Encounter of Madkam Hidme – Press Release from CLC and OPDR


June 20, 2016

Press Release from Civil Liberties Committee and Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights

Dt. 19-06-16
Press Release

The fact finding committee comprising Civil Liberties Committee (CLC) – Telangana and A.P. along with Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights (OPDR) visited Gompad Village of Chattisgadh State on 18-06-2016 to ascertain facts relating to the encounter of Madkam Hidme (16) which took place on 13-06-2016.

The claim of Inspected General of Police, SRP Kalluri that it was a real encounter was false and it was a sheer fake encounter. Before she was pumped off bullets she was brutally raped by the Chattisgadh armed forces.

On June 13th 2016 around 200 Para Military forces along with “Koya Commandoes” entered the Gompad Village and started beating the people indiscriminately. And later, on the indication of Koya Commandoes they came to the house of Madkam Hidme (16) and began thrashing Madkam Kossa(50) father, Madkam Lakshmi(45) mother,and two younger brothers Madkam Joga(8),Madkam Bhima(6), who were suffering already from severe fever and therefore sleeping at that time in their house. Eventually, armed forces dragged Hidme out of the house and trampled severely in front of all the villagers. Latter, they have taken that minor girl Hidme along with them to the near by forest where there is a paramiltry camp at Chinthagoppa.

This all happened despite villagers pleading them not to harass and take her to the forest camp. When people followed them, the armed forces prevented them at the gun point. The parents and villagers told our committee that the forces have brutally raped her before being killed in the fake encounter. In order to cover the brutal sexual assault, they burnt her clothes and to cover the murder, they eliminated her and branded as Maoist. They also put up olive green dress and a gun in her hands. The chappal shown besides her do not belong to her. This all a stage managed to create as if it were a real encounter.

The Tribal Activist and Aad Aadmi Party leader tried to visit Gompad village on 16th June, but she was not allowed by the police. Such mindless actions of the police subvert the very spirit of democratic space in the state.

This incident is only a tip of ice burg for the police extra judicial killings and sexual assault on women in Chattisgarh state under the leader ship of Ramansingh. The Soni Sory herself is the victim of rape by the police and living example. In the year 2009, Salwa Judum killed 9 innocent adivasis in this village where 4 women and 5 men were killed.

The body of the Madkam Hidme was handed over to the parents after post mortem at Mucharlaguda Police Camp. The parents and villagers told our committee that huge bruises were seen on the body of Hidme indicating severe torture and rape. They said the throat was cut; left hand was fractured knife cut marks were seen on two thighs of that girl.


The criminal cases must be booked against the armed forces responsible for rape and murder

Cases must also be booked under SC/ST atrocities act.

Repost mortem has to be conducted by exhuming the body.

Judicial enquiry must be instituted immediately in to this encounter.

National Human Rights Commission has to visit this village immediately to bring out the truth behind the encounter.

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