Analysis & Polemic


A Further Response to Ba Jin

Letter of Solidarity and Greetings to the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist from Marxist-Leninist-Maoist National Liaison Commission (USA)

Against Left and Right: Bourgeois Democracy and Our Tasks

Notes Towards a Critique of Euro-Marxism

Brief notes on “Divided World, Divided Class”

On Elections

Our Position on Aoki, Agents of the State, and the Vanguard

How the petty bourgeois left serves imperialism

Notes on the Question of the Lumpen Proletariat

Between revolutionary realism and “socialism from below”

Eurocentrism and popular frontism in the discourse of the KOE

Report back on the student strike on Quebec

Social democracy under the banner of Maoism

On Comrade Lenin

Put world people’s war on the agenda

The rebellion of the masses demands the leadership of the party

Refreshingly non-dogmatic or tediously opportunist?

The persistence of unwaged female labor and the reality of gender as class

A farewell to ultra-left idealism

With the looters and against the left

Occupy and the allure of the petty bourgeois

Cultural revolution is also the revolution of the economic base

We are Trayvon Martin and We are Dangerous!

EXODUS AND RECONSTRUCTION: Working-Class Women at the Heart of Globalization

The Restructuring of Social Reproduction in the United States in the 1970s

Social revolution is not existentialism but a concrete material project