On A Discussion About “Subjectivism” and “Militarism”-1980

Source: Corrispondenza Internazionale, May/September 1980. pp 87-91. Original translation edited for clarity by Signalfire.

The following is a document sent by militants of the Red Brigades

prisoners in the jail of Palmi, against economist, subjectivist and militarist

tendencies in this issue of Corrispondenza Internazionale

we are only publishing a translation of the last part [...]

Revolt of the banlieues: response to OCML-VP and “Les Matérialistes”


Recently Bloc Rouge (Maoist Unification) has been criticized ideologically on the question of the suburban revolts almost simultaneously by two organizations: OCML-VP and Les Matérialistes (old website “Voie Lactée”). It seems important to answer these criticisms and the way they were brought for two reasons : -to refute the falsehoods that can [...]

Hold Aloft the Invincible Banner of Mao Tse Tung Thought-1980

-Harbhajan Singh Sohi

(statement published in the Proletarian Path,Organ of the CC (provisional) of the U.C.C.R.I.(M.L.),March 1980 in commemoration of comrade Mao Tse Tung’s 86th birthday)

Hold Aloft the Invincible Banner of Mao Tse Tung Thought

Today, powerful forces have sprung from within the international communist movement to derail or deviate it from [...]

Tsinghua University: Mass Debate Brings Changes-1976

THE mass debate concerning the revolution in education in Peking’s Tsinghua University has brought many changes since it started last November. Last summer, a small number of persons who clung to the revisionist line that prevailed in the university before the Great Cultural Revolution echoed the absurd views then circulating in educational circles and [...]

European Marxist-Leninists against the “Theory of Three Worlds”-1977

Joint Statement of

The Communist Party of Germany (M-L)

The Communist Party of Spain (M-L)

The Communist Party of Greece (M-L)

The Communist Party of Italy (M-L)

And the Portuguese Communist Party (Reconstructed)

Reprinted from the newspaper “Zëri i popullit”, central organ of the CC of the PLA, [...]

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat and The Great Cultural Revolution-1976

Chung Shih

THE proletarian revolutionary teacher Lenin once made the famous statement: “The further that great day recedes into the past, the more clearly we see the significance of the proletarian revolution in Russia, and the more deeply are we led to reflect upon the practical experience gained in our work as a whole.” [...]




The computer is an advanced technique of great utility in agriculture, industry and national defense, as well as in science. Our national computer industry, guided by the revolutionary line of Chairman Mao, for more than ten years, [...]

The French Maoists conducted an interview with DHF

The French Maoists met with DHF, learning about the situation in general and the political line of DHF. The interview will be published in the newspaper of the French Maoists.

REDACTION (08/30/2015) – The Maoist Communist Party of France was present in Turkey / North Kurdistan for several meetings and political activities. Members of [...]

Make the 21st century a century of establishing Communism worldwide-2005

— by Anwar Kabir, Secretary, Central Committee, Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla (PBSP/Bangladesh)

The greatest achievement of the human race in the modern era is the invention of the doctrine of scientific communism, which in last century, has developed into Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In last century, this doctrine has changed the face of the earth again [...]

The experience of practice of Maoism in Bangladesh And Problems of defending & developing Maoism-2004

— Anwar Kabir Secretary,

Central Committee, Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla (PBSP/Bangladesh)

[This article was originally written in Bangla. The following translation is not so much fine. Any way, readers will find the basic understanding from this translation –author.]

The Maoist movement in Bangladesh – like many other countries of the world — got [...]