal revolution will cease to exist and party will collapse. As an inevitable end of motion of East Bengal society, revolutionary party and leadership will develop. In absence of comrade Siraj Sikder, sincere revolutionaries will take responsibility and carry party and revolution forward according to their own qualification. On leadership and successor question, comrade Kabir manifested historical idealism in place of historic materialism, that is, such theories like there can be no social change and revolution without particular individual, successor will come out not from class and national struggle but from ‘Writers Board’ and closed door house. First he wanted to totally deny the contribution of comrade Siraj Sikder and then, by saying that without Siraj Sikder party is zero, he refuted his own argument.

His, the two mutually opposite arguments are wrong. He expressed the attitude like Liu Chao Chi of being a good communist by producing articles and being confined in laboratory. Successor of comrade Siraj Sikder will come out in the course of mass struggle, not through Writers Board. Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung have not come out from Writers Board. Nor comrade Siraj Sikder has come out from Writers Board. All of them have come out through stormy class and national struggle. Writers Board produces Kautsky, Bernstine, Khruschev, Liu Chao Chi, Huq-Toha, Deben-Motin, Kaji-Rono and other revisionists. Therefore, the charge of comrade Kabir is totally wrong that comrade Siraj Sikder has lack of initiative in developing creativity of comrades.

But really comrade Siraj Sikder has opposition in developing dogmatist initiative. Chairman Mao said, “There is a real theory that comes from practice and is tested in practice.” Whoever produces document including such theories, party will accept that. So, the meaning of the charge that there is no democracy in publishing documents is that comrade Kabir’s document is not published. Comrade Kabir wrote two documents that starting from theory confine itself in theory. That means, he writes document by not achieving experience through guerrilla war, summing that up to produce general laws and applying that to verify. He was said, “You, by yourself, verify those theories through practice and then submit.”

About publishing different documents, comrade Kabir said about developing democracy. That means, he wanted to say that why he is not given opportunity too. He made this charge by giving indication to comrade Taher and Comrade Shahid too. Documents on behalf of party must be approved by the Central Committee and for Lal Jhanda, it must be approved by the editors of that. Individually any one can publish documents, but not in party’s name.

As party has not published dogmatist document, he is discontented over party. He demands democracy in document publishing and want to form Writers Board etc. Recently when reporting work, comrade Kabir, despite mentioning about the correctness of party line of working among peasants by being peasant and line of national enemy annihilation, he planned for attack on a Police Outpost (containing 7/8 Police). Without carrying national enemy annihilation, going to such attack is adventurism. The dogmatists, thus, easily make left deviation and do adventurism. Eventually, they embrace frustration and abscond-ism and finally they become rightist. The dogmatists, by mongering big theories, astonish comrades who do not know theories.

So, the later ones tail behind them. In this way, it arises inside party as a serious danger. After Payarabagan, comrade Kabir adopted abscond-ism and became frustrated and finally became rightist, said party success as absolute failure and attacked party’s correct line as left adventurist. Inside comrade Kabir, there is possibility of repeating the dogmatist cycle: left adventurism-abscond-ism-rightist pessimism. Recently in military case, his left adventurism has been manifested in attacking Police Outpost. One’s world outlook is reflected in each and every writing-word-activity. So, it is not possible to hide own actual character. Comrade Kabihir, though his writings, words and activities have manifested his world outlook.

He is dogmatist, so idealist and metaphysical. From that arises his attitude of thinking himself scholar, able for leadership and greed for leadership and post. Conclusion is made on the basis of analysis and knowingly or unknowingly, analysis is made on the basis of world outlook. In the world, basically there are two world outlooks: Proletarian and Bourgeoisie. So, the identity of conclusion, that is, same conclusion proves identity of world outlook. The similarity of conclusion of Comrade Kabir with that of Fazlu clique on various questions proves the identity of their world outlook. That means, both of their world outlook is idealism and metaphysics, which is centered on individual interest (greed for leadership, post, name and fame and other individual interest). The past reactionary lumpen life of comrade Kabir, his petit bourgeoisie class origin and the above mentioned errors are very serious in this case. Therefore, for the sake of revolution, party and masses, comrade Kabir should be aware of himself and comrade should be very much aware of comrade Kabir. Otherwise, he can make any grave loss to revolution.



1. Dialectics of knowledge is to raise perceptual knowledge to conceptual knowledge and apply the later to revolutionary practice. Raising perceptual knowledge to conceptual knowledge is the first and less important stage of the whole knowledge. The most important stage of the whole process of knowledge is to apply conceptual knowledge in revolutionary practice and verify that knowledge through persisting in transforming matter by that.

2. The idealists give conscience at first place and see conscience as matter. A tree arises in imagination, so, I saw the tree outside. On the contrary, materialists give matter at first place, and conscience is the reflection of matter in brain through five perceptual organs. Matter exists regardless of its existence in thinking or not. It means, tree exists regardless of anyone think about it or not. Conscience or idea about tree generates after viewing tree, that is, tree is reflected in brain through eye perceptual organ, then tree is viewed and idea or conscience about tree emerges.

Alto al matonaje del MAS en la UPEA



El pasado 26 de noviembre el dirigente de la carrera de Sociología de la Universidad Pública de El Alto (UPEA), el compañero Rimber Gutierrez Limachi, fue golpeado brutalmente por un grupo de cinco personas, dos de ellas con el rostro cubierto, cuando llegaba a su domicilio aproximadamente a las 8:30 de la noche, ese día más temprano en la Universidad, el compañero y otros dirigentes enfrentaron una trifulca organizada y dirigida por gente afín al rector, Miguel Ángel Vargas y a la eterna dirigente de la carrera de Trabajo Social, Mónica Eva Copa.

Producto de esta golpiza el compañero Rimber se encuentra hospitalizado y ya ha sido sometido a una intervención quirúrgica y es probable que necesite otra más, los matones golpearon al compañero en los genitales mientras lo amenazaban para que no siga hablando. Rimber junto al movimiento universitario progresista viene denunciando la injerencia del MAS en la Universidad y está pidiendo la rendición de cuentas a las autoridades universitarias sobre el manejo económico.

No hay que ser un genio ni se precisa mayor “evidencia” para darse cuenta de donde viene el ataque contra el movimiento estudiantil progresista y revolucionario. La Universidad Pública de El Alto viene siendo sometida a una injerencia por parte del gobierno a través de dirigentes oportunistas que tienen deudas económicas pendientes con la Universidad y la justicia, estos dirigentes han sido denunciados por robos y negociados, así como acuerdos políticos oscuros a espaldas de las bases para hacerse de cargos en el Estado.

Precisamente estos dirigentes forman parte del Movimiento al Socialismo de Evo Morales y han postulado a la aprendiz de capataz Mónica Eva Copa al cargo de Senadora, cargo que ha obtenido y por ello fue acreditada por el gobierno en una sesión que contó con la participación del rector de la UPEA y toda la recua que la sigue. La flamante senadora sin embargo no quiere dejar el feudo dirigencial estudiantil y por ello organiza a centros de estudiantes adictos a su política prebendal para arremeter contra el movimiento estudiantil autonomista.

El día 26 de septiembre, Copa y su gente buscaban la acreditación de un centro de estudiantes apócrifo que no había sido reconocido por la Federación Universitaria Local (FUL) pero que pretendía el reconocimiento del Concejo Universitario, algo similar a lo que ocurrió con ella pues la “dirigente-senadora” no cuenta con el reconocimiento de la FUL pero sí con el de sus amigos en el Concejo Universitario. Al verse impedida en sus intenciones de acreditar a su centro afín, Copa movió a su tropa de choque para secuestrar por varias horas a los concejeros sin conseguir sus objetivos. Un grupo de esta gente aparentemente siguió al compañero Rimber cuando, ya por la noche, se retiraba a su domicilio donde fue atacado violentamente.

Como hemos dicho no hace falta ser un genio para darse cuenta que es la gente del MAS en la Universidad la que está detrás de este acto criminal, esa gente ha pretendido relativizar el hecho, pidiendo “pruebas fehacientes”, diciendo que el compañero Rimber estaba borracho o que “ha sido una pelea entre ellos”. Estos argumentos bastardos buscan negar la responsabilidad criminal de los masistas en la Universidad y esconder la práctica de persecución política y matonaje contra el movimiento popular estudiantil que se opone a la injerencia del gobierno y al loteamiento de la universidad a través de la corrupción y la prebenda.

Condenamos vehementemente esta acción de persecución y violencia política contra el compañero Rimber Gutiérrez, llamamos a defender su integridad física y su representación como dirigente que ahora viene siendo apetecido por el oportunismo canalla que busca aprovechar la convalescencia de Rimber, llamamos a defender la autonomía universitaria de la injerencia del gobierno de Evo Morales en la UPEA y de sus operadores que hacen de la política universitaria un trampolín mafioso para conseguir puestos en el Estado, finalmente condenamos la política gamonal matonesca que el MAS emplea en la UPEA al estilo de las viejas dictadura militares. Solicitamos a los estudiantes democráticos y a las organizaciones progresistas dentro de Bolivia y fuera de ella que se pronuncien y condenen estos hechos. Pueden enviar su protesta al Consejo Universitario de la Universidad Pública de El Alto y una copia al Centro de Estudiantes de la Carrera de Sociología de la UPEA.

Via Análisis y Opinión

¡Libertad para Igor Mendes da Silva y demás presos políticos en Brasil!-FDLP


No han pasado muchas semanas desde que en Brasil, grandes latifundistas, sus grupos paramilitares con el apoyo de aparatos represivos del Estado y bajo la directriz política del régimen fascista de Dilma Rousseff asesinaran al dirigente de la Liga de Campesinos Pobres de Brasil: Cleomar Rodrigues de Almeida. Hoy, una vez más dan rienda suelta a su política de represión en contra de los dirigentes populares del Brasil, arrestando de manera alevosa a los compañeros del Movimiento Revolucionario Estudiantil Popular – MEPR , y del Frente Popular Independiente de Río de Janeiro (RJ-FIP), particularmente al compañero Igor Mendes, quién fue detenido por fuerzas represivas del gobierno.

El compañero Igior Mendes, al igual que otros muchos más, ha emprendido con importantes y justas jornadas de movilización en contra del derroche burgués-terrateniente con la realización del Mundial de Fútbol 2014. De igual manera, han sido partícipes de jornadas de protesta a favor de la educación, el transporte popular, la salud pública, la permanente violencia policial y la ocupación militar de las comunidades pobres. Para el proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador, es importante que conozcamos el verdadero carácter que tienen estos regímenes reformistas en el que además de Rafael Correa, Evo Morales, Mujica, Bachelett, y otros, en Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, de igual manera emprende con un programa restaurador que trata de implementar las políticas necesarias para profundizar y evolucionar el capitalismo burocrático en Brasil.

Desde luego, para poder promover con esta reforma, el régimen fascista de Rousseff ha venido utilizando una permanente y sistemática política de terror estatal asociada al paramilitarismo terrateniente en contra de los campesinos pobres, y en las ciudades, en contra del pueblo marginado y sus organizaciones de avanzada que de manera sostenida emprenden jornadas de lucha para detener los desafueros del régimen y la voracidad burgués-terrateniente aliada al imperialismo.

En esa medida, el proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador emite su más ferviente rechazo y condena en contra del gobierno de Rousseff. Demandamos el cese inmediato a la persecución de las organizaciones clasistas y populares, así como también la inmediata libertad de Igor Mendes y demás presos políticos que hoy están detenidos en las cárceles del Brasil. Una vez más lo volvemos a decir, el comportamiento represivo del régimen y del viejo estado de Brasil, solo refleja lo decadente de su sistema, la incompatibilidad que tiene éste con los intereses de las grandes mayorías, pero sobre todo, la bancarrota de la dictadura burgués-terrateniente que se manifiesta en sus desesperados actos violentos por detener la firme protesta popular.

Si la fascista de Dila Rousseff considera que con el asesinato del valeroso compañero Cleomar Rodrigues de Almeida pudieron detener la justa lucha por la tierra que emprenden los campesinos pobres del Brasil, se equivocó, esa sangre solo fortalece y atiza la lucha agrarista, democrática. Si la fascista considera que criminalizando, persiguiendo y encarcelando a jóvenes estudiantes comprometidos con la casusa del pueblo va a detener la creciente protesta y lucha popular en contra del viejo estado, de igual manera, se vuelve a equivocar, pues tan solo evidencia la bancarrota del caduco estado, la incapacidad que tienen “los de arriba” de seguir administrando y gobernando como hasta entonces, y, “los de abajoque ya no quieren seguir viviendo en las condiciones de pauperización como lo han venido haciendo durante siglos y que ante esta decisión ya no solo luchan por reivindicaciones económicas, sino que bajo dirección del proletariado y la alianza obrero-campesino-popular bregan por crear las condiciones subjetivas para la conquista del Poder.

Está claro en Brasil, LA REBELIÓN SE JUSTIFICA, “las masas nos esperan, quieren luz, no sombras,” el socavamiento de los muros se gesta, no cuenta la cuota que hay que poner, ¡somos los hacedores del mañana!






Diciembre 2014

Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo – Ecuador (FDLP-EC)

Peoples War in India Clippings 18/12/2014


4 Maoist Camps Busted in SOG Raid

M RAMPUR(KALAHANDI): The Special Operation Group (SOG) personnel and Maoists were engaged in a heavy exchange of fire in the Telan reserve forest in Kalahandi district during a combing operation on Tuesday night. CPI (Maoist) central committee leader Jaipanna along with 40 cadres managed to escape, said YK Jethwa, IG (South West). Addressing mediapersons on Wednesday Jethwa said SOG personnel destroyed four Maoist camps and seized arms and Maoist literature during the combing operation that was led by Kalahandi SP Brijesh Kumar Roy. Jaipanna alias Jingu Narasimha Reddy, who belongs to Warangal in Andhra Pradesh, carries a reward of `25 lakh on his head, Jethwa said.

Jaipanna is also the Central Military Commission member of the outfit. Police suspect that he was involved in Nayagarh and Koraput armoury loot and was here to strengthen the Naxal cadres. The security personnel seized 18 rounds of live ammunition, kit bags, Maoist literature, solar panels, uniform, batteries and radio sets from the camps. Combing has been intensified and search operation launched in the area by the SOG. Three more SOG teams have been deployed. While no casualty was reported on the police side, it is yet to be ascertained whether any Maoist was injured. According to sources, each time the Maoists strike in Chhattisgarh, they take refuge in Telan reserve forest to escape the combing operations in neighbouring State. They enter the forest through Nabarangpur and stay put till the situation normalises in Chhattisgarh.


Dharmapuri police launch search after villagers spot suspected naxalites in forest

DHARMAPURI: The Dharmapuri police and the forest department launched a joint search operation for eight people, including two women, who are said to be staying in the reserve forest in Morappur division. According to police sources, villagers of Agraharam spotted the eight people carrying weapons. Suspecting that they might be naxalites, the villagers alerted the Morappur police. The police launched a search with the help of forest officials.


Now, Maoist ‘Sighting’ in Idukki

IDUKKI: The police went on high alert on Wednesday in Idukki after receiving information of sighting of suspicious persons in the forest areas near Maniyanpetty in Vandanmedu, bordering Tamil Nadu. A 15-member police team have been rushed to the region to carry out combing operations after Kunju, a tribal man, alerted police of seeing unfamiliar persons in the forest area, which is around three kms away from the Tamil Nadu border, SP Alex M Varkey told ‘Express’.The Tamil Nadu police have also been alerted and are also joining the search operations.

Kunju was in the area chopping fodder for his cattle when he apparently sighted these people cloaked in black outfit trotting through the forest, and he informed the police around 1 pm. It is too early to rule out the possibility of Maoist presence, he said adding that it could also be illegal brewers or poachers. Vandanmedu, which is around 4,000 ft above sea level, is around 25 km north of the tourism destination of Thekkady.


Villager’s throat slit by suspected Maoists

Suspected Maoists have slit the throat of a villager at Kuchai in Seraikela-Kharswan district of Jharkhand, a senior police officer said. The ultras slit the throat of one Kalicharan Munda at Togardih village and the police recovered the body yesterday, Superintendent of Police Durga Oraon said. Munda was released from jail about a month ago, Oraon said.


J’khand: ‘Maoists’ open fire at cops, one injured

Three unidentified armed persons, suspected Maoists open fired on the police leaving one injured at Amrapara area of Jharkhand’s Pakur district on Thursday, which will go to polls in the fifth and final phase of state assembly election on Saturday. The alleged Maoists after the attack fled with three police rifles, said the police. The one injured is an ASI rank official, confirmed police sources from Pakur. The injured policeman was rushed to the local hospital and has been referred to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences in Ranchi.

He, however, is out of danger, said sources from Pakur hospital. Elections in the Maoist-affected, tribal state began on November 25 and this is the second reported case of attack on the police. On December 14 at least five alleged rebels open fired at the security forces at Pirtand in Giridih district, but no casualties were reported. Earlier in November, alleged Left Wing Extremists set campaign vehicles of different parties on fire and had beaten up party workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party while they were campaigning in the hinterland. 21 of the 24 districts in Jharkhand are declared LWE affected and heavy forces were deployed across the sensitive state for peaceful elections.

The place where the incident took place fast turned into a police camp with at least 100 armed policemen being deployed at the place within a couple of hours. Jharkhand Director General of Police, Rajiv Kumar, who was in Pakur on Thursday morning, said that the attackers are yet to be identified but are suspected Maoists. He said that police forces have been deployed in the area to counter future attacks if any. “Men have been deployed to counter the attackers if they return, while civilians have been asked to stay indoors,” he said.



accidente en coca codo sinclair FDLP-EC

Un nuevo accidente se ha presentado en el proyecto hidroeléctrico Coca Codo Sinclair, el más emblemático del régimen fascista de Correa. Meses atrás los trabajadores se movilizaron demandando se le exija a la empresa china Sinohydro desista de los maltratos físicos y psicológicos a los que sometían a los trabajadores. Que cumplan con la responsabilidad de reconocer las horas extras, dignificar el salario, mejoren la alimentación y el servicio médico. Inclusive los trabajadores han presentado denuncias de acoso sexual por parte de los funcionarios chinos que operan en la planta.

Hoy la desgracia ha golpeado de manera más dramática y cruenta a los trabajadores. 10 de ellos han perdido su vida y 12 están en difíciles condiciones de salud como producto de un accidente que comprometió el derrumbamiento de un pozo de presión. 3 muertos más son de origen chino y respondían a la patronal. El proletariado y pueblo del Ecuador se solidariza con los familiares y compañeros de los obreros que perdieron sus valiosas vidas ofreciendo su fuerza de trabajo por un miserable salario y sirviendo a la voracidad extractivista china.

Demandamos del gobierno se hagan todas las investigaciones necesarias para identificar las condiciones en las que se dio el accidente y que recaiga sobre la empresa china toda la responsabilidad de la muerte de los obreros. De igual manera, que la empresa asuma el inmediato compromiso de cubrir con todas las obligaciones que la ley determina para estos casos, aún dentro de las limitaciones que ésta tiene, pues es obvio que siempre beneficia a la patronal en desmedro de los trabajadores.



Peoples War in India Clippings 17/12/2014


CIAT school to train cops in anti-naxal operations

VARANASI: Having failed to bring institutions like Greyhound Academy of Andhra Pradesh to enable cops to learn anti-Naxal and jungle warfare methodology in the past seven years, the state police are now exploring the possibilities of starting a Counter Intercept and Anti-Terror (CIAT) school in any of the three Maoist affected districts of east UP region. IG Varanasi zone Amarendra Kumar Sengar admitted that after getting a proposal from the Government of India, efforts are being made to explore the possibility of establishing a CIAT school in this region.

Sharing details of the exercise made in this direction so far with TOI, the IG said, “The ASP (operation) of Maoist affected Chandauli district is being sent to the left wing extremist (LWE) affected states where schools on this pattern are functioning for proper study.” ASP will soon be visiting the centres at Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for conducting the studies. After completing his study, the ASP will submit his report to the IG to prepare a proposal to be forwarded to the Government of India through home department of the state government. Sengar said, “Government of India allocates funds from Rs one crore to Rs 1.5 crore to start a CIAT school. This fund is utilised to establish a school building, arranging trainers and weaponry,” he said.

The IG made it clear that existing facilities like firing range and grounds are utilised for outdoor training under this project. The trainers can be called from major centres, he added. The cops have been directed to look for CIAT school as the fate of the proposal forwarded to home ministry of Government of India through the state government in 2008 for beginning an academy on the line of Greyhound of AP and College of Counter Terrorism and Jungle Warfare (CCTJW), Kanker in Chhattisgarh, is still hanging in balance. Interestingly the state police have not lost hopes for the approval of this proposal hence it has revised the proposals and estimates are being sent repeatedly to the government in this regard.

The IG admitted that this proposal has been sent again to the government after fresh making estimate of the budget required to begin the academy. The Maoist menace in Sonebhadra, Chandauli and Mirzapur districts is being faced since mid-90′s but the state could not ensure training of anti-Naxal and jungle warfare methodology for more than 30% policemen deployed in these districts so far. Keeping the necessity of proper training, the zone police had sent the proposal to start a training academy on the line of AP, Chhattisgarh and Odisha to the Centre through the state government in 2008.


Odisha Police destroyed 4 Maoist camps in Telan forest of Kalahandi

Police, Naxals exchange fire in Telan forest of Kalahandi district.

4 Maoist camps destroyed during the operation. This was informed by the IG (South western range) Jaswant Kumar Jethwa. Security personnel destroyed 4 Maoist camps and recovered 18 rounds of live ammunition, kit bags, solar panels, uniforms, cooking items, batteries and radio sets from these camps. No casualty has been reported from the security personnel side. There is no confirmed information on the casualties on the Maoist side either, informed Yaswant Jethwa, IG, South Western range.


HuM, JMB among 8 militant groups ‘active’ in Assam

As many as eight militant groups are “active” in Assam and Harkaut-ul-Mujahideen (HuM) and Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) are two such organizations prominent among them. The JMB at present has at least 20 active members in the state. Revealing this in the state assembly’s on-going brief winter session, state Forest Minister Rakibul Hussain said the police have so far arrested ten JMB members following the Burdwan blast in West Bengal. Those arrested included Sahanur Alom, a top-level JMB member who was very close to the Bangladeshi terrorist group’s top leadership.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had earlier announced a Rs 5 lakh reward for information leading to Alom’s arrest. Hussain, who was replying on behalf of chief minister Tarun Gogoi, also gave a break-down of cadre strength of the other seven outfits. They are anti-talk ULFA (240), NDFB-S (270), KPLT (40), KLO (40), HuM (40), Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam (140) and CPI-Maoist (30).


Chhattisgarh Government doubles reward on top Maoists

The Chhattisgarh Government has doubled the reward money on top Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) leaders active in the Bastar region of the State, reports The Hindu on December 17. The Government has declared a reward of INR 10 million for providing information on CPI-Maoist ‘general secretary’ Mopalla Lakshmana Rao alias Ganpathi, and five other senior leaders who earlier carried a reward of INR 5 million each on their head. The senior leaders are Katakam Sudarshan alias Anand Mishir Besra alias Bhaskar Mambala Keshav Rao alias Gagganna Kisan Da alias Prashant Bose and Mallojulla Venugopal alias Sonu.


CPN Maoist Clippings 17/12/2014


Chands’s party working on ‘revolutionary doctrine’

KATHMANDU, DEC 17 – The CPN Maoist is planning to endorse a ‘more revolutionary’ political doctrine that includes long term plan of administering parallel local bodies to form a paramilitary setup. The leadership hopes to win support of radical cadres from other Maoist parties by tilting the party to an extreme left, according to leaders. The newborn party, however, has no immediate plan to go to for another rebellion. It hopes to win support of working class (middle class) in cites and peasants in villages to create a conducive environment for ‘unified rebellion’.

CPN Maoist party’s central coordinator Netra Bikram Chand is reportedly working on the document, his close aides said. Chand is likely to present the document in the party’s first general convention scheduled to take place on January 7. The four-day conclave expected to take place in the Capital will likely give final shape to the party. CPN Maoist leaders said the top leaders are currently working on a political document, organisational structure along with party’s immediate and long term plan.

“The leadership is planning to officially propose to lead another armed rebellion in the long run. But the party hopes to lead a peaceful protest for now,” said a CC member close to Chand. Top CPN Maoist leaders have so far said that the party has no plan to go for another armed revolution. Talking to the Post recently, CPN Maoist leader Khadga Bahadur Bishwokarma had said that the party would launch a protest demanding a dissolution of the Constituent Assembly. Bishwokarma said that the new party looks to settle contentious issues of the constitution writing process through an all-party political conference based on consensus. “Our party will reject the constitution if the ruling parties ignore forces outside the CA in settling the debated issues,” he said.

During a press conference organised to announce the new party earlier this month, Chand had warned that his party will not hesitate to take up weapons in order to ensure the ‘rights of common people’, while clarifying that there was no immediate plan to do so.


CPN M’s donation drive

KAVRE: Just weeks after it came into being, the splinter faction of CPN-Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand has launched donation drive targeting village secretaries in Sinchupalchowk. According to Durga Prasad Dhungel, Bhotsipa VDC Secretary and VDC Secretaries’ Welfare Protection Centre Sindhupalchowk chairperson, the Chand-led CPN Maoist has sought Rs 5,000 from each village secretary. “They called me just today morning asking for 5,000 rupees donation. Upon being snubbed, they threatened to deal with me in person,” Dhungel said, adding almost all village secretaries in the district have got calls for donation.

The district has a total of 78 VDCs and two municipalities.It has been learnt that the party on Friday formed the district committee here led by Kamal Majhi. “But just days after the committee was formed, the party started their infamous donation drive citing its scheduled rally in ten days and the first national convention due some time later in the Capital,” said Dhungel. Meanwhile, party district secretary Majhi admitted asking VDC secretaries for donation.