DSU’s statement on the brutality of Indian occupation in Kashmir and other places ….


How many lives will it take to satisfy the Brahminical ‘Collective Conscience’?
This is a War on People- Break the unrelenting silence!


“A country preparing for dawn. We grow less intelligent. For we closely watch the hour of victory” – Mahmoud Darwish

More than 30 Kashmiri youths have been murdered in two days by the Indian occupational forces as a sea of masses stormed to the funeral of Burhan Wani, a slain freedom fighter of Kashmir’s liberation movement. The PDP-BJP government of Jammu and Kashmir imposed curfews, barricaded the streets, suspended internet services to prevent people from attending the last rites of Burhan Wani and his fellow fighters. The brutal Indian occupational forces have been ransacking houses, hospital and even ambulances. 18 people have lost their sights in the vile mayhem unleashed by the armed forces.

The Jammu Kashmir coalition of civil societies (JKCCS) has condemned this as a war crime of Indian occupation. Indian Occupation, laden with heinous barbarity, has left the body counts in millions over last few decades and has dehumanized an entire population. Forced disappearances, collective tortures on civilians and the families of the fighters inflicted by the occupational army are bloodcurdling. Indian state, petrified to see the number of mourners gathered to bid adieu to Burhan Wani, is engaging in another round of killings and has claimed 23 lives so far.

On the other hand, six Dalit and Adivasi villagers, including a two years old child, have been murdered in Orissa in cold blood. In the name of combating ‘Maoists’, Indian state is committing genocide of Adivasis and Dalits and has carried out ‘Operation Green Hunt’ to facilitate the loot of resources and to suppress people’s movement. An extermination project called ‘Operation 2016’ has been launched by the Fascist RSS-BJP government in Bastar to further suppress the people. The state is waging a bloody war against the people with absolute impunity and without any witness. Everyday persecutions, rape, killing, scouring villages and hounding of democratic rights activists, journalists expose the fallacy of this ‘largest democracy’.

The so called left and progressive sections so far have maintained an unrelenting silence. Also, some have not only dubbed the struggling masses as “infantile youths, swayed to a wrong path” but have condemned Kashmir’s freedom movement using venomous Islamophobic rants. Through narratives of ‘human rights violations’, ‘removal of AFSPA’ and ‘fairer justice system’, these sections maintain a silence on this atrocious occupation and attempt to dilute the democratic aspirations of the people of Kashmir. Some ‘left’ sections have even shamelessly appropriated and distorted the essence of the slogan of azadi which has been echoing in the streets and villages of Kashmir since Indian occupation.
It needs to be understood that these felonies committed by Indian armed forces are brutal expressions of this occupation. DSU deems that ‘scraping AFSPA’ is no solution but certainly a limited demand, Azaadi being the only panacea. DSU calls upon the progressive and democratic sections to stand against Indian occupation in Kashmir, Manipur, Nagalim, etc and raise their voices against the heinous crime committed by Indian state on oppressed nationalities, exploited classes, Adivasis, Minorities and Dalits.

Salute to all the Martyrs of Kashmir Freedom Movement!

Stop Operation Green Hunt … End War on People…. Scrap draconian laws like AFSPA, UAPA!

Right to Self determination, long live!



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(Published by Delhi University Unit of Democratic Students’ Union)

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