Red Homage to Comrade Satnam…DSU


DSU pays revolutionary salute and tribute to Comrade Satnam who left us few days back. Comrade Gurmeet Singh, or Comrade Satnam Jangalnama, as he came to be known popularly after his famous travelogue called ‘Jangalnama’ on Bastar, was the man of Revolution. In 1970s, he rejected the formal education and left his graduation to become a foot-soldier of Naxalite movement and to live and fulfill the dream of a classless world. He dedicated his entire life for the cause of New Democratic Revolution by becoming a professional Revolutionary, in its true Leninist sense.

Since then, he worked immensely with the working class by becoming a daily wage earner and organized them for cause of Indian Revolution. Comrade Satnam was at the forefront in the fight against operation Green hunt, unleashed by the ruling class to brutally suppress peoples’ struggle against corporate loot and exploitation of the Adivasis. Being a central committee member of Peoples’ Democratic Front of India (PDFI), he played an important role in organizing Minorities at various fronts in the aftermath of Gujarat genocide 2002, orchestrated by the Hindutva Fascist RSS-BJP.

He intensely campaigned against Indian occupation of Kashmir, North East and atrocities on oppressed nationalities and stood in solidarity for the freedom movement of Kashmir, Manipur and Nagalim. As a prolific writer, he penned down his raging words in both Punjabi and English under various names in ‘Peoples’ March’, ‘Jan Pratirodh’ ‘Jaikara’ etc and had written several short stories also.

Comrade Satnam has always been the inspiration for those, who dreams of a better world, fight against oppression. He left us at a moment, when there is an all pervasive attack by the fascist forces on the toiling masses, on oppressed nationalities, minorities and on the people of Bastar, by another round of operation green hunt. His sudden demise will immensely affect the Revolutionary movement in India, but his contribution to the movement, which is enriched by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and lived experience from the Revolutionary movement in India, will always be a guide for us.

DSU conveys condolences to the family and Comrades of Comrade Satnam.

Red Salute to Comrade Satnam ! Let us take the pledge to fulfill his dream!

Please join us for a condolence meeting at Arts Faculty, North Campus, Du on 13th May, Friday from 2 PM to 4 PM …


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