Condemn the brutal Rape and Murder of Dalit law student Jisha!-DSU


Let us forge a revolutionary unity to smash Brahmanical Patriarchy and casteism!

While the horror of the institutional rape and murder of Dalit student Delta Meghwal is still fresh in our memory, yet in another instance on April 28 a young Dalit law student was attacked brutally, gang raped and murdered in Ernakulam district, Kerala. The sheer extent of barbaric brutality is revealed by the post-mortem report which suggests that Jisha was tortured severely by the accused using a sharp weapon that pulled out her intestines. There were over 30 injury marks on her body. Two sides of her chest were found to be mutilated, and her vagina was penetrated with an iron rod and her body had a fatal injury on her head.

The heinous gang-rape and murder of Dalit student Jisha has once again exposed the Brahmanical Hindutwa Patriarchy which treats women as an object to be oppressed, mutilated and silenced. It reflects a society which has no space for Dalits, Adibasis, Muslims, oppressed gender, oppressed sexualities. Police never investigated the repeated appeal and complaints of Jisha earlier when she received numerous threats of murder by her neighbour which she brought to notice of police.

In the entire incident police has remained a mute spectator and by their sheer indifference has allowed this incident to take place. Instead of taking proper action, now police has started witch hunting the Assamese migrant labours who come to Kerala as day wage labourers.The very fact that corporate media which leaves no stone unturned in profiling Dalits, women, Muslims, Adibasis ,all oppressed communities, students and teachers , human rights activists, political prisoners etc has maintained a criminal silence on such a grave issue is also reflection of the larger Brahmanical and corporate control of these institutions, where the voices and concerns of oppressed and marginalised are ignored, curbed and sidelined. It was only after weeks when the voices of protest grew stronger the corporate media was forced to cover this news.

In a true reflection of opportunist and regressive character of revisionist left, CPI(M) also ignored and offered a deaf ear to Jisha’s mother’s cry for help from local CPI(M )-MLA to build a safe shelter for her and her daughter. The sky piercing slogans and claims raised by SFI that Jisha was from SFI only adds insult to this injury. On the other end, the killer of Rohith Vemula and Akhlaq, the fascist saffron forces like RSS-BJP and their stooges like ABVP, who have deliberately maintained silence on Delta Megwal’s rape, are busy shedding their crocodile tears in name of justice for Jisha.

The sheer brazenness and impunity of such act shows us how women from marginalised section under this Brahmanical social order are robbed of their right to life dignity and livelihood and reduced to a disposable entity. The tragic death of Jisha shows the systemic denial and indifference of the entire Brahmanical Hindu Fascist State machinery raging from police to media to the local MLA is towards the concerns of oppressed and the marginalised. These are not isolated and separate sporadic incidents of caste and gender atrocity, but are the reflections and continuations of a thousand year old history of Brahmanical Hinduism which has now conjoined with the majoritarian Indian State and its imperialist masters to emerge as Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism. But this oppression is not the only reality. The valiant history of resistance against this structural violence is also a reality. DSU strongly condemns the brutal rape and murder of Dalit law student Jisha and demands the culprits to be punished. It is not the grand rhetoric or opportunistic alliances, but only the united and uncompromising struggle among the oppressed which can only bring annihilation of caste and class and can break the shackles of Brahmanical patriarchy!

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