In solidarity with the ongoing hunger strike in UoH against the farcical suspensions of Prof. Ratnam and Prof. Tathaghata!-BASO


Ensure ‪#‎JusticeForRohith‬! Punish the killers of Rohith

If one thought the reinstatement of Appa Rao, the brutal lathi charge, arrests of students and teachers, custodial torture wasn’t enough, well then it wasn’t. For the fascists, it is never enough! The RSS puppet Appa Rao led University of Hyderabad administration has suspended two prominent faculty members – Prof. Ratnam & Prof. Tathagata for their “crime” of being an active part of the movement for Justice for Rohith Vemula. In the past few days, after laying siege upon Velivada repeatedly, after defacing graffiti, posters and attempting to erase Rohith from our memory, the UoH administration has now intensified its assault upon the teachers who stood steadfast demanding the killers of Rohith be brought to the book! The dastardly decision to suspend the two has been taken by the same ‘Executive Committee’ that instituted the social boycott of Rohith and the other Dalit students ultimately leading to his institutional murder. And now the same tactic is being replicated again by Appa Rao as he faces mounting pressure from the students and teachers.

Prof Ratnam and Tathagata have been ardent voices against the authoritarian-casteist HCU administration and Appa Rao. Prof. Ratnam for the last 15 years and Prof. Tathagata for the last 5 years, have not just been teachers in the university but have been an active part of struggles in the campus – whether for social justice, against privatization of education or for workers’ rights. After Appa Rao re-entered the campus in March, both Ratnam and Tathagata had been targeted and were jailed along with 25 students. But that failed to deter or intimidate them, and after their release they took the movement far and wide across the country. Now when all insidious tactics of Appa Rao miserably failed to silence the students and teachers, the VC has resorted to an all-out brazen witch-hunt and targeting through the administrative tool of ‘suspension’.

The assault like this – suspension of two teachers by the HCU administration and on the #JusticeforRohith movement is being executed during the vacations. As vacation started, the University administration shut down hostels, stole the tents and desecrated Babasaheb Ambedkar’s images in velivada, the administration whitewashed all the walls that carried the memories of #JusticeforRohith struggle in the university campus and now this latest attack!

Since the reinstatement of Appa Rao as the VC in March, the administrative reign of terror has continued unabashedly. Let us not forget that all of this is happening in absolute patronage and tacit support of the Brahmanical Hindutva fascist government at the centre. Those responsible for the death of Rohith – Manusmirit Irani, Bhandaru Dattatreya etc are still scot free and out in open with impunity, rather in the seat of power in this “world’s largest democracy”. But, it is our struggle and fight which will ensure that culprits responsible for the institutional murder of Rohith and subsequent atrocities inflicted onto the students in UoH are brought to justice.

Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Organization stands in solidarity with ongoing hunger strike in UoH against the suspensions meted out to Prof. Ratnam and Prof. Tathgatha.

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