About the British Referendum-KKE (ml)


The NO in Britain denotes the sharpening of inter-imperialist contradictions

The NO of the peoples of EU must advance through popular struggles

1. The Brexit predominance in the referendum in Britain is an important moment in the sharpening of inter-imperialist contradictions so better conditions could be created for the redivision of the world and to deepen the onslaught on the rights of the working class and peoples. Despite the pressure by important sections of the British imperialist bourgeoisie – and also the US and EU – for the predominance of «Remain», despite the efforts of both Conservatives and Labor, the referendum leaned toward the NO. Cameron’s and the City’s pressures, for «special terms» regarding the status of Britain inside the EU and against the German dominance have not brought favorable results so they resorted to threats with a referendum.

On the other hand we had – with the same aims – the alignment with Brexit of sections of British capital who consider that the imperial capabilities of UK would be greater this way. There were also along them various nationalist – reactionary forces who took advantage of the growing indignation of popular strata against the anti-people policies of EU and the Cameron government. The result was the predominance of the exit vote. This is a decision that denotes a new higher level of the contradictions globally, where wars and interventions come hand to hand with “peace plans” and where each imperialist seeks his role either for himself or along alliances. This is the shattering of delusions about both integration and globalization.

Finally, exactly because the choice of that dangerous political move belongs to the bourgeois economic and political establishment, it is obvious that the handling of the result is his, too.

2. The furious onslaught on the working class and the peoples waged for decades by the imperialists and especially through the recent years of sharp economic crisis, has created an unfavorable class correlation, driving broad popular masses into misery and unemployment.
It is expected that mass popular indignation would be growing, although unorganized. But the working class struggles in France, Belgium, and elsewhere and also the people’s disposition to free themselves from the EU wolf-pack are optimistic signs that the popular masses and the progressive forces can and must intensify their struggles against capital and imperialism.

3. It must also be clear that these targets cannot be successful through either referendums or elections. Neither can be accomplished with alignments behind reactionary sections of the bourgeoisie who dream about plundering other peoples or the working class of their own country. It is certain that whichever result came out of the polls the condition of the working class in Britain would be the same. Now the working class of Britain will suffer a new attack on their rights this time in the name of the British empire. The defeat of the communist movement and the weakness of the communist Left regarding the smashing of the imperialist edifice of the EU is no excuse for the popular dispositions to be exploited by persons like Farage or Le Pen. The only way to help people to unchain themselves from delusions that the EU issue could be solved through referendums or a good electoral result, is to make clear to the masses the true class content of the referendum.

4. It is the duty of the Left everywhere to lead the true dispositions of the peoples towards the overthrow of imperialist yoke of the EU and the US, through mass class struggles shouting louder and more resolutely the slogan “OUT OF THE EU”. It is the duty of the communist Left to lead the growing rage of the toiling masses towards a broad RESISTANCE and DEMAND FRONT, in order to overthrow this exploitative system and open the road for a socialist society. Only in this way, the indignation of the British popular masses, who have been deceived by both the Labor Party and the Lexit followers about reforms inside capitalism. will be justified and a true Brexit by the masses will be won.

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