People’s War in India Clippings 1/4/2015

Telangana naxals meet near Khammam

Hyderabad: The CPI Maoists’ first Telangana state committee meeting has given the cops a big headache. Anti-Naxal intelligence sleuths of the Telangana state police have confirmed that the Telangana Maoist plenary was conducted recently, in which Vepa Narayana, alias Haribhushan, has been elected as state [...]

The Turn to Public Investment-People’s March

The budget presented by the Modi government envisages huge investments in basic infrastructure, most of it from public funds. A good chunk of this comes from cutting down expenditure in health, education and similar sectors. The Centre claims that actual expenditure won’t really be reduced since the States can make up with the extra [...]

DHKP-C takes prosecutor in Berkin Elvin case hostage

Suspected members of the outlawed Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) have taken prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz hostage at Istanbul courthouse in connection to the case into the killing of Gezi victim Berkin Elvan. Gunshots have been heard at the building.

A photo has been released on social media showing someone pointing a gun at [...]

People’s War in India Clippings 31/3/2015

Surjagarh project would destroy villages, say Naxals

ETAPALLI (Gadchiroli): A section of top guerrilla leaders of Western regional committee of South Gadchiroli division, during a marathon meeting with the scribes at an undisclosed location on Chhattisgarh border last week, claimed that exploitation of irone ore in Surjagarh hills would bring irreparable adverse consequences [...]

El Capitalismo Burocrático-1974

Este problema es importante para la comprensión de la sociedad peruana, y su desconocimiento es raíz de graves errores políticos; la tesis del capitalismo burocrático la encontramos en los clásicos y en Mariátegui, aunque en este con otro nombre.

– Qué Entendemos por Capitalismo Burocrático?

Es el capitalismo que impulsa el imperialismo [...]


El 19 de marzo se cumplió una nueva jornada de movilización y lucha de las organizaciones populares en contra del régimen fascista de Rafael Correa. Si bien es cierto el gobierno de Alianza País y sus aliados, instrumentando el nuevo Código Penal y sus draconianas leyes que pretenden neutralizar la organización, movilización y protesta [...]

Assault on political prisoner Hem Mishra

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The Nagpur police abused and beat up Hem Keshavdutt Mishra, student of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University and Political Prisoner presently lodged in Nagpur Central Prison over the issue [...]

The truth of a people’s war and the lies of the rulers-People’s March

A massive operation termed as a ‘mega­campaign for area­domination’, involving the para­ military, special commando troops and State forces from Chhattisgarh, Andhra, Telangana and Odhisha, was carried out in Sukuma, Bijapur and Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh (falling in the Dandakaranya war zone) starting from November 2014. It was launched as part of the 3rd [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 29/3/2015

‘Govt pitting tribals against each other’

Etapalli (Gadchiroli): Top Naxal leaders, part of the south Gadchiroli division’s western regional committee, slammed the government claiming it is luring tribals to take up arms against each other during an interaction with the media at an undisclosed location in the forest where Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh shares the border [...]

35 years ago today: Police execution of four communist militants in Genoa

On March 28th 1980 Italian anti-terrorist commandos acting on information provided by the “penitent” snitch Patrizio Peci raid a safehouse of the Genoa column of the Red Brigades at the time itself in a life or death struggle with the revisionist PCI including the elimination of revisionist trade union boss and informer Guido [...]