World Popular Resistance Clippings 13/4/2014

Dozens hurt as anti-government protest in Rome turns violent

ROME: Police fired tear gas and made a number of arrests in Rome on Saturday as an anti-government protest turned violent, leaving several injured, according to medics and an AFP photographer. Hooded protesters hurled rocks and firecrackers at police, causing some 20 [...]



The society was divided into oppressors and oppressed with the emergence of private property. As the oppressor class; slave owners and feudal lords used constant force on the oppressed class in order to protect their [...]


ITALY – From the Women’s Strike to our grasp of a Red Women’s Day, to the struggle of women in every aspect of the conditions of life

The 25 November, with the women’s strike “against femicides, rapes, sexual violence and the entire condition of women” we lit many fires, from the North to the [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 26/1/2014

Palestinians protest continued negotiations with Israel, urge rejection of Kerry proposal

Leftist Palestinian parties on Saturday held demonstrations across the West Bank in opposition to negotiations with Israel and US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework proposal that will serve as the basis for future negotiations. Leftist rallies in Hebron and in Nablus [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 10/12/2013

Singapore charges 24 over Little India riot

Police in Singapore have charged 24 Indian nationals with rioting after violent protests on Sunday night over the death of a migrant worker. Police cars and other vehicles were set alight during the unrest in Little India. It was Singapore’s first riot in more than 30 [...]

Italy -The Spark of the Women’s Strike Lights Fires

The “Women’s strike” on 25 November against “femicide, rape and sexual violence” against the “double oppression and double exploitation of women” took place and was successful, beyond expectations. The sparks have begun lighting many fires, from North to South. The prevailing feeling among the women who have observed, first time in Italy, this historic [...]

The 25th of November for the first time in Italy the “Strike of Women”-MFPR

A strike against the low-intensity war against women, as women, made of femicides and rapes by men who hate women, perpetrated mostly within the “holy family”. The killings of women in Italy are becoming a massacre. Every two days a woman dies murdered – worse than in a real war – and every day [...]

PCm Italy for 1 july for proletarian internationalism

The International Committee to support the People’s War in India has launched for the 1st of July a Day of Support, that will be held in many countries. The PCm Italy contributed in a decisive way to the formation of the Committee and the International Conference of Support in Hamburg, on 24 November 2012, [...]

World Popular Resistance Clippings 6/6/2013

Union close to CPN-M calls two-day strike over wage

KATHMANDU, JUN 06 – A week after the minimum wage of the industrial workers was determined under a tripartite agreement, supposed industrial peace is being threatened by All Nepal Revolutionary Trade Union Federation (ANRTUF), The federation, which was not part of the deal, on Wednesday [...]

From the Uprising in the Banlieues to the Proletarian Revolution 2005 PCM Italy


25,000 cops deployed in the suburbs on the night of Dec. 31, 2005 in defence of order and security against the possible resumption of the uprising, provided an eloquent image of what the uprising has been for France and for the imperialist countries in general. The ostentatious show of strength by the French [...]