Joint Statement by three Revolutionary Maoist Parties-Nepal


Sharpen the ideological struggle against the revisionists–the bourgeois.

(On Thursday, May 19, Three Maoist Parties–Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Maoist) led by Com. Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’, CPN Maoist led by Com. Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplav’ and Communist Nucleus Nepal , led by Hemant Prakash Oli ‘Sudarshan’ have published a joint statement regarding the so-called Maoist unity between UCPN(Maoist) and other small factions. One of them there is a faction led by Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ that just split with the Maoist party led by Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran”. This ‘new unified party’ named as ‘Nepal Communist Party Maoist Center’ has accepted pluralism, multi party system and the current reactionary constitution of Nepal.

It is a matter of surprise that these revisionists have declared themselves as the revolutionaries and their so-called Maoist center as the center of Nepalese Maoists. Not only this they have made Prachanda the renegade as their ringleader. In fact, it is not a party unity rather than it is a gathering of rightist opportunists, who have already lost revolutionary spirit, revolutionary ground and want to take part in the reactionary system. Indeed, they are trapped in a design, designed by the imperialist and expansionist forces. Just they are following the direction of their master.

Realizing the confusion produced by these revisionists the revolutionary three parties have made the situation clear through the Press statement. They have urged the revolutionary cadres and oppressed people not to be confused and stand firmly on the side of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and New Democratic Revolution. The revolutionary parties also have urge to wage ideological struggle against the revisionists. Here is the full text of the Press Statement.)

Joint Statement on so-called Maoist unification

Today in the leadership of UCPN Maoist, some opportunistic groups of so-called Maoists have made a noise and whimper of party unity-a polluted wind. This unity between the rightist groups has produced a lot of confusion among the oppressed people and it is also dangerous for the struggle of the national sovereignty, people’s livelihood , people’s democracy and revolutionary movement. It is not a party unity, but a liaison between the rightist groups and we must go ahead sharpening the ideological struggle against this liaison. In the light of Marxism-Leninism -Maoism, we are dedicated for the New Democratic Revolution and to move ahead in the way to Socialism and Communism. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for the polarization and unification between the true revolutionaries. Therefore we urge the revolutionary people, our well wishers, and true Communists, not to be confused on such false unity and the noise and polluted wind of so-called Maoist unification, and we specially urge to stand firmly on the side of Revolutionary Trend of Nepalese Communist Movement.

May,19, 2016

Kiran, (Chairman, Revolutionary Maoist)

Biplav, ( General Secretary, CPN Maoist)

Hemanta Prakash Oli, Sudarshan(Communist Nucleus, Nepal)

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