Uphold the Theoretical Weapon of Proletarian Dictatorship-1975

Long live the Paris Commune

— Commemorating the centenary of the writing of “Critique of the Gotha Programme”

IT is exactly a century this year since the great teacher Marx wrote in 1875 his brilliant work Critique of the Gotha Programme in his tit-for-tat struggle against Lassalle’s opportunism. In the period of some [...]

From Bourgeois Democrats to Capitalist-Roaders-1976

Down with the leading capitalist roaders now in power within the party!

THE great struggle initiated and led by our great leader Chairman Mao to beat back the Right deviationist wind to reverse previous correct verdicts is developing soundly in various spheres of the superstructure, including education, science and technology, and art and literature. [...]


The decision of the Rainy seasonal strategic offensive completely corresponds to the domestic and international situation and our subjective condition. It is a wonderful application of Marxist military strategy and tactics. It is a historic, far reaching, significant and epoch-making decision in the history of Party and revolution.

2. According to real situation, we [...]

Unite the People, Defeat the Enemy-1971

—A study of “On Policy”*

By the Writing Group of the Hupeh Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China,

Our great leader Chairman Mao wrote the brilliant work “On Policy” in December 1940 in the critical period when China’s War of Resistance Against Japan entered the stage of a strategic stalemate and there [...]

Today Kobane is a homeland! Act now and defend it!

“Today, Madrid is a homeland”! was the slogan of internationalists in defense of republican Madrid against the military units of fascist Franco.

Kobane, the starting point of Rojava Revolution, has been under siege and constant great massacre threat of barbaric ISIS for 15 days. The ISIS mobs, who reached the gates of Kobane on [...]


(Thanks to Gran Marcha Hacia El Communismo for the following translation-Signalfire)

El Nuevo Partido Comunista (Comité Organizador) celebró recientemente su Segundo Congreso y cambió su nombre por el de Grupo Comunista Maoísta.

Nuestro nuevo nombre refleja la tarea central del momento: consolidación ideológica, y en particular, la forja de una unidad de [...]


The New Communist Party (Organizing Committee) recently held its 2nd Congress, and renamed itself the Maoist Communist Group.

Our new name reflects the central task of the moment: ideological consolidation, and in particular, the forging of a principled unity regarding what we mean by ‘Maoism.’ Only in this way can we lay the [...]

May day Joint Statement Drafted by Maoist Communist Party Manipur

In the present world situation while imperialism and other reactionaries are trying to overcome their crises and impose their order, they are facing more and more problems. The three major contradictions existing today are the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in the imperialist countries [...]

People’s War – United Front – Revolutionary People’s Power

As an armed organization that implements political tasks in the Indian Revolution, PLGA was not confined just to military operations. It served as the principal instrument for the revolutionary masses to establish revolutionary political power organs (RPC-Revolutionary People’s Committees or Janatana Sarkars) with the aim of area-wise seizure of power. In the past decade, [...]

CPI (Maoist) Spokesperson Comrade Abhay Interview on General Elections–2014



Some media persons asked for an interview with Comrade Abhay, Spokes Person of CPI (Maoist) on some recent phenomena concerning our movement and our country. We are enclosing here the written answers of Comrade Abhay that were also given keeping in view the announcement of the schedule of 16th Loksabha elections by [...]