Kobad Ghandy Aquitted on UAPA charges!

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It’s been seven years, an ailing health, an unbent spirit. And Kobad still can’t breath free. The Delhi Court on Friday acquitted him of all charges against him under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). But Kobad will continue to remain in jail as he still has 14 cases pending against him!

Because he tried to extend our liberties, his were curtailed.
Because he tried to rear the temple of freedom for all of us, he was thrown into the cell.
Because he tried to give void to truth, he was condemned to silence.
You may say that this is not a public question, but it is!

And it’s not just him, there are hundreds of nameless faceless dalits, adivasis, peasants, workers, voices for change, who are languishing behind the bars for years just because they dared to dream.

But dream we will.

Free Kobad!

Free All Political Prisoners!

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