On August 27, the MCG-generated Initiative for a Central Brooklyn Struggle Committee held an educational discussion in Bed-Stuy titled, “Against the Pigs in Ferguson, Against the Pigs in NYC.” Approximately 20 people who live in the neighborhood came together to discuss the recent uprising in Ferguson, MO, systemic racism, police violence and the need [...]

The Ferguson Uprising Lights the Way

“It doesn’t matter that the dude has a black face,They’re all cops.”

-Protester speaking to a reporter from the Guardian

The people of Ferguson: the fighters, the looters, the arsonists. Those branded “criminals” have through their brave intervention created a new political situation, new possibilities for asserting our collective power.

To strike back at [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 14/7/2014

Chand’s document pours cold water on CPN-Maoist plans

KATHMANDU: With CPN-Maoist Secretary Netra Bikram Chand’s decision to challenge the party line, the CPN-M’s course of action has gone for a toss. The party, which was almost done with preparations for its national conference to begin from July 10, has been diverted after Chand told leaders [...]


(Thanks to Gran Marcha Hacia El Communismo for the following translation-Signalfire)

El Nuevo Partido Comunista (Comité Organizador) celebró recientemente su Segundo Congreso y cambió su nombre por el de Grupo Comunista Maoísta.

Nuestro nuevo nombre refleja la tarea central del momento: consolidación ideológica, y en particular, la forja de una unidad de [...]


The New Communist Party (Organizing Committee) recently held its 2nd Congress, and renamed itself the Maoist Communist Group.

Our new name reflects the central task of the moment: ideological consolidation, and in particular, the forging of a principled unity regarding what we mean by ‘Maoism.’ Only in this way can we lay the [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 22/5/2014

Peruvian army seizes statements on ILA in Leoncio Prado

Tension erupts into violence in East Salinas near the site of yesterday’s officer-involved shooting.

East Salinas felt like a powder keg, ready to bust, since the second officer-involved shooting in less than two weeks claimed a life Tuesday afternoon. [...]

Report of protest in New York-Maoist Communist Group

NEW YORK – Supporters of the campaign to free Dr. Saibaba, including activists involved with IGNITE-MLM and MCG, conducted street agitation on Wednesday, May 14 to bring attention to the Indian state’s abduction of the professor. More than 500 copies of the “Free Dr. Saibaba, Now!” leaflet of The International Campaign for the Freedom [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 16/5/2014

Bhattarai‚ Baidhya hold talks

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidhya on Thursday discussed working alliance between the two Maoist parties with senior UCPN-Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai. The two leaders discussed working alliance on issues of public interest and the peace process. They also discussion finding common ground on agendas raised by CPN-Maoist, including roundtable conference for [...]

Help Comrade Outlaw!-SPARC

Dear supporters, We at SPARC have taken on the task of providing re-entry support for our comrade Outlaw. This includes housing, employment, and financial resources. We are more than willing to cover much of the costs associated with this effort, but we are everyday working class people with extremely fixed incomes. We are calling [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 23/4/2014

Deadly riot in Rio’s Copacabana district with World Cup weeks away

One person was shot and killed as violent protests erupted in Rio’s Copacabana beach district less than two months before soccer’s World Cup begins in Brazil. The riots followed the death of a dancer, allegedly at the hands of police. Brazilian media [...]