Armed Struggle & Counter Insurgency



Interview with the collective of prisoners of Action Directe I: Armed Struggle (Section one)

Interview with Safiya Bukhari

Direct Action On The Populations of Cities ( From Trinquier’s “Modern Warfare”)

Chronology of Armed Struggle in Greece 1975-2005

Europol on armed struggle and militant action in 2010 (TE-SAT 2010)

Terrorism and communism (internationalist leaflet on the “German Autumn”)

A Political Letter to Society: (statement of political responsibility by the defendants in the “Revolutionary Struggle” case)

Urban Operations in the Year 2020-NATO RTO TECHNICAL REPORT 71 (Extracts)

Construct the Red Army (1969)

 On A Discussion About “Subjectivism” and “Militarism”-1980

Historical Chronology of Action Directe (1972-1987)

Class Struggle in Italy 1976-78

Guerrilla Warfare (Lenin 1906)

Guerilla War in the United States, 1965-1970