An Undeniable Class Struggle-K Murali

Feyzi Ismail and Alpa Shah correctly draw attention to the perils inherent in an overflux of identity politics, citing current experiences (“Class Struggle, the Maoists and the Indigenous Question in Nepal and India,” EPW, 29 August 2015). However, their proposition of a “lack of clarity” in relation to the indigenous question in case of [...]

Minqi Li on the GPCR

The following is extracted from Chapter II of the unpublished text Capitalist Development and Class Struggle in China. The entire work is available here.-Signalfire

To understand Maoist China, we must fully realize that it was a society born of a great people’s revolution in which the broad masses of the oppressed people rose up [...]

Search for livelihood and an alternative politics-Osonghotit Khetra Shramik Sangrami Manch

-Osonghotit Khetra Shramik Sangrami Manch

Friends, We are passing through very hard times. “We” means the people of this country, “we” means the working people who labour on the roads and in the factories ; in the fields and in the farms; in the offices and in the shops;and, even inside homes , sometimes [...]

Down with the so-called “new war against terrorism” of the Turkish Government against the PKK and the Kurdish people!

The everyday burning War Front in the Middle East shows that the world lives the threshold of a new imperialist world, a predatory war, where the sinister eagerness of domain and dispute over areas of influence for the new distribution of the world survives and is mainly fanned by US imperialism, NATO and its [...]

All imperialists and reactionaries out of Syria! No to any involvement of our country! No to any facilities to imperialists!

The airstrikes of Russia on Syrian ground that started on 30 September 2015 will result in two certain things:

● They will cause more bloodshed and catastrophe on the Syrian people, deepening the internal conflicts and increasing the desperate refugee exodus.

● They will multiply the dangers of a broader military conflict in the [...]

Conversation between Mao Zedong and Pol Pot

Beijing, 21 June 1975

[Mao Zedong:] During the transition from the democratic revolution to adopting a socialist path, there exist two possibilities: one is socialism, the other is capitalism. Our situation now is like this. Fifty years from now, or one hundred years from now, the struggle between two lines will exist. Even ten [...]


1. Shansi Media Has Again Lashed Out At Upper Level Authority, This Time Broadly Endorsing Disobedience. “No Matter Who And No Matter When, So Long As There Are People Who Negate The Great Achievements” Of The Cultural Revolution, “the Masses Will Persist In Struggle And Attack Them…,” Says An April 10 Shansi Daily Newsletter [...]

Brief Profile of Comrade Hijam Irabot

Hijam Irabot:

• Born on 30 September 1896 at Oinam Leikai near Pishumthong, Imphal, Manipur.

• After his father’s death, he moved with his mother to stay with his aunt Sougaijam Ongbi Ibeton Devi at Moirangkhom Sawaijam, Imphal. After his mother’s death and his return from Dacca in 1915 he was sheltered in [...]

Criticizing the Programme for Capitalist Restoration-1976

TEACHERS, and students of Peking University are now deepening their criticism of the revisionist programme of “taking the three directives as the key link” dished up by that unrepentant Party person in power taking the capitalist road. The aim of this programme, they pointed out, is to restore capitalism. They are taking an active [...]


Summary. A Shanghai Newspaper Has Attacked Those Who Are “Perverting” The Anti-Lin/Confucius Campaign Within That City.The Commentary Seemingly Places Shanghai Squarely Behind The Campaign’s Recent Shift Toward Moderation. End Summary.

1. A Shanghai Newspaper Has Alluded To Recent Serious Problems In That City. The Allusion, In A February 24 Wen Hui Pao Commentary, Relates [...]