Jadavpur at it again – Mass-Resistance against Brahminical Fascist goons-DSU


Let this Rage Spread across campuses!!!

On 7 th of May, Jadavpur University rose in rage against the fascists and foiled the heinous sanghi project of spreading venom and ravaging the campus. As per their declared mission to ‘flush out Communists and Naxalites’ from campuses, ABVP goons organized screening of jingoist propaganda movie,‘Buddha in a traffic jam’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri and invited him for a ‘lecture’. When student community of JU formed barricades and protested against peddling of hate and lies, they were abused and beaten up and women students were manhandled.

During the screening of the documentary ‘Muzzaffarnagar Baqi Hai’ organized by JU students on the same day, ABVP goons disrupted the screening by hurling abuses at students and molested women students. It was at this point, student community retaliated fervently against RSS goons and detained four ABVP molesters and handed them over to the University administration. In Hitler’s Germany,fascists harped on popular media to advance their xenophobic ideology under Ministry of Propaganda led by Goebbels.

In India we witnessed production of such propaganda movies and daily soaps since late 1980s by people affliated to the Sangh. The appointment of ‘actor’ Gajendra Chahuan, a RSS stooge, as Director of FTII is part of the same design. We see an upsurge of students’ movement in our country, as the present RSS-BJP government has unleashed series of attacks on the students and is planting its‘students’ wing’ in campuses to saffronize them. Students of IIT-Madras protested against the administrative ban on Ambedkar-Periyar study circle.

Along with peddling Hindutva Fascist ideology, the present government is also continuing with the pro-imperialist agendas of earlier governments, evident from the succumbing of this government to WTO-GATS treaty last year. The protesters of 88 days long Occupy-UGC movement of Delhi against the ‘siphoning of public money to corporates’, fund cuts in Education and stopping of Non-Net fellowships to research scholars, were brutally attacked by the government again and again. Such fund cuts is a part of the agenda of the Government to keep a larger section of masses, mainly unprivileged classes, Dalits and Minorities out of educational institutions and to ‘de-radicalize’ campuses and impede quality research work. The anti-dalit Hindutva ideology of the Government was exposed when the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula, a dalit research scholar of HCU and institutional boycott of his friends came to fore. The direct involvement of HRD minister Smriti Irani, BJP MP Dattatreya and VC Apparao in the entire matter shocked students across India and abroad.

Students stood in solidarity with Rohith and took to the streets in huge numbers where they faced brutal lathi-charge by government and RSS goons. In order to divert attention from the brewing protest against the government for HCU incident, RSS-BJP attacked JNU, slapped students with sedition charges, branded students as ‘Anti-Nationals’ and ran media trial against the university. The Governement has planned to beef up Militarization of Jamia Millia Islamia to fight ‘secessionists’, which was already a target of the Hindutva goons (Modi said it is a hub of terrorists in 2008). Attack on AMU, AU, expulsion of Prof Sandip Pandey of BHU – all stand to prove the heinous agenda of the government to saffronize campuses. Jadavpur University, which bears the legacy of radical student politics, witnessed students upsurge during Hokkolorob movement and forced the earlier VC to resign. Students of JU who bravely stood in solidarity with the ongoing movements across the country, were naturally under the scanner of Hinduva terrorists.

The shameless alliance of BJP and TMC is exposed as the culprits of 7 the May incident, against whom serious charges of Molestation and Physical abuse were filed, were shielded by the police. Soon after the incident BJP sang the usual cacophony, branding JU as a ‘hub of anti-nationals’. Even on 7th and 8th May, ABVP tried to bring in hooligans from outside and attacked students of JU outside the campus. ABVP West Bengal has also given a call of ‘Chalo Jadavpur’ on 9th May. DSU condemns such hooliganism in JU and other campuses with strongest words and stands in solidarity with the student community of JU. The students of JU will stand united against the Sanghi attack and thwart RSS plan to saffronize their campus.

DSU is already doing an intensive campaign against fascist attack on University and will take this issue to the students across Delhi. We call upon the students of the country to stand with JU and forge larger unity with the toiling masses, oppressed nationalities in their fight for freedom against Hindutva terrorists.



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