Notas acerca de la situación internacional-AND

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!



La primera constatación y de mayor importancia para el desarrollo de la situación actual que tenemos que hacer con relación a lo ocurrido en Paris-Francia el 7 del presente mes y año es que la guerra [...]

Teng Hsiao-ping’s Total Betrayal of Marxism—Li Chang

THE arch unrepentant capitalist-roader in the Party Teng Hsiao-ping trotted out the revisionist program of “taking the three directives as the key link” and pushed a counter-revolutionary revisionist line. His reactionary program and line were opposed to Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line and, politically, represented the interests and aspirations of. the bourgeoisie both inside [...]

LCP demo in Pedras de Maria da Cruz against landlord murder of Comrade Cleomar




May day Joint Statement Drafted by Maoist Communist Party Manipur

In the present world situation while imperialism and other reactionaries are trying to overcome their crises and impose their order, they are facing more and more problems. The three major contradictions existing today are the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in the imperialist countries [...]

Working Class Occupying and Transforming the Superstructure-1976

Liang Hsiao September 8, 1976

[“The working class must exercise leadership in everything.” On July 27, 1968, in response to this great call from Chairman Mao, a Mao Tse-tung Thought Propaganda Team composed of outstanding workers in Peking marched into Tsinghua University, a famous institute of higher learning in China. Following this, other Mao [...]

Land Seizures in Nepal-CPN-Maoist

Nepal remains semi-feudul country even after the declaration of the Republic and in the 21st century. Feudalist productive relation is not vanished yet. The most disappoint- ing thing is that the most expected agenda of the scientific and revolutionary land reform is being marginalized. Prachanda-Baburam clique have adopted a revisionist/reformist line to solve this [...]

We demand an end to the massacre of workers at construction sites!-Brazil



The Workers League and the Union of Workers in the Construction of Belo Horizonte – MARRETA express their shock and outrage at the deaths of five workers and injury of five others in the construction of the new Ring of Piracicaba bridge. It’s sickening to know that the bodies of three of [...]

From the Uprising in the Banlieues to the Proletarian Revolution 2005 PCM Italy


25,000 cops deployed in the suburbs on the night of Dec. 31, 2005 in defence of order and security against the possible resumption of the uprising, provided an eloquent image of what the uprising has been for France and for the imperialist countries in general. The ostentatious show of strength by the French [...]



Fight Back The Land Acquisition Bill !

Intensify Struggles for Jal, Jungle, Zameen & Defeat The Conspiracy Of The Imperialist-CBB- Big Landlord Combine To Grab Our Lands!

Genuine Land Reforms Is The Need Of The Hour, Not Land Acquisition!

The stage is all set to pull out Land – the chief [...]



Comrades, oppose bourgeois society!

Resist capitalist exploitation!

Unite with your fellow comrades and fight for people’s power!

An economic storm is brewing in Canada. The strength of domestic financial and real estate markets will inevitably crumble with the intensification of the global crisis. In the wake of the U.S., Canada will [...]