Politico-Military Campaign in the Western Ghats-People’s March

Overcoming innumerable obstacles and snatching initiative, PLGA fighters and urban action team combatants led by the Western Ghats Special Zonal Committee (WGSZC) of the CPI (Maoist) have opened up a new war­front in the State of Keralam, situated along the South Western coast of India. Their armed propaganda actions targetting the state, corporate and [...]

Appeal to stand in support of working class struggles in Delhi-NCR

Issued by Labour Solidarity Forum

An appeal to all democratic and progressive individuals and organizations to stand up for justice and support the Maruti Suzuki workers’ struggle and other working class struggles in Delhi-NCR in all possible ways.

Incidents of industrial accidents, often fatal but seldom reported by the media, have been [...]

Communique of Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo-2015/6/2

Ante las mentiras reaccionarias, la verdad revolucionaria.

El narcogobierno de Horacio Cartes se ha apresurado en desplegar una campaña mediática, buscando culpar de sus crímenes a la insurgencia. El miércoles a la noche las Fuerzas de Tareas Criminales (FTC), fuerzas mercenarias del Partido Colorado, disparó sobre un comando de elite del EPP que custodiaba [...]

Peasant leaders murdered by the reactionary state in Brazil

Leaders of the struggle for the land assassinated by the police and private gunmen under the PT social fascist regime.

Gilson Goncalves, head of LCP Rondonia, tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009

Elcio Machado, head of the LCP RO,tortured and murdered by gunmen on 8/12/2009

Jose Claudio and Maria do Espirito [...]

‘New Modes of Exercising Local Power’: 2011 Kolkatta Symposium – Paper Presented by ‘Gana Mukti Sangram’



Article 40 of the constitution of India says ׃ “The state shall take steps to organize village Panchayats and endow them with such powers and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as units of self-government.” Though, in ultimate analysis, self-governance [...]

A new mode of exercising local power: the case of Keralam-2011

‘New Modes of Exercising Local Power’: 2011 Kolkatta Symposium – Paper Presented by ‘Porattam’

We have gathered here to study and discuss “new modes of exercising local power”. The very formulation of the topic, the proposition of “local power”, implies an understanding of modern Indian society quite at variance with the official claims made [...]

Notas acerca de la situación internacional-AND

¡Proletarios de todos los países, uníos!



La primera constatación y de mayor importancia para el desarrollo de la situación actual que tenemos que hacer con relación a lo ocurrido en Paris-Francia el 7 del presente mes y año es que la guerra [...]

Teng Hsiao-ping’s Total Betrayal of Marxism—Li Chang

THE arch unrepentant capitalist-roader in the Party Teng Hsiao-ping trotted out the revisionist program of “taking the three directives as the key link” and pushed a counter-revolutionary revisionist line. His reactionary program and line were opposed to Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line and, politically, represented the interests and aspirations of. the bourgeoisie both inside [...]

LCP demo in Pedras de Maria da Cruz against landlord murder of Comrade Cleomar




May day Joint Statement Drafted by Maoist Communist Party Manipur

In the present world situation while imperialism and other reactionaries are trying to overcome their crises and impose their order, they are facing more and more problems. The three major contradictions existing today are the contradictions between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in the imperialist countries [...]