Action Committee in Support of the Struggle of the Moroccan People issues May 26th statement


On May 26th the Comité d’action et de soutien aux luttes du peuple Marocain issued a press release on the worker’s and popular struggle in the country and the repressive measures of the reactionary state.

The statement observed that the reactionary Moroccan state faces a escalating crisis and that despite extreme repression resistance is advancing against its anti-popular and anti-national policies.
Struggles are advancing in all sectors of society including:
-the heroic and victorious nineteen day strike of the miners of Jbel Awam for the rehiring of fired workers and equality between between permanent and temporary employees.
-Many strikes of steel workers.
-The protracted teacher’s strike over many months.
-and regular mass demonstrations even in small towns and remote regions are held for the right to healthcare and education, against the high cost of living and so on.


In order to deal with this upsurge of popular resistance the state resorts to repression of public assemblies, arrests, torture and murder.

Any form of dissent is immediately repressed even if it is expressed in a peaceful way. The latest example being the May 15th demonstration in Casablanca harshly repressed by the henchmen of the regime.

This is the context for the most recent arrests of students in Marrakech and Meknès. In Marrakech 13 students were detained after a demonstration. These students are, Myriam AAMANI, Lahcen ELAMRANI, Nabil ELKAFIFI, M’Barek LTALIBIA, Mounaatifi CHADI, Mohamed BOUKHLIKI, Mohamed EL HARAOUI,Fouad ATOUNI, Badr AZAHRAOUI, Abdel Mounim ELISMAÏLI, Abdel Mounim MAJI, Hassan RAJI et Hamid HAMZA.

In Meknès nine students have been arrested only five of whom have been identified at this time. Their names are: Hamza HAMDI, Rédouane ALAMI, Ikram BOURHIM, Mohamed KASSIMI and Yassin REHAL.


The statement concludes by noting that the political prisoners Mohamed JANATI and Mohamed KARKACHI have been on hunger strike for the past 35 days, demanding basic rights such as visitation, study and health care.

It goes on to note that the heroic struggle of the Moroccan people faces a media blackout and it is our duty internationally to organize solidarity with the heroic fighters advancing these movements.

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