Condemn the cold-blooded murder of Kishenji! Stand in solidarity with the revolutionary masses!!

As part of the counter-revolutionary war being waged by the Indian state spanning across vast swathes of the country, the central paramilitary and West Bengal state police forces have murdered a leader and politburo member of CPI (Maoist), Mallojula Koteshwar Rao [...]

Epileptic prisoner dies in solitary confinement in Dubai

Dubai: An inmate serving a life sentence died in solitary confinement at Dubai Central Jail on Wednesday, a police source told Gulf News.

Police said the epileptic prisoner died in his cell.

According to police the Omani inmate, in his mid-20s and indentified as Y.Sh, died at around 11am.

The source said that Y.Sh, convicted [...]

Quarter of UK population will be on new police database

The Police National Database, which will be launched by ministers next week, will hold the records up to six million apparently innocent people, including every victim of sexual assault and domestic violence.

All 43 police forces in England and Wales and other law enforcement agencies will be able to access the database, which is [...]

3 dead as jail joins Yemen protests

Up to three people are reported dead in a jail riot in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, as police clashed with prisoners backing anti-government protesters demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

At least three prisoners in the Sanaa facility were reported killed and four others injured, Sharif Mobley, an inmate, told Al Jazeera [...]

Security detainees’ relatives attack court guards

Before entering hearing of three east Jerusalem men accused of security offenses, family members whip out belts, helmets, start beating security officers. Judges transferred to safety, backup force helps take control of crowd

Chaos in the halls of justice: Security officers at the Jerusalem District Court on Monday were forced to disperse a violent [...]

New security cameras coming to all CTA rail stations

All 144 CTA rapid transit stations will be equipped with surveillance cameras by the end of this month, expanding the Big Brother reach of the nation’s most extensive and integrated camera network.

By the end of this year, CTA buses and rail stations will have nearly 3,000 high-definition surveillance cameras — up [...]

Germany Asks Google to Surrender Private Data

BERLIN — Google came under increased pressure in Europe on Tuesday over its collection of private data from unsecured home wireless networks, as a German regulator threatened legal action if the company did not surrender a hard drive for inspection.

The German demand underscored the seriousness of the quandary Google now faced [...]