HBDH: Let’s transform everywhere into sites of resistance and action


Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) General Council issued a written statement and called upon everyone to support their political military initiative, and transform everywhere into sites of resistance and action.

In its statement, the HBDH emphasized the need for enhancing the current revolutionary struggle against the savage attacks and massacres of the AKP government and fascism led by Erdoğan.

The HBDH General Council recalled the destruction in Kurdistan and Turkey, and said that the AKP government has not hesitated to pursue cruel policies such as burning people alive in basements of savagery or gassing and bombarding civilians. The HBDH noted that the war the AKP government declared on Kurdish people has been expanding westwards step by step, and civilians and revolutionaries are massacred not only in Kurdistan but also in Turkish cities. The HBDH emphasized that the state has been oppressing all social groups ranging from academicians to workers and women, and the state’s enmity towards Rojava and Kurdish people has been determining all of its policies.


The HBDH General Council stated that the current dirty war is the war of Erdoğan and Turkish fascism against peoples, and oppressed groups such as Kurds, workers, Alevis, women and the youth have no option but to enhance the fight against fascism which brutally suppresses any demand for human rights. The HBDH highlighted that workers and peoples do not have to live like slaves, and invited all oppressed groups to come together under the banner of HBDH and struggle for victory.

The statement by HBDH noted that Erdoğan and the AKP government have been employing dirty methods to silence and intimidate the MHP and CHP, and the polarization in Turkey makes it necessary to enhance the struggle for justice, freedom, democracy and equality. The General Council praised the heroic resistance in Kurdish cities such as Cizre, Sur, and Nusaybin, and said that the guerrilla resistance combined with the heroism of the people would carry the resistance to victory.

The HBDH stated that “we must struggle against the destruction and massacres of fascism with the enhancement of the revolutionary struggle. It is now time to carry the war further westwards. We must not allow those enforcing death upon our peoples to live comfortably. Therefore, lets transform everywhere into sites of resistance and action!”

Lastly, the HDBH stated that those that wage and finance the current war and their bourgeois life spaces, accomplices in the tourism sector, savage PÖH and JÖH special operations forces, and senior AKP and state bureaucrats are are now the primary target of its political military initiative in western Turkey that aims to bring the perpetrators to account and carry the struggle to victory.

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