Femicides..fascist and masculine hate produced by this society-MFPR




“The modern family… contains within itself, in miniature, all the antagonisms which later develop on a wide scale within society and in its state. Such a form of the family shows the transition from pairing family to monogamy. In order to guarantee the fidelity of the wife, that is, the paternity of the children, the woman is placed in the man’s absolute power; if he kills her, he is but exercising his right …”

The fact that the killings of women are taking an alarming scale, as a “low intensity war” against women, leads the courts themselves to start talking about “femicide”…

Often they tend to explain a femicide as a private case,a result of jealousy, or a fit of madness. But, even if we focus on single episodes, we see that individuals who kill find a suitable and favorable context, which makes them feel empowered,not at all guilty, almost allowed. This context is modern fascism, and it makes the issue of violence against women,particularly the killings, quite different today. Of course, the killings and the violence also happened in the past, why today is the problem. We must expose and oppose the aspects of the current killings and sexual violence, as parts of: the political climate -the sexist-racist context –a reaction to the women who want to rebel, who want to break oppressive ties – the role of the family. Today we face this war, and these are the front lines.

While, earlier, women underwent continuous violence in silence,today men can not rely as before on this silence. Today women tolerate less, they break the ties,they rebel,they drive out boyfriends, husbands, etc.“You have to be mine, you are mine or you are nothing”, is what a man said before killing his ex-girlfriend. The breaking of this concept of possession, property, that already existed but now is being questioned by women, is what is not accepted.

These killings and violence as a reaction of men to women who want to break the previous ties, the previous life, are fascist crimes, because they are motivated by a fascist conception of attacking every thrust of rebellion. Also fascist is the atmosphere of widespread complicity, before and after the killings, in which men are considered respectable, where he who knows does not speak and covers the crimes not only because he has an individualistic mind, but because he shares the same sexist and fascist conception against women.

..Indeed today there is actually a kind of “hatred” against women, as well as immigrants, homosexuals and so on. This outright hatred against women, women who think, act and decide, is fascist. This hatred raises the bar, sets the violence in motion.”Men Who Hate Women” reflects the image of the capitalist system in its phase of crisis, imperialist decay, a system that has no longer anything constructive, it is only destruction.

Therefore it must be destroyed.
Women have double reason to do it!


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