Victory for Syriza in Greece: reformism put to the test of power-OCML-VP

The victory of the reformist coalition Syriza in the Greek parliamentary elections marks the beginning of a new period for the class struggle in Greece. Since 2010 the Greek people has fought against the unfair debt imposed by the imperialists, especially France and Germany, the EU and the International Monetary Fundo (IMF) in return [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 31/1/2015

Files burnt by Maoists in Kalamasseri were related to NH

Kochi: The files set afire during the attack on the NHAI office in Kalamasseri by miscreants with affiliation to the CPI (Maoist) are said to be the records related to the Paliyekkara toll on National Highway near Thrissur. The police have so far [...]

Proletarian Dictatorship and Proletarian Extensive Democracy-1967

“Emphasize revolution to promote production, work and preparation for war.”

“Thousands of willows sway in the spring breeze; all the 600 million people of the divine country are Shun or Yao.”

In this thunderous and heroic Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, millions of revolutionary masses in our great country have for the first time [...]

CPN-Maoist Clippings 30/1/2015

CPN-Maoist to move against LPG hoarders

KATHMANDU, JAN 30 – The CPN-Maoist has said it is launching a crackdown against traders hoarding LPG and petroleum in the Kathmandu valley. Leaders of the Netra Bikram Chand-led party said that hoarding was mainly responsible for the ongoing fuel shortage. CPN-Maoist leaders said they had identified [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 30/1/2015

Maoist attack: Two arrested

KOCHI: Police have arrested two persons in the case related to the attack on National Highway Authority office in Kochi. The arrested persons are Kerala State Insurance employee and Human rights activist Jaison Cooper and Janakeeya Human Rights forum State secretary Adv. Tuhsar Nirmal. Cases have been filed against them [...]

Preparations for international brigade in Rojava 28/1/2015

The call by the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) ‘to defend the Rojava revolution’ has reverberated in Europe as well as in Turkey. Internationalist revolutionaries have begun to travel to the land of the revolution. The goal is to establish an international brigade to defend the revolution in all languages and spread the language [...]


“Remember August 18 1966 forever. The revolutionary hearts of the Red Guards shall burn eternally. Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Chairman Mao’s first review of the Red Guards on August 13, 1968.”

by the Editorial Departments of “Hongqi” and “Renmin Ribao”

THE historic document drawn up a year ago under the personal guidance of [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 29/1/2015

Solidarity for the Peoples War in Sri Lanka ” Indian Struggle is our Struggle! Its victory is our victory! its defeat is our defeat!”

Naxal pamphlets recovered, high alert sounded in MP’s Balaghat

Pamphlets asking locals to boycott Republic Day celebration in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district were recovered with police sounding high alert [...]

Peoples War in India Clippings 28/1/2015

Maoists go on rampage in Chhattisgarh panchayat polls

Maoists went on a rampage in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday during the first phase of panchayat polls which have already seen around 50% of the candidates elected unopposed in rebel-dominated Bastar, officials said. Rebels looted ballot boxes from around 30 booths in Sukma, Dantewada and Kanker [...]

Notas acerca de la situación internacional-AND

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!



La primera constatación y de mayor importancia para el desarrollo de la situación actual que tenemos que hacer con relación a lo ocurrido en Paris-Francia el 7 del presente mes y año es que la guerra [...]