LCP demo in Pedras de Maria da Cruz against landlord murder of Comrade Cleomar




Land Seizures in Nepal-CPN-Maoist

Nepal remains semi-feudul country even after the declaration of the Republic and in the 21st century. Feudalist productive relation is not vanished yet. The most disappoint- ing thing is that the most expected agenda of the scientific and revolutionary land reform is being marginalized. Prachanda-Baburam clique have adopted a revisionist/reformist line to solve this [...]



Fight Back The Land Acquisition Bill !

Intensify Struggles for Jal, Jungle, Zameen & Defeat The Conspiracy Of The Imperialist-CBB- Big Landlord Combine To Grab Our Lands!

Genuine Land Reforms Is The Need Of The Hour, Not Land Acquisition!

The stage is all set to pull out Land – the chief [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 2/18/2013

Iberia workers and riot police clash at start of five-day strike


Riot police clashed with striking workers (video) from Spain‘s Iberia airline on Monday as they began a five-day stoppage in protest at plans to sack a fifth of the workforce in a country struggling with 26% unemployment.

As hundreds of flights were [...]

People’s war in India Clippings 2/17/2013

Maoist presence: Search operations yield zero results

The search operations organised by the special squads of the police and the forest officials to spot the suspected group of The police and the Thunderbolt Commandos deputed to hound out the group of Maoists suspected to have gone into hiding in the eastern hill region could [...]

Indian Agriculture -Capitalist or Pre-Capitalist?-Parts Two and Three-1983


Indian Agriculture – Capitalist or Pre-Capitalist ?

This is a continuation of the article that appeared in the March issue of Vanguard. The first installment examined the aspects of Land utilization and Holdings, while this deals with inputs and Produ­ctivity Trends. The last installment will appear in the May issue of Vanguard and will [...]

Indian Agriculture-Capitalist or Pre-Capitalist?-Part One 1983

“ONLY an objective considera­tion of the sum total of the rela­tions between absolutely all the classes in a given society, and consequently a consideration of the objective stage of develop­ment reached by that society -and of the relations between it and other societies, can serve as a basis for the correct tactics of an [...]

EXODUS AND RECONSTRUCTION: Working-Class Women at the Heart of Globalization

Bromma (September 2012)

Introduction Hundreds of millions of working-class women are flooding out of the countrysides of the world into the cities. In an epic upheaval, pervaded with human suffering, these women are being channeled into the manufacturing and service industries of a radically transformed global economy. This wholesale relocation and reorganization of [...]

Vietnam: Hundreds Protest Land Seizure In Capital

Hundreds of farmers gathered in the Vietnamese capital Thursday to demand the return of rice fields they say were confiscated by heavily armed police just days after receiving an eviction notice.

The farmers, from three different villages in Vietnam’s northern Hung Yen province, said they never received an offer for compensation for the 500 hectares [...]

Police Shoot Five Farmers In Latest Indonesia Land Dispute

Five farmers in North Sumatra suffered gunshot wounds on Thursday in the latest clash in a land dispute involving farmers, a palm oil company and police.

North Sumatra Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Raden Heru Prakoso said the clash started from “an ambush” by residents of Batang Kumuh village, which lies on the border with Riau [...]