30 years since the genocide of political prisoners in Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao-AFADEVIG

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The Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners, of Missing people and Victims of Genocide of Peru, write to you to invite you to our activities that will take place from June 10 to June 19 about the event that thirty years ago shuddered the proletarian and people`s depths: 300 war prisoners’ imprisoned in the jails of the island of Fronton, Lurigancho at the east of the capital, and of Callao the main port of our country, were vilely murdered by order of the current government, a 19 of June 1986.

Thirty years later, these heroes of today and announcers of the future, deserve to be remembered for their exemplary heroism. Young men and women with promissory professionals’ future they preferred to delivered wholly to the real transformation of a society sunken in hunger, misery and backwardness, because of the exploitation of a handful of oppressors and exploiters landlords and capitalists submitted to US imperialism. They lived and struggle with the peasants and workers and they died with them in a fierce resistance. They were and they are in the path to conquer the sun. We do not have their bodies, we search for them in the sky and the sea, in the Andes and the in the valleys, in the forest of the bones of this land we search them without finding them. They don’t want to give us our sacred right to bury them. We will not relent us in the effort for obtaining that they delivered us their bodies.

The celebrations that will take place are part of our struggle and commitment to persist in getting the remnants of the bodies of our beloved relatives and to continue to denounce the genocidal policy applied against them, so on June 10 we will present the written testimonies and filmed by survivors, as well of family members, who will be accompanied by artistic demonstrations, during those days we will make other important activities, closing on June 19 with the main event, which is the inauguration of the mausoleum, because today we have built a beautiful one, though simple mausoleum where we will place the few remains that we have rescued, a place that we will water with our tears and accompany with our songs of love and struggle. A place that will surround of laurels and we will come as often as we will want to respond to them that we are here with them, and that our boiling heart will find the quietness that it needs.

Writing you these, respectable comrades, we invite you to participate in our activities where we will surrender solemn tribute to our relatives.

We thank your heartwarming presence.

Miguel Ángel Canales Sermeño Chairperson


Telephone: 51 944439773

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