Scandal erupts over power of Mexican union leader

Elba Esther Gordillo is probably Mexico’s most powerful woman, president of the nation’s biggest union and a potential kingmaker in next year’s presidential election.

Now she’s fighting allegations from a former ally that she tried to extort nearly $2 million a month from a federal agency in a scandal that has raised questions about [...]

Source materials on the FAI and the Rome attacks (from 325):

23 December 2010

Parcel bombs explode at the Chilean and Swiss Embassies in Rome. 1 mail-room employee in each embassy is injured.

“We Have Decided To Make Our Voice Heard With Words And With Facts, We Will Destroy The System Of Dominance, Long Live The FAI, Long Live Anarchy.” Informal Anarchist Federation – FAI – [...]


WHO KILLED THE UNBORN BABY, ALSO? [ crossposted from act forfreedomnow slightly edited for clarity] An insurrectionary destructionist perspective on the dead bodies of the uprising which were in a burned/locked bank in Greece; Let’s cry for the baby, too And have rage against capital and capitalist moralists, in order to attack better!

The [...]

District Attorney investigators raid SubRosa

SANTA CRUZ – Investigators with the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office raided the SubRosa anarchist Cafe on Wednesday, reportedly looking for workers’ compensation documents.

Details of the raid were sparse Thursday. But Rick Martinez, Santa Cruz deputy police chief, confirmed the incident.

Wes Modes, co-founder of SubRosa, said four officers were at the Cafe [...]

Urban Guerrillas in Greece Face Scrutiny

ATHENS — Panagiotis became an anarchist at 15, a middle-class Athenian kid attracted to anti-authoritarianism and the gritty central Exarcheia neighborhood, where Greece’s activists came of age. Over the last 26 years, he says he has thrown stones, bottles and Molotov cocktails during hundreds of anti-government demonstrations.

His identity is often hidden [...]